Beyond Rationality: The Search for Wisdom in a Troubled Time

Oxford University Press, 2007年1月4日 - 368 頁
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With Beyond Rationality, Kenneth R. Hammond, one of the most respected and experienced experts in judgment and decision-making, sums up his life's work and persuasively argues that decisions should be based on balance and pragmatism rather than rigid ideologies. Hammond has long focused on the dichotomy between theories of correspondence, whereby arguments correspond with reality, and coherence, whereby arguments strive to be internally consistent. He has persistently proposed a middle approach that draws from both of these modes of thought and so avoids the blunders of either extreme. In this volume, Hammond shows how particular ways of thinking that are common in the political process have led to the mistaken judgments that created our current political crisis. He illustrates this argument by analyzing penetrating case studies emphasizing the political consequences that arise when decision makers consciously or unconsciously ignore their adversaries' particular mode of thought. These analyses range from why Kennedy and Khruschev misunderstood each other to why Colin Powell erred in his judgments over the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. For anyone concerned about the current state of politics in the U.S. and where it will lead us, Beyond Rationality is required reading.


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The New Search for Wisdom
The Central Role of Human Judgment
Combating Uncertainty
Strategies of Human Judgment
The Strategy of Seeking Correspondence Competence
The MisJudgments of Colin Powell
Trying to Be Rational
Seeking Empirical Accuracy the Hard
Seeking Rationality the Easy
Seeking Rationality the Hard
Embedded in an Uncertain World
Current Research Themes
The Authors Theme
Trying to Learn from History with Bernard Lewis and Jared
Toward Better Practices

Seekingand Failingto Learn about the Other
How the Drive for Coherence Brings Down Utopias
Tactics of Human Judgment
The Cognitive Continuum at the Supreme Court
Seeking Empirical Accuracy the Easy
Ineptitude and the Tools of
The New Search for Wisdom

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Kenneth R. Hammond is Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Former Director of the Center for Research on Judgment and Policy at the University of Colorado, Boulder. A past president of the Society for Judgment and Decision-Making, he is the author of Judgments Under Stress (OUP, 1999), Human Judgment and Social Policy (OUP, 1996) and editor of The Essential Brunswik (OUP, 2001).