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Second Examination.

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Examination News.


Third Examination.

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Pathology.-R. C. Jewesbury.

Forensic Medicine and Public Health.-H. B. Billups, H. A. Philpot,
A. G. J. Thompson,

Medicine, Surgery and Midwifery.—H. C. Squires.

Human Anatomy and Physiology.-W. N. Child.

M.D. Examination.


Pharmacology and General Pathology.-S. P. Chan, S. Churchill,
H. E. T. Dawes, H. Dimock, N. W. Jenkins, W. S. Leicester,
O. R. Smale, R. Svenssen, F. B. Treves, C. E. Whitehead.


Surgery, Midwifery, and Medicine. — C. Akerman, A. D. Brunwin,
M. A. Cassidy, J. N. F. Fergusson, H. T. Gray, S. A. Henry,
F. S. Hewitt, A. B. Howitt, J. C. Lawton Roberts, W. P. Williams.

Branch 1-(Medicine).-G. J. Langley, B.S

Editorial Notices.

ALL contributions for insertion should reach the Editor by the first of the month. They should be written on one side of the paper only.

Subscriptions may be sent direct to the Treasurer, Mr. F. G. Parsons, or paid to Robert Hopkins, in the Central Hall. The subscription for one year is five shillings; for five years, one guinea; for life, three guineas.

We beg to acknowledge the receipt of the following:-The London Hospital Gazette, the Guy's Hospital Gazette, the St. Bartholomew's Hospital Journal, the Middlesex Hospital Journal, the Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, the Charing Cross Hospital Gazette, the PostGraduate, the St. Mary's Hospital Gazette, the Westminster Hospital Gazette, the Gazette of the London School of Medicine for Women, University of Durham College of Medicine Gazette, and St. George's Hospital Gazette.

St. Thomas's hospital Gazette.

No. 2.


Hospital Notes.



is, perhaps, inevitable that the office of editor of this Journal should not remain in the same hands for any great length of time, and a change of editors must of necessity be no very uncommon



In the present instance the fact that Dr. Dudgeon has found it necessary to give up these duties, can have come as no surprise to those who know the innumerable calls that are made on his apparently inexhaustible supply of energy.

Of his work in the laboratory this is no time and no place to speak, but for the manner in which he has conducted the Gazette he has earned the gratitude of all St. Thomas's men. We shall miss his genial vigour from these pages, but we shall not grudge to him the extra hours that he will gain for the service of Pathology and of this hospital.

Dr. Acland has been elected a member of the Council of the Royal College of Physicians. We should like, in the name of the members of this hospital, to congratulate him on so well merited a distinction.

Dr. Turney has been elected a member of the Council of the Neurological Society. He has also been made a member of the Committee appointed by the Royal College of Physicians to examine and report upon the curriculum in midwifery, and the diseases of women.

Mr. Ballance will deliver the second Lettsommian lecture at the Royal College of Surgeons, on February 19th The subject is "Some Points in the Surgery of Brain Abscess." The third lecture, dealing with "Some Points in the Surgery of Brain Tumour," will be delivered on March the 5th,

The School, by dint of strenuous effort, has succeeded in diminishing its numbers to the tune of some 18 newly qualified practitioners. To all of these we offer our congratulations.


In the final examinations of the conjoint board last January, 36 Candidates out of 50 were successful. In the R.A.M.C. examination we did even better, as all four Candidates passed; the second, fifth and fourteenth places being secured by St. Thomas's men.

Mr. Battle's recent lectures on the "Acute Abdomen" have been published in the Lancet, and those who did not hear them delivered will have the opportunity of reading an admirable disquisition on a very important and interesting subject.

A Children's Surgical Department for Out-Patients has recently been started. Under Mr. Sargent's able management it may soon hope to rival its medical prototype.

It is rather difficult to write with level mind so soon after the disappointment of the Cup Tie. We all feel sympathy with the team who shewed, during the last ten minutes of their first game with St. Mary's, that it is not for want of pluck and grit that we have to record defeat. The last quarter of an hour of that game was magnificent. The pity is, that there was not more like it. On the second day we seemed to be fairly outplayed, and victory certainly went to the better side. It was good to see so many of the staff turning up to watch the games.

The Surgical side was particularly well represented, and Mr. Makins, Mr. Battle and Mr. Robinson, a veteran half-back of no mean reputation, were numbered among the on-lookers.

A very notable addition has been made to the teaching staff of the Medical School in the person of Mr. J. F. Cunningham. The Secretary of the XV of seven years ago needs no introduction to St. Thomas's men, and the appointment will be inevitably a very popular one. Those who are reading Physiology will find in him a friend who will always be glad to give them a helping hand.

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The Conversazione and the somewhat belated Lilian Toy competition brought the festive season to a close. Mr. Wyatt is to be congratulated as well on the innovations which he devised as on the masterly manner in which all the arrangements were carried out.

The onerous duty of awarding the prizes in the competition was admirably performed by Dr. Sharkey. The high standard attained by the winners is amply testified by the fact that so formidable an animal as the gazeka had to content itself with commendation.


Mr. Thomas Seward has retired from the office of Clerk of the Works, which he has so well filled during the last 20 years. Few probably are aware that his connection with the hospital dates back to the erection of the present building in the superintendence of which he took a prominent part. He will be greatly missed by those among whom he worked.

All old students are particularly requested to forward to the Editor any news of themselves or of each other. It is hoped that it may be possible in this way for the Gazette to afford increased interest to those who are of necessity no longer in close touch with the hospital. It is felt that some account of the doings of their own contemporaries is naturally of equal or greater interest to them than any description of matters of purely local importance. Such a scheme. can obviously only be carried out with the co-operation of those to whom we make this appeal. Any notice, then, of the doings of an old student will be very thankfully welcomed by the Editor.

Present and past students are asked to send to the Gazette short accounts of such humorous incidents as may come under their notice. Stories from the school, the out-patient rooms, the wards or the private practices of our readers, are very especially requested.

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