An Act Prescribing the Liability of an Employer to Make Compensation for Injuries Received by an Employee in the Course of Employment: Establishing an Elective Schedule of Compensation, and Regulating Procedure for the Determination of Liability and Compensation Thereunder, Approved April 4, 1911. To which is Appended an Act Creating the Employers' Liability Commission, Approved April 27, 1911; Also, a Supplement to the "Liability Act," Approved May 2, 1911

MacCrellish & Quigley, state printers, 1911 - 16 頁
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第 4 頁 - An act to provide for the recovery of damages in cases where the death of a person is caused by wrongful act, neglect or default," approved March third, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, and the amendments thereof and supplements thereto.
第 6 頁 - Provided, however, That in no case shall the amount received for more than one finger exceed the amount provided in this schedule for the loss of a hand...
第 4 頁 - Where after the commencement of this Act personal injury is caused to a workman (1.) By reason of any defect in the condition of the ways, works, machinery, or plant connected with or used in the business of the employer...
第 14 頁 - General, all of whom shall keep their offices in person at the seat of government, and hold their offices for the term of two years and until their successors are elected and qualified, and the general assembly may provide by law for the establishment of the office of Commissioner of State Lands.
第 7 頁 - Loss of both hands, or both arms, or both feet, or both legs, or both eyes, or of any two thereof shall, in the absence of conclusive proof to the contrary, constitute permanent total disability. In all other cases permanent total disability shall be determined in accordance with the facts.
第 3 頁 - That the employee was negligent, unless and except it. shall appear that such negligence was wilful ; (b) That the injury was caused by the negligence of a fellow employee; (c) That the employee had assumed the risks inherent in or incidental to, or arising out of his employment, or arising from the failure of the employer to provide and maintain safe premises and suitable appliances.
第 1 頁 - An act prescribing the liability of an employer to make compensation for injuries received by an employee in the course of employment, establishing an elective schedule of compensation, and regulating procedure for the determination of liability and compensation thereunder," approved April 4 one thousand nine hundred and eleven.
第 4 頁 - If an employer enters into a contract, written or verbal, with an independent contractor to do part of such employer's work, or if such contractor enters into a contract with a subcontractor to do all or any part of the work comprised in such contractor's contract with the employer, such contract or subcontract shall not bar the liability of the employer for the injuries to the employees of such contractor or subcontractor, caused by any defect in the condition of the...
第 6 頁 - ... wages per week. This compensation shall be paid during the period of such disability, not, however, beyond four hundred weeks.
第 6 頁 - Permanent partial disability. In case of disability partial in character but permanent in quality the compensation shall be...