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have been impossible in the life of any not authorize it. Appeal has been taken organization less continuous than its own; from this decision to the Court of Arches. but there is not the least probability that It is to be noted that much greater sensithe life of the Papacy will be long enough tiveness to the sentiment of the parish to witness a return to its old position of appears in this case than appeared some temporal sovereignty and the transfer ten years ago, when a sculptured reredos the House of Savoy back to its old king- of similar character to this rood screen dom of Sardinia. There may come radi- was set up in St. Paul's Cathedral, an cal changes in the political organization event which caused a loud but disregarded of Italy, but such changes are likely to outcry. be more unfavorable to the political ambitions of the Pope than the attitude of

At the beginning of

Missionary Notes the House of Savoy. The Catholic Pow

September the American ers to which the Pope appeals have dwin- Board was able to announce in its “ Misdled to Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and sionary Herald” that no definite tidings Austria-Hungary; three of them Powers had so far been received of the death of of the third class, while Austria-Hungary any person in China connected with it, is held together only by the tact and de- though the peril was not past. There votion of its ruler. Catholic Europe has was no doubt, however, that many membecome as much a dream as the temporal bers of its native churches had met a power of the Papacy.

martyr's death. An article in the “Indian Spectator," of Bombay, by an eminent

Parsee, Mr. Malabari, says of the famineA case in the Consistory relief work done by missionaries of the In a Church Court

Court of London, which Board: “We cannot find adequate terms we find reported in the “Birmingham to give expression to our admiration of Post,” illustrates the electrical state and the manner in which the missionaries of unstable equilibrium of the ecclesiastical the Christian religion are spending thematmosphere of England. The Vicar of selves during this terrible crisis for the St. Anselm's Church desired to set up a sake of the people of this country. They rood screen at the entrance to the chan- are acting on the principle that the gift cel. On this screen were to be figures of without the giver is bare.” The penetraChrist on the Cross, his mother, and St. tive effect upon the Hindu mind of this John, all of life size. Objection being year's experience of Christian philanmade by the Chancellor of the diocese thropy will outreach that of many years when applied to for permission, the Vicar's of ordinary persuasion. But for the counsel replied to the objection that the famine in India and the outbreak in China, proposed representation of a historic scene the current expenses of the Board would was "a partial representation,” that the have been covered by the increased donapetitioner was willing either to add to or tions of the year ; but largely increased to take away from the figures designed expenses in both those countries have for the screen, so as to bring it “ within been unavoidable, and the situation apthe terms of Scriptural exactness” ap- peals for correspondingly increased supproved by the Court. He also urged that plies. To sustain the 2,500 orphaned there was no evidence to show that such children that the Marathi Mission in India a representation might tend to supersti- is now able to care for will require tion. The Chancellor said that he felt $50,000 a year for an average term of five bound by previous decisions to refuse the years. By October more than a million application, as had been done in the dio- dollars will have been contributed by this ceses of Norwich and Rochester. St. country to relieve the distress of India, Anselm's was a parish church, for the use but in the aftermath of the famine there of all the surrounding inhabitants. Noth- should be no sudden cut-off of help. The ing, therefore, could be put up or done Board sent out a dozen missionaries in therein which would be likely to offend August, seven of them new workers, to any one attending the service. The pro- India, Turkey, and Africa. The daughter posed screen “might be made an object of the Pundita Ramabai has also sailed to of superstitious reverence," and he would join her mother, whose work during the famine has been exhausting. Professor

The Administration and Max Müller's recent open letter to Mozoomdar, the Brahmo-Somaj leader,

