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By Clearing Your Complexion and
Restoring Youthful Color with

Stuart's Calcium Wafers, the
Eyesight Can Be Strengthened, and

New Skin Eruption Remedy.
Most Forms of Diseased Eyes

You can use all the lotions and creams
Successfully Treated With- in the world, but you won't have a good
out Cutting or Drugging.

complexion unless yvur blood is free from

impurities which cause pimples.

blotches, liver spots, blackheads and bolls.
That the eyes can be strengthened od
that eyeglasses can be dispensed with in
many cases has been proven beyond a
doubt by the testimony of hundreds
people who publicly claim that their eye-


been re.
stored by that won-
derful little instru-
ment called "Actina."
"Actina" also relleves
Sore and Granulated
Lids, Iritis, Cataracts,

without cutting

or drugging. Over 100,000 “Actinas' have been sold; there. fore the "Actina" treatment is not an ex. periment, but is reliable. The following letters are but samples of hundreds we receive.

Mr. David Suttle, 1002 W. 51st Street, Chicago, Ill., writes: "I sent for your 'Actina,' and when it came I told my wife I would throw my glasses away and give the 'Actina' a fair show. I did so, fol. "I Am Free from All Ugly Face Color and lowing directions, and soon felt my eyes Skin Eruptions- I Used Stuart's were getting in normal condition again,

Calcium Wafers." and now I can say my eyesight is as goud as ever and my headaches practically van- No matter how splotchy or pimply your ished."

face is now, you can clear it quickly by Mr. Emery E. Deitrick, 7124 Idlewild

taking Stuart's Calcium Wafers. This Street. E. E., Pittsburgh, Pa., writes: "My isn't guess-work; it is a fact. These little eyes were very weak, and my vision was

wonder-workers clear the blood almost so bad that I could recognize people only like magic. Calclum sulphide, their princiat short distances. Since using 'Actina' I pal ingredient, is the greatest blood puri. have discarded my glasses, my headaches fler known to science, Stuart's Calcium are gone and my vision, I believe, is as Wafers have not а particle of poisch, good as ever it was."

harmful drugs or opiates in them. They Mr. J. H. Frankenfield, 522 E. 20th may be taken with perfect freedom by any Street, Cheyenne, Wyo., writes: "Regard. one. ing what the 'Actina' has done for me, I They contain as their main ingredient am proud to say that I am not wearing the most thorough, quick and effective my glasses at all. As for my çatarrh, blood cleanser known, calcium sulphide. it is almost gone, and I have been troubled Stuart's Calcium Wafers will make you with it for more than sixteen years. happy because your face will be a welccine

"A great number of my railroad friends sight not only to yourself when you look are buying 'Aatinas,' as you know by the into the glass, but to everybody else who orders you have recrived."

knows you and talks with you. "Actina" can be used with perfect safe. Prowe to yourself that Stuart's Calcium ty by ever member of the family for any Wafers are beyond doubt the best and affliction of the eye, ear, throat or head. quickest blood and skin purifier in the A free trial of the 'Actina' is given in world, and don't rest contented until you every case.

Send for cur FREE TRIAL offer and have bought a 50c box at your druggist's. valuable FREE BOOK. Address Actina

Do this at once and in a few days the Appliance Co., Dept. 31N, 811 Walnut

transformation will be a delightful sur. St., Kansas City, Mo.

prise to you.



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We would lose thousands of dollars annually in this form of advertisement if Koskott were not as represented-the real thing. Prove

it in your own case.


LET us prove to you that Koskott Method GUARANTEE. Koskott is for men's, wom.

for the Hair is genuine and scientific,en's and children's heads, to clear scalp of We will send you a DOLLAR BOX out of dandruff, stop falling hair and to promote

growth of new hair. We especially want the Kogkott Triplex Treatment FREE. you to answer this adv. if you have wasted Our method is directed at removing the time and money in liquids. washes, soaps. cause, and opening the closed follicles so etc., which accomplished nothing. We want that the hair roots which are not dead, but

to surprise and delight you. Send only dormant (like a tulip bulbor grass seed 10 cents (silver or stamps) to help cover bottle),

given fertility and a actual advertising cost, and we will mail chance to grow. Our Method is purposed the $1.00 Box absolutely free, with book to MAKE GOOD. Read our TEN DOLLAR and proofs, postpaid in plain wrapper.

1269 Broadway, 657 D,

New York, N. Y.


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Koskott Laboratory

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Perfect fitting
Elastic Hosiery gives truss fitting or

For Honest! Corpulent people find
relief in our true-fitting

Cbosity and Kidney
-E sure relief in Vari-

in Scrotum Sup-
Abdominal Belts,

Cose conditions.

which reduce the abdo-
afflicted ports, such


men and keep down the

should obtain expert Suspensories, formation of superfluous
advice in this direc- Athletic or Jock-flesh. Also support the
tion, Your physi-Straps,

Foot walls of the abdomen
cian's opinion in

Arch Supports,

and relieve the strain on time will save much

Heel Treads und

the surrounding muscles trouble. Support the

- prevent Backache, Varicose Veins by

the best 100-mile Hernia, etc. Avoid Anti-fat medicines to rewearing Elastic Pedometer, see duce.

See your physician before experimenting. Stockings, Knee me.

Attention given to special supports for stage Caps, Anklets, etc. Hours 9 to 5.

purposes, Also Riding Belts, etc. Elastic Stockings

OBESITY BELTS FROM $3.00. from $2.00. I give

A. PARKS BLACK, G. M., you the benefit of my long experience Expert in Elastic Hosiery. Abdominal Belts, Etc.. in the fitting of Elastic Hosiery. 623 6th Ave.,

Dear 31st st., New

York, N. Y., U. S. A.

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You Ca

Harmless, Pleasant Little Tablets, Made After the Famous Marmola Prescription, Quickly Reduce Fat Without Exercise or Dieting



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The Marmola Method of reducing fat is not new. It is the safe, Successful treatment for overfatness originated many years ago by a well-known Detroit physician, and recommended by many of the most ethical doctors in this country and abroad. The original Marmola Prescription is hailed by many thousands of men and women all over the land as a savior of health, figure, complexion, and, in many instances, life. Marmola Prescription Tablets are the logical outgrowth of this same harmless prescription, only they are more pleasant, easy and convenient to take. These little tablets (taken after meals and at bedtime) contain every effective ingredient of the original formula, each in proper proportion. They change into energy, strength and solid tissue the fat-producing foods as well as the fat already formed, without any call for violent exercise or unwelcome dieting. The stomach and other digestive organs receive them gratefully, their work of assistance is done thoroughly and quietly. The fat disappears evenly and smoothly, leaving no wrinkles or flabby skin. A reduction of thirty pounds in as many days is not too much to expect from Marmola Prescription Tablets; and, best of all, when the fat has once been removed, the body reduced to desired weight and the system regulated so that it takes care of the fatty foods, a return to bigness and clumsiness need not be feared. A large case of Marmola Prescription Tablets from any druggist or from the Marmola Co., 1354 Monroe Avenue, Detroit, Mich., costs 75c.

Any oth Lly nose The dis

worth Tempo Heritable

Sarah be bains

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