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Are They Weakor Painful?

Do your lungs ever bleed!
Do you have night sweats?
Have you pains in chest and sides?
Do you spit yellow and black matter?

Are you continually hawking and coughing?

Do you have pains under your shoulder blades! These Are Regarded Symptoms of Lung

Trouble and


You should take immediate steps to check the progress of these symptoms. The longer you allow them to advance and develop, the more deep seated and serious your condition becomes.

We Stand Ready to Prove to You absolutely that Lung Germine, the German treatment, has cured completely and permanently case after case of Tuberculosis, Chronic Bronchitis, Catarrh of the Lungs, Catarrh of the Bronchial Tubes and other lung troubles. Many sufferers who had lost all hope and who had been given up by physicians have been permanently cured by Lung Germine. It is not only a cure for Tuberculosis but a preventative. If your lungs are merely weak and the disease has not yet manifested itself, you can prevent its development, you can build up your lungs and system to their normal strength and capacity. Lung Germine has cured advanced Tuberculosis, in many cases over five years ago, and the patients remain strong and in splendid health to-day. Let Us Send You the Proof---Proof That Will Convince

Any Judge or Jury on Earth We will gladly send you the proof of many remarkable cures, also a FREE TRIAL of Lung Germine together with our new 40-page book (in colors) on the treatment and care of Tuberculosis and lung trouble.


LUNG GERMINE CO., 21 Rae Block, Jackson, Mich.

AND DANDRUFF REMEDY Hundreds of sufferers from skin and scalp diseases have been permanently cured. All who have used it have been greatly benefited, and when the treatment was faithfully continued a complete and permanent cure was the reward.

If you are troubled with Eczema, Dandruff, Sunburn, Scalp Eczema, Scald Head, Barber's Itch, Cuban Itch, Doby Itch, Tetter, Hives, Enlarged Pores, Insect Bites, Falling Hair, Pimples, Blackheads, Acne, Salt Rheum, Psoriasis, Oily Skin, Redness of the Skin, old Sores, &c., YOU NEED SAND


EDY. It is used externally and shows beneficial results right from the start.


It Cures by Absorption

Use it on your scalp—it is the best Tonic for the hair known. It kills the Dandruff Germ. Use it on your face-as a massage it has no equal. Guaranteed under the Pure Food and Drugs Law of

June 30, 1906. Serial No. 1646. Send for $1.00 bottle, which will prove to you the merits of our preparation. Where we have no agents or dealers handling our goods we prepay express charges.

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For internal use is a scientific vegetable compound that upbuilds the entire system from whatever cause. Young women and mothers can use it with perfect safety for chronic constipation, and for the stomach, liver and kidneys. As a blood purifier it cannot be excelled. Sent anywhere in the United States, all charges prepaid, $1.00 a bottle. Literature of both of the wonderful preparations sent on request FREE of all cost.

Med. Dept.

Des Moines, Iowa



reasonable prices in a progressive, thickly settled community.

A Home for the
Man of Small Means


The black muck soil in the famous Tidewater Trucking Country near Norfolk, Va.

Agricultural High School at Drivers,
Va., 112 miles from lands we offer,

Healthy Climate, Good Water

Over night to the world's best markets: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington. Good local market in Norfolk. Five railroads on the land.

Send for circulars and information, George Washington Colonization Company

912 Hartford Building, Chicago



For All Power Purposes Uses crude oil, fuel oil, distillate or kerosene. Pays for itself in short time. Safe, simple and reliable. Does not use gasoline.

250,000 H. P. in Operation. Stationary and Marine 2-400 H. P. Electric Lighting and Pumping Plants.

New York

AUGUST MIETZ, 135 Mott Street


The United States Government holds examinations in

shall I embrace? This is the daily thought of every section every few months. Common education suf. Short hours. Vacations,

thousands. ficient. Big salaries pald.

Do you know that the average ChiSteady work. Send coupon Immediately.

ropodist has an income twice as large as the average COUTON.

Doctor of Medicine? If you are seeking a life work FRANKLIN INSTITUTE.

that is remuneratire, dignified and scientific as Dept. B 186,

Rochester, N. Y. well as helpful to your fellowman give this subPlease send me FREE copy of your book, "Govern- ject serious thought. You will accomplish in eight ment Positions and How to Obtain Tero"; free specimen- months what requires from three to five years in qu-stions; schedule sb wing dates and places of next examinations in my section, and full information regard.

any other professional occupation and will im.

mediately after graduation here become a bread. ing the Government positions here checked: ..Railway Mail Clerk. ..Custom House Positions.

winner in a field of work where the demand for .. Post Office Clerk. ..Internal Revenue Jobs.

practitioners 's greater than the supply. ..Post-Office Carrier. ..Stenographer.

For catalog and other particulars address : ..Rural Mail Carrier. Typewriter,

SCHOOL OF CHIROPODY OF N. Y. Name...................... Address.........

125th Street, cor. Madison Avenue, N. Y. LXXXVIII

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for Merry-Go-Rounds,
Parks, Carousels, Moving
Picture Theatres, Cafes,
Roller Skating Rinks and
in fact for any place of
amusement or where
people congregate.
We ship to all parts of
the world.
Write for Catalogue, sent
FREE, terms, etc.

Mention World Almanac
North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Works

North Tonawanda, NEW YORK, U. S. A.

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