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In manțle dug.is A faint erroneobaxay libog neod W Glanced from the imperfect surfaces of thingsig 9 Flings half an image on the straining eyesig visaivia While wavering woods, and villages, and streams.nl And rocks, and mountain tops, that long retain'd The' ascending gleam, are all one swimming scenes Uncertain if beheld. Sudden to heaven! mottolid W Thence weary vision turns where, leading softisd 10 The silent hours of love, with purest ráý sdt 99a yedT Sweet Venus shines; and from her genial risega99a al When daylight sickens till it springs afreshi tow oT Unrival'd reigns, the fairest lamp of Nighted aid mori As thus the effulgence tremulous I drink, ar gaivivA With cherish'd gaze, the lambent lightnings sbigoti Across the sky; or horizontal darts for w31 bmlol In wondrous shapes : by fearful murmuring crowds,o'l Portentous deem'd. x. Amid the radiant orbs is diw That more than deck, that animate the sky,rd yur bal The life-infusing suns of other worlds 9oulou sviat: Lo! from the dread immensity of space,b D-uld siteul ! Returning, with accelerated course, love itd 195.1013 The rushing comet to the sun descends is blu maod w And as he sinks below the shading earth,b d j wgi With awful train projected o'er the heavenspuds 90s)! The guilty nations tremble. But, abovels agairqa 90 Those superstitious horrors that enslavegast edt 9vod A. The fond sequacious herd, to mystic faithedt buid di And blind amazement prone, the enlighten'dfend od 1 Whose godlikeltinde Philosophy exaltsub sitaom al The glorious suraget käit: 91 Phey feel tartogt borasla Divinely greatz they in theit powertexuft.Isa agar That wondrbas forcellof thought, which mounting

b'airspurng tadt eqos aistruom basador bat This dusky spot, and measures all the skyha93es 'od? While, from his fartexcursion through the wilds193.1 i Of barren ether; faithful to his time. 4759W 911 They see the blazing Wonder rise anew. * * 91. In seeming terror clad, but kindly bent clio 19,3 ? To work the will of all-sustaining Love WC ??." From his huge vapoury train perhaps to shakes Reviving moisture bn the numerous orbs,'si cat Through which his long ellipsis winds; perhaps ?? To lend new fuel to declining suns, 10 ; ! 7,4720p To light up worlds, and feed the' eternal fire.sterdam

With thee, cserene Philosophy, with thee," } .9*1 And thy bright garland, let me crown my song! Effusive source of evidence and truth! 2. A ja..!! A lustre shedding o’er the ennobled mind, itu. Stronger than summer noon; and pure as that,". Whose mild vibrations sooth the parted soul, Fun New to the dawning of celestial day. Hence through her nourish'd powers, enfarged by thee, She springs aloft, with elevated pride, 10.12 iw's Bar Above the tangling mass of low desires, 1112 1941wee sed'. That bind the fluttering crowd, andyangel-winged, us! The heights of science and of virtue gains, buli bir

Where all is calm and clear; with Nature round,o 11 Or in the starry regions, or the abyss, 4 'Res mi usor To Reason's and to Fancy's eye display'da uwlad The First up-tracing, from the dreary void, you all! The chain of causes and effects to Him,

i r The world-producing Essence, who alone s pot Possesses being; while the Last receives' sui The whole magnificence of heaven and earth;li 31 j And every beauty, delicate or bold; )"}.. .. Obvious or more remote, with livelier sense,', Diffusive painted on the rapid mind. *

Tutor’d by thee, hence Poetry exalts , Her voice to ages; and informs the page With music, image, sentiment, and thought, Never to die! the treasure of mankind! Their highest honour, and their truest joy!

Without thee what were unenlighten'd Man? A savage roaming through the woods and wilds, In quest of prey; and with the unfashion'd far Rough-clad; devoid of every finer art, And elegance of life. Nor happiness Domestic, mix'd of tenderness and care, Nor moral excellence, nor social bliss, Nor guardian law were his; nor various skill: To turn the furrow, or to guide the tool . . Mechanic; nor the heaven conducted prowOf navigation bold, that fearless braves .. .! The burning line, or dares the wintry pole; r ,

Mother severe of infinite delights!, , Illi Tu!
Nothing, save rapine, indolence, and guile, ilir
And'woes on woes, a still-revolving train!',9111 !
Whose horrid circle had made human life .. 1
Than nonexistence worse: but, taught by thee, ?',
Ours are the plans of policy and peace'; .
To live like brothers, and conjunctive all
Embellish life. While thus laborious crowds
Ply the tough oar, Philosophy directs
The ruling helm; or 'like the liberal breath
Of potent heaven, invisible, the sail
Swells out, and bears the inferior world along.

Nor to this evanescent speck of earth
Poorly confined, the radiant tracks on high
Are her exalted range; intent to gaze
Creation through; and, from that full complex
Of never ending wonders, to conceive
Of the Sole Being right, who spoke the Word,
And Nature moved complete. With inward view,
Thence on the' ideal kingdom swift she turns
Her eye; and instant, at her powerful glance,
The' obedient phantoms vanish or appear;
Compound, divide, and into order shift,
Each to his rank, from plain perception up
To the fair forms of Fancy's fleeting train:
To reason then, deducing truth from truth;
And notion quite abstract; where first begins
The world of spirits, action all, and life 't'!," i

Unfetter'd, and unmix'd. But here the cloud
(So wills Eternal Providence) sits deep.
Enough for us to know that this dark state,
In wayward passions lost and vain pursuits,
This Infancy of Being, cannot prove
The final issue of the works of God,
By boundless Love and perfect Wisdom form',
And ever rising with the rising mind. “ ( 'D9(QL 901

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