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Christian soldier. Religion, 41
Charicles. Justice, 49
Cicero. 112
Cid Achim and Don Pedro. Genero-
sity, 82
Cinna and Augustus. Clemency,% 67
Cincinnatus. 138
Citizens of Charleston, patriotic, 172
Clemency. 66
Clergyman, charitable, 76
Courage. 120
Conjugal Affection. 217
Cochrane, Lord, Courage, 126
Constantine the great. Religion, 32
Constantius the emperor, Religion, 36
Croghan, major, Courage. 121
Croesus, king of Lydia, the son of,

Filial Piety, 212
Cucho, the sons of, Fraternal Affec-

tion, 222
Cyrus, industry of 232
Cyrus and Panthea. Virtue, 22
Damon and Pythias, FriendsMp, 106
Dancer, Daniel, Avarice, 89
Demetrius Phalerus. Virtue, 29
Demosthenes. Virtue, 31
Devizes, weaver of, Gratitude, 101
Declaration of Independence, signing

of the, 166
Democritus and Euphemion. Pru-
dence, 204
Decimus and Decius, Filial Piety, 209
De Retz, Cardinal. Presence of Mind, 225
Dionysius the tyrant. Truth, 10
Doria, Andrew, 145
Douglas "and Randolph. Generosity. 18
Drusus, Julius. Virtue, 23
Edward I. of England, filial piety of, 215
English gentleman, generosity of, 84
English soldier. Gratitude, 101
Epaminondas. Truth, 11, Virtue 19,P#-

triothm\o7, Filial Piety, 212
Epictetus the stoic. Patience, 194
Erie, fort, siege of. Courage, 123
Fabricius. Fidelity, 116
Famagosta, women at the siege of,

Conjugal Affection, 219
Fidelity. Ill
Filial Piety. 209
Franklin, sketch of, 234
Fraternal affection. 221
French female, courage of a, 134
French ensign, fidelity of, 113
Freitaz, Martin, fidelity of, 111
Friend, Dr. F?'iendship, 109
Friendship. 104
Frederick of Prussia and his page.

Integrity, 96
Frederick of Prussia. Justice, 50
Frederick, generosity of, 74-75
Gadsden, colonel, patriotism of, 173-185
(laming. 56
Gascoigne, chief justice, Justice and

Fortitude, 58
Germany, emperor of, Virtue, 26
Generosity. 79
Gerry, Eldridge, sayh.g and death of, 172
Gibbs, Miss Mary, Courage, 133

1 Governor of Virginia, politeness of, 201
Gratitude. 99
Gracchus,, Caius, Friendship, 105 k

Grenadier, courage of a, 128
Grotius and his wife. Conjugal Af-
fection, 218
Guilford, battle of, Courage, 122
Gustavus Adolphus. 33-153
Hancock, John, 174
Hassan and Moavias. Magnanimity, 95
Henry, Patrick, Patriotism, 164
Henry IV. at Yvri. Couragey 130
Highland integrity. 98
Hiero, king of Syracuse. Truth, 9
Honorius and Arcadius. Respect to

old age, 130
Huger, colonel Francis II, and La-
fayette.' 186
Hyder Ali. Ambition, 244
Indian acuteness. Justice, 61
Indostan, king of, Ingratitude, 10$
Industry, 226. Magic of, 228
Ingratitude. 102
Integrity. - 95

Intemperance. 207
Irish merchant, justice of an, 55
Jasper, sergeant, Patriotism, 185
Joan, queen of Naples. Politeness, 202
Justice. 49
Justin, the emperor, minister of. Jus-
tice, ^ 6a
King's mountain, battle of, Patriotism, 168
Lacedemonian women, patriotic ex-
pression of, 136
Lacedemonian retort. Pride, 244
Lacedemonian politeness. Respect io

old age, llg
Lafayette. Clemency, 69
Lafayette, generosity of, 85
Lafayette, escape of, from Olmutz, 186
Laurens, colonel John, conduct of at

Paris, ^ 168

Lawrence, captain, Courage, 121
Long Island, battle of, and retreat,

Providential Interference, 71
Louis, Dauphin of France. Virtue, 20
Louis XI. and the countryman's tur-
nip. Avarice, 87
Louis XII. of France, and Lalyiene.

Clemency, 68
Louis XIV. and his officer. Fidelity, 113
Louis XIV. and Cardinal d'Estrees.

