The Middle Kingdom: A Survey of the Geography, Government, Education, Social Life, Arts, Religion, &c., of the Chinese Empire and Its Inhabitants, 第 2 卷


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第 594 頁 - a fit ending for the hasty sketch of the character and condition of the Chinese contained in these volumes. " Behold these ! from afar they shall come, And behold these ! from the north and from the west : And these ! from the LAND OF SINIM.
第 218 頁 - Defile not yourselves in any of these things ; for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you : and the land is defiled : therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants.
第 277 頁 - Wansui pai or Imperial tablet, but his majesty's title is surmounted by a Hebrew inscription, " Hear, O Israel : the Lord our God is one Lord. Blessed be the name of the glory of his kingdom for ever and ever." There is also another inscription
第 576 頁 - not uphold them that break your laws. Therefore, we doubt not that you will be pleased that our messenger of peace, with this letter in his hand, shall come to Peking, and there deliver it ; and that your great officers will, by your order, make a treaty with him to regulate
第 576 頁 - of trade—so that nothing may happen to disturb the peace between China and America. Let the treaty be signed by your own imperial hand. It shall be signed by mine, by the authority of our great council, the Senate. And so may your health be good, and may peace reign. Written at Washington, this twelfth day of July, in the year of
第 499 頁 - government, enjoin and require all her majesty's subjects now present in Canton, forthwith to make a surrender to me for the service of her said majesty's government, to be delivered over to the government of China, of all the opium under their respective control : and to hold the British ships and vessels engaged in the opium trade subject to
第 518 頁 - destroy and wipe clean away, to exterminate and root out the rebellious barbarians," and encouraged the people to regard them with the same bitterness they did their personal enemies. His mandate is couched in the strongest terms, saying that his enemies have been rebellious against heaven, opposing reason, one in spirit
第 283 頁 - multitudes. Olopun, a man of great virtue, belonging to the kingdom of Judea, bringing the Scriptures and images from afar, has come and presented them at our capital. On examining the meaning of his instruction, it is found to be pure, mysterious, and separate from the world. On observing its origin, it is seen to
第 462 頁 - the highest degree reverently obedient, he cannot in sending Lord Napier at this time have desired him thus obstinately to resist. The some hundreds of thousands of commercial duties yearly coming from the said country concern not the celestial empire the extent of a
第 210 頁 - may be made in despotic countries, without the notice or even the knowledge of the larger portion of the community ; but an entire alteration in the national costume affects every individual equally, from the highest to the lowest, and is perhaps of all others the most open and degrading mark of conquest.