China urging him to declare himself a Christian, has quite changed Hindu opinion of Dr. Since the beginning of the troubles in Müller. In view of his often expressed China, our Government has had two disadmiration for the best side of Hindu tinct objects in view, and only two: first, philosophy and faith (the present writer to protect the lives and properties of its has heard him say that Hinduism is in citizens and to secure proper guarantees some aspects “a beautiful religion "), they of indemnity for injuries inflicted upon freely quoted him, and some of them held our citizens and their property; and, secthat in his former birth he was an ortho- ond, to use every endeavor to preserve dox Brahman. Now they reckon him as the integrity of China and to maintain no better than a missionary, which is for the “open door”—that is to say, to keep them a term of vilification. It is of no China free to the commerce of the world. use to go a mile with some people in To this policy it has consistently adhered India, and here also, in hope of getting from the beginning. When the Powers them to go twain with us. The adoption bombarded the forts at Taku, the Ameriof the gold standard in India is thus com- can Admiral, with the same kind of inmented on in a recent missionary letter: dependence and sound judgment that “ Silver may be, and indeed is, a very Admiral Dewey showed in an aggressive convenient currency in some respects, form at Manila, refused to join in the but even so demonetized an individual as attack, declaring that it was unjustifiable, a missionary finds that he sits more easily and that it would be very bad policy. upon a gold standard than a silver one. Events have apparently confirmed this It has wonderfully sobered the tottering position; and nothing which Americans silver rupee, so that we can now rely on have done in China since the troubles its market value and redeeming quality.” began reflects more credit on the country To these mission notes we may add that than the position of Admiral Kempff. the annual meeting of the American Board When it became evident, however, that is to be held at St. Louis, October 10. the legations were in serious peril, our

Government took a leading part in urging

and taking prompt action, and it was The fifty-fourth an- largely due to our initiative that, after the American Missionary nual meeting of the retreat of Admiral Seymour's column of

American Missionary relief, an adequate expedition was hastily Association is to be held in Springfield, organized, rapidly pushed to the gates of Mass., from October 23 to 25. The Rev. Peking, and the legations relieved from Newell Dwight Hillis, D.D., of Brooklyn, their terrible peril. So far as the first will preach the sermon. The churches object of our Government is concerned, and citizens extend a cordial invitation to it still remains to secure adequate reparadelegates, life-members, and others. The tion for injuries inflicted; but the Govmeeting, it is announced, promises to be ernment may be trusted to do that in its one of the largest and most interesting own way and at its own time, and with missionary conventions ever held by due regard to justice. Congregational churches. Problems of No sooner had it accomplished its first National importance will be discussed by aim than it promptly addressed itself to distinguished speakers. The full pro the second; that is to say, to maintain gramme of exercises and addresses may the integrity of China and the open door. be obtained by writing to the Secretary, The very interesting correspondence beDr. A. F. Beard, 287 Fourth Avenue, New tween our Government and Russia, of York. Reports from missions extending which a full abstract is given elsewhere, from Porto Rico to Alaska will be presented, will form a notable chapter in recent diploand missionaries of many races will bring macy, and one which may not improbably messages from different fields. Contrib- be the first step in negotiations between uting churches, local conferences, and State the Powers looking to reasonable and harassociations are entitled to elect delegates, monious action. It comes as a surprise to


Europe, not because there is anything new ern advance, and that that reaction has in the position which the United States taken violent forms. All this must be takes in that correspondence-for its taken into account by the Western Powposition is strictly in harmony with every ers, if they are to show any justice in their declaration which it has previously made- dealings with the Chinese. but because Russia has come to our point Our Government has kept itself absoof view. Having rescued the legations, lutely free from the suspicion of a selfish the United States is ready, upon proper policy; its statesmanlike dealing with the and trustworthy assurances from responsi- whole question from the beginning grows ble Chinese officials, to withdraw its forces more and more clear, and its influence, from Peking and allow the Chinese to both in China and in Europe, will correreconstruct their own Government. Rus- spondingly gain in weight, whether the sia is not only the first in the field to Powers act with us or not.

Russia may propose the immediate adoption of this have ulterior plans behind her programme, but definitely declares that posals, as the English press suggests, she has no designs to seize territory but she has come, for the time being at in China, and that she desires to pre- least, to our position. Our policy has serve the integrity of the Empire. If been frank, just, and generous. It has the other Powers can be brought to taken into account the interests of China act with Russia and the United States, a quite as much as the interests of our great triumph will be secured for Western own citizens; it marks new stage diplomacy, and a great service rendered in international dealings. It is one of to China. Nothing could do more to Mr. Hay's many successes, and it adds convince the Chinese that the Western immensely to the prestige of an Adminisnations are not made up exclusively of tration which has had to deal with more selfish traders and unscrupulous land various and difficult problems than any grabbers than the action upon which since the administration of President Russia and the United States have agreed. Lincoln ; and which has, taking into It must not be forgotten that, however account their magnitude, delicacy, and great the offense of China has been (and peril, dealt with them with extraordinary no one will minimize it), that country has success. a long list of grievances against the Western Powers. Before we are done