Fidelity, 112
Louis XV., humanity of, 78
Lucilius Licinius. Friendship, 104
Lusitanian heroines. ConjugalAffection, 219
Magdalene, queen of France. Re-
spect to old age, 118
Magnanimity, 89. Strong instance of, 91
M'Kean, judge, Justice, 63
Mahadi, the caliph, Religion, 38
Mahmoud, the sultan, Virtue, 28
Mahometan pride. 242
Marion, general, Fidelity, 116
Marion. Patriotism, 171
Marion. Justice, 51-52
Mason, Sir John, Religion, 37
Manning, presence of mind of, ?24-225

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Mausolus, king of Caria, wife of, 218
Mansfield, lord, and the ^merchant.

Justice, , 53

Maurice, prince of Orange. Virtue, 17
Metellus Numidicus. Virtue, 25
Moore, Sir Thomas, Fidelity, 114
Moldavian soldier. Courage, 12§
Moon, lieutenant, Courage, 133
Mongarten, heights of, Patriotism, 148
Motte, patriotism of Mrs., 167
Montilla, Madame, Patriotism, 194
Moderation. "191
Mutius Sczevola. Patriotism, 136
Natchez Indians, custom of the, Pride, 241
Nelson, American general. Patriotism, 173
Nero. Virtue, 28
Numa. Virtue, 21
Old age, respect to, 117
Olympias, mother of Alexander. Filial

Piety, 213
Orleans, duke of, Religion, 40
Oxenstiern, chancellor, Religion, 39
Pacheco, governor of Celorica. Fi-
delity, . 116
Paoli. Virtue, 18
Patriotism. 135
Patience, ode to, 197
Patience and moderation. 191
Parga, patriots of, 162
Persian monarch. Truth, 12. Virtue, 19
Pedro, Don, of Spain. Religion, 40
Pedro, Don, and Cid Achim. Gene-

rosity, i 82
Penn, William. Religious Fortitude. 42
Pedaretus. Patriotism, 148
Peter the great. Industry, 230-233
Philip of Macedon. Truth, 10

Philoxenes. Truth, 10
Philopxmen. Virtue, 24
Philipsburg, siege of, Virtue, 29
Phocion. Justice, 49
Phocion. Patriotism, 147
Philip, and the Athenian ambassadors.

Clemency, 68
Piso. Virtue, 28
Pinckncy, C. C, patriotic conduct of, 171
Pinckney, Thomas, Patriotism, lb.
Pliny, filial piety of, 209
Politeness. 198
Portuguese brothers. 216
Providential interferences. 70
Private soldier, magnanimity of, 91
Prudence and temperance. 203
Presence of mind. 223
Pride and ambition. 241
Prussian soldier, pride of, 243
Ptolemxus, king of Cyprus. Avarice, 88 j
Putnam, general, Generosity 80 j

Putnam, general, Patriotism, 170 ,

Publius Rutilius. Friendship, 104
Quebec, attack on, Presence of mind, 223 1
Raleigh, Sir Walter, Patie?ice, 192 \

Religion. 31;

Religious fortitude. 42

Reding, Aloys, Patriotism, 145

Representative, duty of a, 189

Rebel, character of a, 190

Roman daughter, 211

Roberts, colonel Owen, Patriotism, 168

Kussel, Lord, Virtue, 20

Rush, Dr. Benjamin, Magnanimity, 94

Russian princess. Respect to old age, 119

Sanchez, Martin, Generosity, 83

Saturninus. Virtue, 25

Scholar at Paris, filial piety of, 210
Schappach, Michael, and the Russian

princess. Respect to old age, 119
Sharp, Archbishop, murder of, 4?
Simonides. Justice, 50
Sigismund, magnanimity of, 91
Smyrna magistrate and his father. Jus-
tice, 57
Socrates. Justice, 50
Soliman II. Justice, 52
Solon, laws of, Filialpiety, 216
Spanish brothers. 222
Statue, the first gilded, erected, 213
Stair, Lord, politeness of, 199
Suli, patriots of, 159*
Sultan, stern justice of a, 52
Superstition. 47
Syllery, chancellor, Patience, 195
Tarleton, colonel, treacherous con-
duct of, 169
Tell, William, 142
Thesca, wife of Polyxenes. 220
Toby, my uncle, benevolence.of, 77
Trajan, the emperor, Justice 57
Truth. 9
Vespasian,- the emperor, Virtue, 18
Viegas, Laurent. Religion, 41
Vienna, siege of, Courage, 130
Virtue. 16
Washington, George, sketch of, 176
Washington and Arnold. Generosity, 79
Washington, magnanimity of, 90
Washington, humanity of, 75
Washington, col. Wm, Courage, 123.

