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suspense was terrible. Twice did the events of his past life array themselves before His Grace's mind. He scarce raised a brow. His veins slowly became rigid with congealed blood.

the knife!"

The Great Chiropodist had spoken.


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1. "That the technical name for weeping is Lacrimation."

2. "That the Secretary's office has been supplied with a medical dictionary."

“That a candidate at the recent examination in Surgery, when asked to describe amputation at the site of election, said, that he came to be examined in Surgery, not to discuss politics."

4. That the same candidate said that " Myxoma was the name applied to mixed tumours."


5. That Dr. Greg was summoned at midnight to examine "Timothy."


"That Timothy was suffering from Bolophagia."

7. "That no Ball was to be found."

8. "That there was a record attendance at a certain Clinical Lecture in December."

"That a venerable house officer returning home rather late recently, threw his boots out of the window and placed the stump of his cigar outside his door."

Hospital News.

Dr. Sharkey has been appointed Bradshaw Lecturer to the Royal College of Physicians of London, for 1906.

Mr. Makins has been elected an Examiner in Surgery at the University of Cambridge.


Dr. Turney will commence his Course of Lectures on Special Pathology early in January, while Mr. Dudgeon will continue to give his demonstrations on Morbid Anatomy, on Saturday Mornings.

We offer our heartiest congratulations to Dr. Dean who has been elected Medical Registrar, and also for being unanimously appointed Editor of the Hospital Gazette. He is so universally popular that quite apart from his undoubted capabilities he is certain to prove himself to be invaluable both as Registrar and Editor.

Every St. Thomas's Man will greatly regret that Mr. Mavrogordato's term of office as Medical Registrar has expired. He has been so intimately associated with the hospital for so many years that his loss will be felt by all.

Hearty congratulations to Dr. Langley on obtaining the M.D. Degree of the University of London; more especially while so busily engaged in the duties of House Physician to Dr. Sharkey.

The Xmas festivities were as bright and cheerful as ever. Mr. Bingham accomplished a remarkable performance by falling from the highest point in one of the Wards on to the floor below. Luckily no one was there. Unfortunately this novel way of amusing the patients was only actually witnessed by a few. It is certainly an error on Mr. Thompson's part that he did not fall at the same time.

We must offer our thanks to the Pianotist Piano Player Co. of Regent Street, and the Apollo Piano Player Co. of Berners Street, for the loan of Musical instruments during Xmas week.

The following lines are taken from a Continental advertisement printed in English!


"We have the honour of informing you that our Grand-" "Catalogue is just out and his for the gratis forwarding at the " disposal of the in-and outlandish Medical Circles."


This interesting announcement quite recently appeared in one of the Evening papers. To whom we are indebted for this information we are unable to say, probably it would be better not to ascertain.


The reply at St. Thomas's Hospital was : Fogs are not detrimental to Consumptive diseases. We never take our open air patients in except in very black fogs. I have not noticed whether the yellow or the black fogs are the worse."

Some queer articles are occasionally requisitioned in Hospitals. Here are some that have been recently asked for :

"A boiled SowL." "A salt SELLAR." "Some JELLEY." "Some MUGGS"!!!

Extracted from a well known evening paper.


"There was a disturbance on Thursday evening (at Funchal, Madeira) owing to a violent demonstration against the bacteriologist. The police used their weapons, and two men were wounded with gun shot."

If only the mob could have realised for one moment that the bacteriologist could, without much trouble, reduce their number to zero, they might have reconsidered the course which they adopted.

Books for Review.

“CLINICAL OBSTETRICS." By Robert Jardine. 2nd Edition. (Rebman, Ltd., London and New York.)

This volume to a great extent covers the same ground as an ordinary text-book of midwifery, but the entirely novel plan is adopted of giving short reports of cases studied by the author in his practice.

At the outset we may state at once that this book has been written for the senior student and post-graduate man rather than for one commencing to learn midwifery.

Price 17/-.