Open to the Light with China we shall be compelled, if our policy with that country is to be either “By inspirations," writes St. Francis intelligent or Christian, to find out the of Sales, “are meant all those interior Chinese point of view, and to consider attractions, motions, reproaches and redispassionately how much is to be said morses, illuminations and instructions, on their behalf. It is easy to imagine the which God excites in us, preventing our attitude of a conservative Chinese, be heart with his blessings, through his longing to an empire older than any fatherly care and love, in order to awaken, of its antagonists, in the face of the great stimulate, urge, and attract us to the pracchanges which have been brought about tice of holy virtues, to heavenly love, to by Western influence during the last few good resolutions, and, in a word, to everydecades. China has seen an eruption thing that may help us on our way to eterof what she considers barbarians into her nal happiness. This is what the Spouse territory; she has seen the rise of a new calls knocking at the door, and speaking religion, the introduction of a new school to the heart of his Spouse, awaking her system, the organization of a new admin- when she sleeps, calling after her when istration, the creation of a modern army she is absent, inviting her to eat of his with modern weapons, the forcible seizure honey, gather apples and flowers in his of Chinese ports, the taking of great sec- garden, to sing, and cause her sweet voice tions of the country, and she has heard to sound in his ears." the growing talk about the dismemberment Under this mystical figure the good of the Empire. It is not surprising that, Bishop of Geneva illustrates the gentle, under all these circumstances, there has tender, constant approach of God to the been a tremendous reaction against West- soul through all manner of deep and beautiful impulses and ministries. The wings in glorious strength. To the man shepherd is always going after the sheep of open and sensitive imagination the which have strayed ; the lighted candle is world is always abloom ; he has small always shining in the hand of one who need of the help of the poets to keep fresh searches for the lost ; the Christ is always and clear his vision of the beauty which - seeking those who have fallen and defiled lies on the face of nature.

In like manthemselves ; the Spirit is always striving ner, the pure of heart are not dependto open the eyes, confirm the faith, widen ent on external evidences that God is in the activity, and deepen the joy of the his world. To keep the house of life soul which leaves a door of entrance ajar. sweet with the fragrance of good thoughts As light streams from world to world and deeds is to invite His presence whose until the universe floats in a fathomless coming is like the light of morning which sea of splendor, so the spirit of God floods opens the flowers and sets the souls of the the world of consciousness, searching birds free in a music which is the voice everywhere for access to the hidden of the earth singing to the sky that fersources of truth and joy in life, and evok tilizes it. ing every fine instinct, every sound pur. pose, every generous aspiration, into ac- New York's Overshadowtivity.

Men are lonely, depressed, and defeated not because they are fighting a solitary

ing Issue battle, making a solitary juurney, or going The separation of State from National through an incomprehensible experience, issues, which reformers have been urging but because they shut themselves away for years, is supremely essential this year from inspiration and bar the doors against in New York. Apparently the managers divine companionship. There is nothing of both parties are counting upon the more certain than that men attract to presence of a National election to make themselves the persons who are like them the voters forget that any State issues are in aim and the experiences which match to be decided. Yet a State issue is to be their temper and deeds. To the violent decided more important than any which man violence is always approaching; has brought the voters to the polls in any while the man of quiet spirit finds peace distinctively State campaign during the waiting on his steps. The censorious, the past decade. Unless the voters keep this harsh, and the uncharitable are continu- issue in mind, and vote only for the canally haunted by coldness, indifference, and didates who represent their interests reunsympathetic judgments; the kindly, the gardless of National party lines, the issue generous, and the helpful find the services is likely to be decided by the party they render returning to them in a world managers adversely to the welfare of the which blossoms about their feet as they public. move through life. Let no man deceive The issue to which we refer is, of course, himself with the pagan myths of the that of the Ramapo water monopoly. DurFates; it is we who make or mar our- ing the past fortnight, thanks to the high selves; our hands sow the seed which public spirit of the Merchants' Associapresently bears its grain for our glad or tion, the public has received an authoritasorrowful harvesting.

