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P. Harper, J. Startin, H. V. Welch, J. Wilkinson. Gibson and Cox were the pick of the team, the latter being prominent in the loose. J. K. Milligan was included in the team, but a wire from him announcing his enforced absence owing to an “interesting event,” arrived before we started, and though we were one short on the field, in a flat not far away, a boisterous, if not enthusiastic supporter had been added to our ranks!

A” XV v. EALING “A.”—The 19th of October was indeed " a day out” for the “ A,” which vanquished Ealing by no less than 29 points to nil. In the game itself there was nothing of note. Priest, Startin, and Cory played well. Tries were contributed by Priest (4), French (2), Welch, Harper, Startin, Skrimshire, and Gibson. Startin, Irvine, and French each converted once. Team : M. L. C. Irvine, J. N. Wheeler, D. M. Gribson, F. R. B. Skrimshire, R. C. Priest, A. G. V. French, E. A. Seymour, J. Startin, P. Harper, C. T. V. Benson, R. Cox, 0. F. B. Long, T. A. Weston, and H. V. Welch.

“A” XV v. MOLESEY “A.”-At Thames Ditton on October 26th the “A” won again, by 6 points to 3 points. The game was a hard and fast one throughout. Weir scored soon after the start and they responded, neither being converted. Matters were of a very even character when our opponents were penalised in front of goal for “offside" play. Startin making good use of this by kicking a goal. Seymour was excellent out of touch. Teams : M. L. C Irvine, R. C. Priest, E. H. Marshall, F. R. B. Skrimshire, L. B. Perry, A. G. V. French, W. Weir, O. F. B. Cory, C. T. V. Benson, P. Harper, J. Startin, N. M. Fergusson, E. A. Seymour, A. R. Esler, C. W. Treherne. The latter played a good game at half-for our opponents.

“A” XV v. R.N.C. “A.”—At Greenwich on Wednesday, October 30th, before a large gate, the “A” XV excelled itself. Never have we known it play to greater advantage. The forwards packed tightly and heeled well, the outsides passed, repassed, and tackled like New Zealanders, while Irvine played the game of his life. It was a fast hard-fought gaine from start to finish. Hargreaves led the forwards well, and seemed by his boundless resource and play to instil into the minds of the pack more keenness and energy in one hour than forcible argument has done in a season. Rhodes (1 try) and Marshall (2 tries) both played extremely well. Hargreaves converted one try. Our opponents scored also twice, making the final scores, 11 points to 6 points. Team: M. L. C. Irvine, L. B. Perry, E. H. Marshall, F. R. B. Skrimshire, D. M. Gibson, A. G. V. French, W. Weir, 0. F. B. Cory, R. Cox, C. T. V. Benson, P. Harper, A. R. Hargreaves, T. A. Weston, H. V. Welch, W. Rhodes.

“A” XV v. STREATHAM “A.” – This inatch at Chiswick, on November 2nd, came as a recreation after our hard game on Wednesday, and we regret to say we availed ourselves of it, for after scoring three times (Starkey-Smith, Perry, and Fergusson) in the first half-Startin (2) and French (1) converting-and finding in our opponents a weak side, we “slacked” abominably, and it seemed that no effort at all was made to cross our opponents' line again, and only a halfhearted outburst now and then to prevent them crossing ours; albeit it was enough. Barwick had the misfortune, while turning out as a sportsman, to fracture his right clavicle. Team : M. L. C. Irvine, R. C. Priest, F. R. B. Skrinshire, T. G. Starkey-Smith, L. B. Perry, A. G. V. French, W. Weir, 0. F. B. Cory, C. T. V. Benson, R. Cox, P. Harper, J. Startin, E. Rhodes, R. L. Barwick, H. V. Welch. “B” XV v. BEDFORD GRAMMAR School III.

C. Treherne with fourteen men

Went by train to “ Beds,"
Lost the match by seventy-one,
Oh ! what



St. Thomas's HOSPITAL v. St. LAWRENCE COLLEGE. —This match was played at Ramsgate on Saturday, October 5th, under splendid conditions. We were unable to turn out in full strength, only seven of the regular members being able to play ; but in spite of this we managed to hold our own, winning by 5 goals to 3. The game was good and fast, but towards the end of the game our men seemed to be suffering from want of training. The forwards lacked combination and were very slow in getting on the ball, but the defence was strong, Johnson, Gutteridge, and Meakin, playing a great game. Goals were scored by Brandon (2), Wilson, Lupton, and substitute. Team :-H. L. Paddon ; H. White, L. Meakin ; F. T. Shackell, W. B. Johnson, G. B. Gutteridge ; H. Stobie, substitute, G. N. Brandon. J. P. Lupton, H. B. Wilson.