Character of, '167
Washington, colonel WTiliiam, gene-
rosity of, 84
Wallace, William, 154
Weinsperg, ladies of, Conjugal Affec-
tion, t 219
Whipple, general^ and his slave. Ge-
nerosity, SO
Widow of Japan, sons of the, 213
Williams, William. Patriotism, 184
William the Conqueror. Courage, 128
William the Conqueror, burial of,

Justice, 65

Wilson, Dr., benevolence of, '73

Witchcraft. Superstition, 48

Wolsey. Religion, 32

Wolsey. Gratitude, 100

Wolfe. Courage, . 131

Worcester, bishop of, politeness of 200

Xerxes, attempting to chain the waves. 243





HISTORY" OF Ej^glaid,

BEING A roiiTioy or

The Cabinet History of the British Islands,


HISTORY of ENGLAND. By Sir James Mackintosh, Vol. I.

"Our anticipations of this volume were certainly very highly mis eel, and unlike such anticipations in general, they have not been disappointed. A philosophical spirit, a nervous style, and a full knowledge of the subject, acquired, by •considerable research into the works of preceding chroniclers and historians, eminently distinguish this popular abridgment, and cannot fail to recommend it to universal approbation. In continuing his work as he has begun, Sir James Mackintosh will confer a great benefit on his conntrw''— LottfL Lit. Gazette.

HISTORY of SCOTLAND. By Sir Walter Scott, 2 vols. HISTORY of IRELAND. By Thomas Moore, 1 vol.

II. HISTORY of SCOTLAND. By Sir Walter Scott, Bart, in 2 vols. 12mo.

The History of Scotland, by Sir Walter Scott, we do not hesitate to declare, will be, if possible, more extensively read, than the most popular work of fiction, by the same prolific authoi\and for this obvious reason: jt combines much of the brilliant colouring of the Ivanhoe pictures of bj-gone manners, and all the graceful facility of style and picturesqueness of de scription of his other charming romances, with a minute fidelity to the facts of histoiy ,and a searching scrutiny into their authenticity and relative, value, which might put to the blush Mr. Hume and other professed historians. Such is the magic charm of Sir Walter Scott's pen, it has only to touch the simplest incident of every day life, and it starts up invested with all the interest cf a scene of romance; and yet such is his fidelity to the text of nature, that The knights, and eerfs, and cellared fools with whom his inventive genius has peopled so many volumes, are regarded by us as not mere creations of fancy, but as real flesh and blood existences, with all the virtues, feelings and errors of common place humanity."—LzY. Gaz.

III. CLARENCE; a Tale of our own Times. By the Author of Rehwooh, Hope Leslie, Sec. In two volumes.

IV. CAMDEN; a Tale of the South. In two Vols.


FOR 1831*

Embellishments.—!. Frontispiece. The Shipwrecked Family, engraved by Ellis, from a picture by Burnet 2, Shipwreck of Fort Rouge Calais, engraved by Ellis,from a picture by Stanlield.—3. Infancy, engraved by Kelly, from a picture by Sir Thomas Lawrence.—4. Lady Jane Grey, engraved by Kelly, from a picture by Leslie.—5. Three Score and Ten, engraved by Kearny, from a picture by Burnet.—6. The Hour of Rest, engraved by Kelly, from a picture by Burnet.—7. The Minstrel, engraved by Ellis, from a picture by Leslie.—8. Arcadia, engraved by Kearny, from a picture by Cockerel 1.—9. The Fisherman'* Return, engraved by Nagle, from a picture by Collins.—10. The Marchioness of Carmarthen, granddaughter of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, engraved by Illman and Pill brow , from a picture by Mrs. Mee.—11. Morning among the Hills, engraved by Hatch, from a picture by Doughty.—12. Los Musicos, engraved by Ellis, from a picture by Watteau. CN early ready.)


ROGERS, MONTGOMERY, LAMRE, and KIRKE WHITE, beautifully printed, 1 vol. Svo.to match Byron, Scott, Moore, &c. Valuable Works

VII. SKETCHES of CHINA, with Illustration* from Original Drawings. By W. W. Wood, in 1 vol. 12mo.

"The residence of the author in China, during the years 1826-7-8 and 9 has enabled him to collect much very curious information relative to this singular people, which he has embodied in his work; and will serve to gratify the curiosity of many whose time or dispositions do not allow them to seek, in the voluminous writings of the Jesuits and early travellers, the information contained in the present work. The recent discussion relative to the renewal of the East India Company's Charter, has excited much interest; and among ourselves, the desire to be farther acquainted with the subjects of ' the Celestial Empire'' hasbeen considerably augmented."