tive report showing just what this colossal The fellowship, the illumination, and conspiracy threatens. The report, which the guidance of God are always to be had was prepared at a cost of over thirty thoufor the asking ; but asking is not a form sand dollars and covers over six hundred of words; it is purifying, sweetening, and printed pages, makes clear and sure just consecrating the spirit; it is so ordering what New York's present water supply the invisible house in which we live that has cost, just what the Ramapo contract pure thoughts fly thither by force of spir- will cost, and approximately what the city itual gravitation ; that generous purposes will need to expend to continue independgather there and grow in strength by ent of the private monopoly. Put in the reason of the hospitality which greets briefest possible compass, the facts are as them; that noble inspirations find there follows: that air of faith in which they spread their From 1832 till 1884 the cost of constructing the old water system with the would in 1945 own nothing. The differCroton Aqueduct was $37,000,000, and ence, therefore, between the results of the net profits over and above operating city ownership and the acceptance of the expenses and interest were $4,000,000. Ramapo contract will be not merely

From 1885 till 1898 the cost of con. $108,000,000, as stated in the table, but structing the new water system with the this vast sum in cash, and the ownership new Aqueduct was $49,000,000, and the of a $37,000,000 aqueduct besides. net profits have been $19,000,000.

With such an exhibit there is no doubt The yearly profits have steadily risen as to what course the people wish to have with the city's increased consumption. pursued. They wish for such legislation as They now aggregate nearly $2,000,000 a will extinguish or expropriate the dangeryear, and are likely to equal $4,000,000 ous rights claimed by the Ramapo Comby 1910. The cost to the city of supply- pany under its scandalous charter. They ing water has fallen from $54 per million also wish for such legislation as will permit gallons half a century ago to $29 in 1898, the people of New York City and other and still further reductions are promised cities to secure for themselves such water from works now under construction. as may be necessary for their future needs.

At this point the Ramapo Company No party, however powerful, would dare enters and almost binds the city to pay to go into any campaign—not even Tam$70 per million gallons for water brought many Hall into a New York City camonly to the northern boundary of the city. paign-proclaiming to the people that any As distribution through the city costs $10 other course would be pursued. But a million gallons, the Ramapo price is present appearances indicate that the really $80 per million, or nearly three party managers of both parties intend to times as much as it costs the city to supply put forward candidates who, when in itself!

office, will pursue the course desired by The proposed Ramapo contract covers the Ramapo Company, and put obstacles a period of forty years (1906–1945), during in the way of the measures desired by the which the company offers to supply entire disinterested public. If the public 200,000,000 gallons daily at this price of permits this all-important State issue to $80 per million. Inasmuch as the city be ignored in the conflict over National charges consumers but $50 a million, it issues, or consents to vote for party nomiwould during this whole period have a nees whose position on this issue is not deficit of $30 where it now has a profit of clear and explicit, the party managers over $20 on each million gallons delivered. will come out victorious, and the public Put in tabular form, the difference is : interests will again be betrayed. COMPARISON FOR FORTY YEARS, 1906–1945 Net profit by city system...... .$48,000,000

Deficit under Ramapo contract.... 60,000,000 Concerning Temperance

Total loss from contract.... $108,000,000 An illustration of the intemperate In estimating the cost of operation methods of certain so-called temperance under city ownership the Merchants' As- advocates—methods which we are persociation reckons not only upon keeping suaded do incalculable injury to the up interest payments, but also upon mak- temperance cause—is furnished by certain ing sinking-fund payments sufficient to so-called reformers who charge the Presipay for the new system that will be needed dent of the United States with being a within a few years to supply additional wine-bibber because he sometimes drinks water. Such a system, capable of supply wine. Whether he does or not we do not ing 250,000,000 gallons daily from the know, and it is not our business to inquire. neighborhood of Poughkeepsie, can, it To call him a wine,bibber on the assumpreports, be constructed for $37,000,000. tion that he does drink wine is to commit By 1945 the bonds issued to pay for a far greater offense than that of winethis system would all be retired by the drinking, because it is an offense against sinking-fund payments, and the city truth, and wine-drinking is only an offense would own this valuable plant; whereas against a conventional standard of pro

it accepted the Ramapo contract it priety. A great many years ago a certain

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