St. Thomas's losPITAL v. BEXLEY.--This match was played at Bexley on Saturday, October 12th, and resulted in our defeat by 6 goals to 3. We again were unable to take the field in full strength, being without Gutteridge, Meakin, Bowes, and Sutcliffe. For the first quarter of the game we proved ourselves superior, scoring twice in quick succession. This seemed to wake up our opponents, who soon put themselves on equal terms with us. We repeatedly had the ball right in front of our opponents' goal, but owing to bad shooting were unable

Just before half time our opponents took the lead by scoring from a corner, and after changing ends they added three more, in spite of the fine defence offered by Johnson and White. Stobie played well at outside left, and a few minutes before time our third goal was added though one of his character. istic passes. Team :-H. L. Paddon ; H. White, D. E. Dobell; W. B. Johnson, F. J. Humphreys, G. H. Roberts; H. Stobie, C. G. Whorlow, G. N. Brandon, E. M. Lauderdale, H. B. Wilson.

to score.

St. Thomas's v. EMERITI. -Played at Chiswick on Saturday, October 19th, and resulted in our defeat by 2 goals to 3. There was nothing much to choose between us in the first half, although our opponents took the lead about twenty minutes after the start; nevertheless, two or three goals should have been added to our credit. In the second half we had the better of the game, Stobie opening our account from a fine shot from the left wing. Our opponents were very fortunate in scoring twice from corners. Wilson played a good game, and was rewarded by getting our second goal. Team :-H. L. Paddon ; G. H. Roberts, D. C. Dobell ; W. B. Johnson, C. M. Page, G. B. Gutteridge ; H. Stobie, W. F. Sutcliffe, R. F. Bowes, G. N. Brandon, H. B. Wilson.

St. Thomas's v. OLD CRANLEIGHANS.—Played at Malden on Saturday, October 26th. Soon after the kick-off, our forwards broke away, and Sutcliffe put in a shot, which was cleared by their goalkeeper. Wilson then received the ball, and, rushing down the wing, put in a well-judged centre, which was nicely placed into the net by one of our opponents. The play after this was chiefly mid-field, but before half-time the Old Cranleighans scored twice, owing to the fine combination showed by their right wing. On resuming play Bowes broke through their defence, and put in a magnificent shot, which gave the goalkeeper no chance. Our opponents shortly after took the lead again, which we quickly responded to by another fine shot from Bowes. After this neither of the teams were able to score, and the game ended in a draw, with the score three all. Team :-H. L. Paddon ; H. White, G. H. Roberts ; W. B. Johnson, F. J. Humphreys, B. G. Gutteridge ; H. Stobie, R. F. Bowes, W. F. Sutcliffe, G. N. Brandon, H. B. Wilson.

Examination news.

University of Durham, September, 1907.

M.D. EXAMINATION (For Practitioners of Fifteen Years' Standing).

Geoffrey Gross, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., L. S. A.

Royal College of Physicians. M.R.C.P. EXAMINATION. M. A. Cassidy, M.A., M.B. Cantab., J. P. Hedley, M.A., M.B. Cantab.,

R. C. Jewesbury, M. A., M.B.Oxon.

Conjoint Board, October, 1907. FIRST EXAMINATION.

Practical Pharmacy.-W. Mathieson, E. A. Pywell. SECOND EXAMINATION.

Anatomy and Physiology.-J. P. Lupton. FINAL EXAMINATION. Medicine.-J. L. Graham Jones, 0. W. McShechy, W. Mathieson, W. J.

Petty, 0. R. Smale, W. F. Sutcliffe, * A. L. Walters, J. N. Wheeler. Surgery.-G. R. Girdleston, *F. H. Holl, *H. N. Little, *M. H. E. R.

Montesole, *E. E. T. Nuthall, *C. H. L. Petch, *P. L. Stallard, *A. P.

Yonge. Midwifery.-A. C. Anderson, C. T. V. Benson, *J. A. Clark, N. M.

Fergusson, H. L. Grabham, R. C. Priest, R. W. Rix, T. A. Weston.

* These gentlemen have completed their Final Examination.

Editorial notices.

ALL contributions for insertion should reach the Editor hy the first of the month. They should be written on one side of the paper only.

Subscriptions may be sent direct to the Treasurer, Mr. F. G. Parsons, or daid to Robert Hopkins, in the Central Hall.

The subscription for one year is five shillings; for five years, one guinea ; for life, three guineas.