In the treatment of eclampsia the use of saline infusions as a routine is recommended, but the question is discussed from a broad point of view and clinical summaries of 21 cases treated by this method are given.

The influence of cardiac disease on pregnancy is dealt with at length and the effects of the various lesions illustrated by a collection of 7 cases.

In the body of the work all the complications and abnormalities of labour due to fœtal or maternal causes are treated from a clinical standpoint, and actual cases freely detailed.

Club Notices.

The author strongly advocates aseptic methods in the practice of midwifery and fully describes his technique in the chapters on obstetric operations. Regarded as supplementary to a text book of midwifery, Dr. Jardine's "Clinical Obstetrics" should prove of value.

United Hospitals H. and H.: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5—15.

Dublin University H.: 6, 7, 8,

9, 10—40.




This annual match took place, over a six miles course, at Blackheath, and resulted in a win for the United Hospitals with the lower total of 15 points to 40. Scoring was on the University system, cognisance being taken of only the first five men on each side. The points were:—

Order of finishing:-G. C. Birt, St. Thomas's, 34 min. 45 sec., 1; W. H. M. May, St. Bart.'s, 35 min. 35 sec., 2; A. L. Candler, St. Bart.'s, 35 min. 55 sec., 3; R. C. McLinnell, London, 36 min. 3 sec., 4; G. S. Woodruff, St. Bart.'s, 36 min. 38 sec., 5; G. G. Duggan, Dublin, 36 min. 50 sec., 6; W. H. Watson, Guy's, 37 min. 22 sec., 7; H. P. Hart, Dublin, 37 min. 40 sec.,8; G. Purdon, Dublin, 38 min. 18 sec., 9; F. W. H. Kerr, Dublin, 38 min. 36 sec., 10; G. M. Maybey, Dublin, 38 min. 43 sec., 11; F. Stevenson, Dublin, 38 min. 43 1-5 sec., 12; G. N. Morphy, Dublin, 39 min. 10 sec., 13; O. S. Norton, Guy's, 39 min. 11 sec., 14.

At a mile and a half the order was Birt, May, Linnell, Morphy and Candler. A mile further on Morphy fell back, and Candler passed Linnell, the order then being as the runners eventually reached home.

The Irishmen were afterwards entertained to dinner by the United Hospitals Hare and Hounds at the Criterion Restaurant, under the Chai manship of Mr. J. E. Fowler-Dixon, L.A.C.


At the same time that the draw was made the seven years' rule proposed by St. Mary's, and seconded by Guy's, was carried unanimously. It does not come into force at once, but from 1907 onwards a man may play for his hospital for seven seasons. At present any player over five years at a hospital is debarred from playing for his hospital. For years Guy's have striven to bring about the very sensible seven years' rule, but the majority of the other hospitals have opposed tooth and nail. The proposal was carried with the following reservation-namely, that next year six years should be the limit.


A meeting of the above club was held in the medical theatre to appoint officers for the ensuing year.

Mr. Parsons was in the chair. F. M. Neild was elected captain and F. H. Holl hon. sec. and vice-captain, E. L. Fyffe captain of 2nd XI., and E. H. Marshall hon. sec. G. R Footner, F. S. Hewitt, N. S. Hoare and C. M. Page were on the Committee.


On December 16th an "A" XV. match against the Marlborough Nomads was played at Chiswick. We had to lend two men, and both sides played short. We had the best of the game all through. Meek scored three tries, Grimwade two, and Neild, Abraham, Harper, Sutton and Wheeler also scored. We finished with 34 points to 11 in our favour, two of the tries being converted. The team was:—

W. H. R. Sutton; E. L. Atkinson, A. G. V. French, R. B. Abraham, J. N. Wheeler, F. M. Neild, W. O. Meek; H. L. Gamlen, S. W. Grimwade, P. Harper, H. L. Barwick, C. T. V. Benson, M. L. C. Irvine, J. R. C. Archer. INTER-HOSPITAL CHALLENGE CUP-1ST XV.

2nd Round.


1st Round.

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