The Children of the Parsonage: A True Story of Long Ago

G. H. Ellis, 1900 - 102页

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第77页 - This is the true nature of home — it is the place of Peace; the shelter, not only from all injury, but from all terror, doubt, and division. In so far as it is not this, it is not home: so far as the anxieties of the outer life penetrate into it, and...
第77页 - But so far as it is a sacred place, a vestal temple, a temple of the hearth watched over by household gods, before whose faces none may come but those whom they can receive with love, —so far as it is this, and roof and fire are types only of a nobler shade and light, —shade as of the rock in a weary land, and light as of the Pharos in the stormy sea, —so far it vindicates the name, and fulfills the praise, of home.
第63页 - FAREWELL TO THE FARM THE coach is at the door at last ; The eager children, mounting fast And kissing hands, in chorus sing : Good-bye, good-bye, to everything...
第77页 - ... only a part of that outer world which you have roofed over, and lighted fire in. But so far as it is a sacred place, a vestal temple, a temple of the hearth watched over by...
第19页 - Rise, lass, and mak a clean fireside, Put on the muckle pot ; Gie little Kate her button gown And Jock his Sunday coat ; And mak their shoon as black as slaes, Their hose as white as snaw ; It's a' to please my ain gudeman, For he's been long awa.
第31页 - In a drear-nighted December Too happy, happy Tree Thy branches ne'er remember Their green felicity: The north cannot undo them With a sleety whistle through them, Nor frozen thawings glue them From budding at £he prime.
第19页 - AS from the house your mother sees You playing round the garden trees, So you may see, if you will look Through the windows of this book, Another child, far, far away, And in another garden, play. But do not think you can at all, By knocking on the window, call That child to hear you. He intent Is all on his play-business bent. He does not hear ; he will not look, Nor yet be lured out of this book.
第86页 - TEACH me your mood, O patient stars ! Who climb each night the ancient sky, Leaving on space no shade, no scars, No trace of age, no fear to die.
第45页 - Alexander, To spread her conquests farther. To see her is to love her, And love but her for ever; For Nature made her what she is, And ne'er made sic anither! Thou art a queen, Fair Lesley, Thy subjects we, before thee; Thou art divine, Fair Lesley. The hearts o