We beg to acknowledge the receipt of the following :-London Hospital Gazette, St. Bartholomew's Hospital Journal, Guy's Hospital Gazette, St. George': Hospital Gazette, Magazine of the London (Royal Free Hospital ) School of Medicine for Women, St. Mary's Hospital Gazette, Middlesex Hospital Gazette, The Broadway ( Westminster), All India Hospital Assistants' Journal, The Hospital, Royal A.M.C. Journal, The Stethoscope.

[We have been asked to state that the article entitled “Those Little Stones," in

our last issue, was the work of Mr. E. C. Sansom, of Portland. -Ed.]

St. Thomas's fhospital Gazette.

No. 9.


Vol. XVII.

Hospital Rotes.

We have to offer our hearty congratulations to Mr. C. A. R. Nitch on his election as Surgeon to Out-patients. Mr. Nitch entered the Hospital as a student in 1894. After qualification he held the usual minor appointments, and, taking his F.R.C.S. in 1902, was appointed Surgical Registrar in 1903. Since then his upward progress must, we think, almost have created a time record. Being duly appointed R.A.S. in 1905, he retired from that exalted position at the end of March this year. Recalled while on his honeymoon in April to act as temporary Assistant Surgeon owing to illness of various members of the surgical staff, he was shortly afterwards appointed Demonstrator of Anatomy. In May he was appointed Surgeon to Out-patients at the Evelina Hospital, and in November Surgeon to Out-patients at St. Thomas's.

[blocks in formation]

As Resident Mr. Nitch was remarkable for his tireless energy, and four generations of College House will bear witness to his sympathetic leadership as well as to his skill as a raconteur. We have never ourselves been privileged to witness his feats upon

the golf course, but bearing in mind the smile of sweet content which was the customary complement of his golf clubs we should imagine that they were great. As a teacher Mr. Nitch possesses powers of the highest order, and will help to form in the Surgical Out-patient Department a quartet which, in this direction at least, it should be hard to beat anywhere.

[blocks in formation]

The Annual Nurses' Conversazione is usually held about the end of January. It is a conglomerate affair, and consists essentially, in addition to the guests to take last year's effort as an example--of an entertainment in the Governors' Hall, a band in the Central Hall, refreshments in the Out-patients' Department, and side shows in the Main Corridor. The official responsible for its organisation is the R.A. for the time being, and though much of the work to be carried out nowadays has lapsed into routine, he still has plenty to occupy his spare moments.

Owing to circumstances, into which we need not enter, exception has been taken this year to certain items of expenditure which are regarded as extravagant, and apparently official permission will be withheld unless considerable retrenchment is enforced.

[blocks in formation]

The whole conception of the Conversazione is somewhat complex, its finances are a matter of donation and subscription, and a limited number of tickets are issued, about 30 per cent. of which are sent direct to old members of our Hospital Nursing Staff. This we regard as a very admirable arrangement, that sisters and nurses who have left should be the guests of the evening. In addition to this, all subscribers are permitted to have tickets, varying to some extent with the amount subscribed, and each nurse at present in Hospital can ask one guest. But certainly of recent years the numbers present have been largely in excess of tickets used, and if the amount of retrenchment that is demanded is to take place, the Secretary has no choice but to rigidly limit the number of those that attend.

[blocks in formation]

In the first place it is proposed that the space available for the Conversazione shall be considerably diminished. The Governors' Hall (which is singularly ill-adapted for the rapid discharge of its audience) will be used for such entertainment as the ingenuity of the Secretary and local talent can devise. (We might almost suggest that he should pay a preliminary Christmas visit to the Guy's dramatic performance if he is still in search of copy.) The entrance will be viá the Central Hall; the corridors will be cut off at the level of the staircase of Block IV on the north side and Block VI on the south, and refreshments will be served in the corridor itself. How

any movement at all in this very limited area will be effected we do not know, but by circulating freely round the pillars no doubt a certain amount of change will from time to time be indulged in.


Finally, the Secretary has felt obliged to cancel the invitations which have been issued during the last two or three years to members of the Nightingale Home. Their absence will remove much that is enchanting from the scene, but they may be buoyed with the thought that, by the survival of the fittest, some, at any rate, will gladden our eyes, if not our hearts, next year. There was a suggestion in some quarters that a dance, presumably in the Governors' Hall, would form a cheap and ready form of entertainment to be tacked on to the show downstairs. This suggestion—which, it would be safe to say, would not be countenanced-would, we think, be rightly condemned, since it would introduce an element which is quite out of keeping with the present spirit of the Conversazione,

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