Greyslaer: A Romance of the Mohawk, 第 1 卷

Harper & brothers, 1840 - 503 頁

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第 52 頁 - Woe to the English soldiery That little dread us near ! On them shall light at midnight A strange and sudden fear : When, waking to their tents on fire, They grasp their arms in vain, And they who stand to face us Are beat to earth again...
第 21 頁 - They left the ploughshare in the mould, Their flocks and herds without a fold, The sickle in the unshorn grain, The corn, half-garnered, on the plain, And mustered, in their simple dress, For wrongs to seek a stern redress, To right those wrongs, come weal, come woe, To perish, or o'ercome their foe.
第 101 頁 - He grasps his war axe and bow, and a sheaf Of darts made sharp for the foe. And he looks for the print of the ruffian's feet, Where he bore the maiden away ; And he darts on the fatal path more fleet Than the blast that hurries the vapour and sleet O'er the wild November day.
第 153 頁 - And in the mountain mist, the torrent's spray, The quivering forest, or the glassy flood, Soft falling showers, or hues of orient day, They imaged spirits beautiful and good ; But when the tempest roared, with voices rude, Or fierce, red lightning fired the forest pine, Or withering heats untimely seared the wood, The angry forms they saw of powers malign ; These they besought to spare, those blest for aid divine.
第 9 頁 - I no way to flatter but my fondness; in all the bravery my friends could show me, in all the faith my innocence could give me, in the best language my true tongue could tell me, and all the broken sighs my sick heart lend me, I sued and served. Long did I serve this lady, long was my travail, long my trade to win her: with all the duty of my soul I SERVED HER.
第 77 頁 - On pale, dead men', on burning cheek, On quick, fierce eyes, brows hot and damp, On hands that with the warm blood reek, Shines the dim cabin lamp. Lee look'd. ' They sleep so sound,' he, laughing, said, ' They'll scarcely wake for mistress or for maid.
第 30 頁 - Beauty's rose-lipped band — Realms yet unborn, in accents now unknown, Thy song shall learn, and bless it for their own. Deep in the West, as Independence roves, His banners planting round the land he loves, Where nature sleeps in Eden's infant grace, In time's full hour shall spring a glorious race : — Thy name, thy verse, thy language shall they bear, And deck for thee the vaulted temple there.
第 209 頁 - ... fortunes, I were dead To love and pity, were not soul and body Spent for his smallest need ! I did consent To wed his ruthless creditor for this ! I would have sprung into the sea, the grave, As questionless and soon ! My troth- is yours ! But...
第 9 頁 - Why, Peers of England, We'll lead 'em on courageously. I read A triumph over tyranny upon Their several foreheads. Faint not in the moment Of victory ! our ends, and Warwick's head, Innocent Warwick's head, (for we are prologue But to his tragedy) conclude the wonder Of Henry's fears : and then the glorious race Of fourteen kings Plantagenets, determines In this last issue male.
第 223 頁 - Hot words, and laughter, mad carouse ; There's naught of prayer, and little sleep; The devil keeps the house ! " LEE cheats!" cried JACK. LEE struck him to the heart. "That's foul!