VIII. FALKLAND, a Novel, by the Author of Pexham, &c. 1 vol. 12mo.

IX. MEMOIR on the TREATMENT of VENEREAL DISEASES WITHOUT MERCURY, employed at the Military Hospital of the Val-de-Grace. Translated from the French of H. M. J. Desruelles, M. D. Sec. To which is added, Observations by G. J. Guthrie, Esq. and various documents, showing the results of this Mode of Treatment, in Great Britain, France, Germany, and America, 1 vol. 8vo.


comprising- Observations on the Arrangements, Police, and Practice of Hospitals, and on the History, Treatment, and Anomalies of Variola and Syphilis; illustrated with cases and dissections. By John Hennen, M. D. F. R. S. E. Inspector of Military Hospitals—first American from the third London edition, with Life of the Author, by his son, Dr. Jonn Hvnnei*.

"The value of Dr<Hennen's work is too well appreciated to need any praise of ours. We were only required then, to bring the third edition before the notice of our readers;£and having done tliis, we shall merely add, that the volume merits a place in every library, and that no military sux'geon ought to be without it,"—Medical Gazettes

"Iti9 a work of supererogation for us to eulogize Dr. Hennen's Military Surgery; there can be no second opinion on its merits. It is indispensable to-the military and naval surgeon."— London Medical and Surgical Journal.


4< We have now closed a very long review of a very valuable work, and aJthougb we have endeavoured to condense into our pages a great mass of important matter, we feel that our author has not yet received justice-"— Med. C/Ur. Review.


PHRASES on every Topic necessary to maintain Conversation, arranged under different heads, with numerous remarks on the peculiar pronunciation and use of various words—the whole so disposed as considerably to facilitate the acquisition of a correct pronunciation of the French. By A. Bolmar. One vol. 18mo.


PERRIN'S FABLES, accompanied by a Key, containing the text, a literal and free translation, arranged in such a manner as to point out the difference between the French and the English idiom, also a figured pronunciation of the French, according to the best French works extant on the subject; the

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whole preceded by a short treatise on the sounds of the French language, compared with those of the English.

XIV. The First Eight Books of the ADVENTURES of TELEMACHUS, accompanied by a Key to facilitate the translation of the work.

XV. A TREATISE on PATHOLOGICAL ANATOMY, by William E. Horner, M. D. Adjunct Professor of Anatomy in the University of Pennsylvania.

"We can conscientiously commend it to the members of" the profession, as a satisfactory, interesting, and instructive view of the subjects discussed, and as well adapted to aid them in forming' a correct appreciation-of the diseased conditions they are called on to relieve."—American Journal of the Medical Sciences. No. 9.

XVI. A New Edition of a TREATISE of SPECIAL and GENERAL ANATOMY, bv the same author, 2 vols. 8vo.


containing the Natural, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Medical History of the different substances employed in medicine, together with the operations of Pharmacy illustrated and explained, according to the principles of modern Chemistry. To which are added Tosicological and other tables, the prescriptions for Patent Medicines, and various Miscellaneous Preparations. Eighth Edition, Improved and greatly Enlarged. By $ovlx Redman Coxe, M. D. Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy in the University of Pennsylvania. In 1 vol. 8vo.

XVIII. An ESSAY on REMITTENT and INTERMITTENT DISEASES, including generically aiarsh Fever and Neuralgia—comprising under the former, various anomalies, obscurities, and consequences, and under a new systematic view of the latter, treating- of tic douloureux, sciatica, headache, ophthalmia, tooth-ache, palsy, and many other modes and consequences of this generic disease; by John Macctjlloch, M. D., F. R. S. &c. Sec. -Physician in Ordinary to his Royal Highness Prince Leopold, of Saxe Cobourg.

Dr. Maeculloch is a great philosopher and logician. His views are calculated to do much good. We have then:lore taken great pains to concentrate and diffuse them ■w idely through the profession. Nothing but a strong conviction that the work before us contains a multitude of vnluable gi ms, could have induced us to bestow so much labour on the review. In rendering Dr. Maeeulloeh\s work more accessible to the profession, we are conscious that we are doing the state some service."—Med. Chir. Review.

w We most strongly recommend Dr. Macculloeh's treatise to the attention of our medical brethren, as presenting a most valuable mass of information, on a most important subject."—-:/TM. Med. and Phus. Journal.

XIX. WIST AITS ANATOMY, fifth edition, 2 vols. 8vo.

XX. The ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, and DISEASES of the TEETH. By Thomas Bell, F. R. S., F. L. S. Sec. In 1 vol. 8vo. with plates.

fi Mr. Bell has evidently endeavoured to construct a work of reference for the practitioner, and a text-book for the student, containing a k plain and practical digest of the information at present possessed on the subject, and results of the authors" own investigations and experience.' " * * * "We raust now take leave of Mr. Bell, whose work we have no doubt will become a class book on the important subject of dental surgery."—Medica-Chirursrical Rcvierv.

XXI. MORALS of PLEASURE, illustrated by Stories designed for Young Persons, in 1 vol. 12mo*

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