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Are You Satisfied With Your Income?

Would $500 a Year

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OU can easily make that, and more too, if you have a back yard or a little land, and are willing to devote two hours, a day to the work. The poultry business cannot be overdone. There are 91,000,000 people in the United States, and there will be more next year, and those people must be fed. The growth is in the cities. Consumers are increasing twice as fast as producers. High prices have come to stay. Start a business of your own and get your share of the billion dollars a year that is spent for poultry and eggs.

"Side-Line Poultry Keeping


Is the amount cleared by F. H. Dunlap of West Salisbury, N. H., in 1910, from his hens, Mr. Dunlap is a country merchant and postmaster, and does not have over two hours a day on an average to devote to his hens. The full story of his success, his methods of feeding, marketing, etc., are described in the book, "Side-Line Poultry Keeping."


R. A. Richardson of Haverhill, Mass., a shoe cutter, made his hens pay him $1,009.31 in 1910, and kept working at the bench at the same time. How he did it is told in Side-Line Poultry Keeping."

Side-Line Poultry Keeping


Is the name of a new book by Edgar Warren, the popular and reliable writer upon poultry topics. It is written for the man or woman who wants to add to their income in spare time that will not interfere with their present occupation, It is so plainly written that the person who never kept a hen, by following the instructions of the book, can make a success from the start. Tells what breeds pay and what do not, Discusses pigeon raising, fruit growing, berries and gardening in connection with poultry. Describes two simple, practical poultry houses which can be built at a low cost and sold when the owner gets through with them. Tells how to hatch and brood chicks, both naturally and artificially, and describes a wonderful brooder system that can be installed at low cost. Do you know how to pick out the layers? Oan you tell with your eyes shut which hens are laying and which are not? "Side-Line Poultry Keeping" will show you. It will tell you what to feed for eggs, how to get fertile eggs, how to grow green food in winter, how to make lice powder that will kill the lice as soon as it touches them, what to do in case of sickness, etc., etc. Shows you how you can get the topnotch prices for what you have to sell. Has a chapter on "Laying Down Eggs," which gives the two methods which are absolutely safe and reliable. Lay down eggs in March and April, and sell them in November and December, and make 100 per cent, profit. Drawings and description of a trap nest with which to keep individual records. Gives Mr. Dunlap's cure for White Diarrhoea, Tells how to send dressed fowls to market with empty crops without shrinkage in weight. These are but a few of the good things in the book,

Invaluable to every man who wishes to make money on the side,

Special Offer and indispensable to the man who is looking forward to the free

Only $1.00

96 page book and the leading Poultry Paper for two years.

independent, healthful life of the poultry farm, Ninety-six pages; illustrated. Price, 50 cents, or with the American Poultry Advo cate one year, 75 cents, two years' subscription and book for $1.00, or given as a premium for two yearly subscriptions at 50 cents each. Our paper is handsomely illustrated, 44 to 124 pages, 50 cents per year. Three months' trial, 10 cents, SAMPLE FREE. Catalogue of poultry books free. Established 1892.

American Poultry Advocate

327 Hodgins Building, Syracuse, N. Y.

The Right Temperature Means Bigger
Hatches of Strong, Sturdy Chicks

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tells plainly the exact temperature in the egg-chamber.
When you see the name "Tycos" on a thermometer, you
may depend on its absolute reliability. "Tycos" stands
for the accomplishment of 60 years' work and research in
thermometer construction. A "Tycos" eliminates guess-
work. It is absolutely accurate.

Each "Tycos" after filling, is "aged" and "pointed"
to learn its correct individual scale.

Use "Tycos" Thermometers in your Incubator and produce good hatches of healthy, sturdy chicks. "Tycos" will quickly warn you of any fluctuations from the right temperature. "They always tell the truth." When buying an incubator or brooder, insist on getting "Tycos" Thermometers.

Write to-day for free booklet, "Thermometer Facts Worth Knowing." If your dealer cannot supply you with Tycas Instruments, write us. Tycas Incubator Thermometers, each $ .75 Tycas Incubator Hygrometers......each $1.50 Tycas Brooder Thermometers...... Tycos Electrical Alarm Thermometers,




Certified Incubator




.each 1.50

Taylor Instrument Companies,


There is a Tycas Thermometer for every purpose. Ask for "The Temperature Book."

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To uphold a reputation for tone quality unequalled; to build a piano that has fixed the basic principles for all makes; to create a world standard and keep it at a level unapproached by others-that is the Steinway achievement through four generations.

Quality should be the only determining factor in the selection of a piano.

Uprights from $550 up.
Grands from $750 up.



107-109 East 14th Street, New York
Subway Express Station at the Door

Represented by the Foremost Dealers Everywhere

Free-Six Big Issues of Investing for Profit

If you will simply send me your name. Special Introductory FREE Offer. Six fine Monthly Issues each worth $10 to $100 to you.

How much do you know about the Science of Investment? Do you know the Real Earning Power of your money? What is the difference between the Rental Power and Earning Power of money? Do you know how $100 grows into $2,200?

Why you should get Investing for Profit:

Only one man in a thousand knows the dif ference between the rental power and the earning power of his money. Few men know the underlying principles of incorporation. Not one wage earner in 10,000 knows how to invest his savings for profit, so he accepts a paltry 2% or 3% from his savings bank, while this same bank earns from 20% to 30% on his money-or he does not know the science of investing and loses his all.

Russell Sage said: "There is a common fallacy that, while for legal advice we go go to lawyers, and for medical advice we to physicians, and for the construction of a great work, to engineers-financing is everybody's business. As a matter of fact, it is the most profound and complicated of them all.'

So let me give you just a glimpse of the valuable investment information you will get in my six big issues, The Little Schoolmaster of the Science of Investment," guide to money-making:

The Science of Investment.


The Root and Branch of the Investment


How to Judge a Business Enterprise.
Where New Capital Put Into a Corporation
Really Goes.

"Watering"-Its Significance.
Idle Money vs, Active Money.
Capital Is Looking for a Job.

The REAL Earning Power of Your Money.
Investment Securities Are Not Investment

The Actual Possibilities of Intelligent In-
The Capitalization of Genius and of Oppor-

Wait till you see a good thing-but don't
wait till everyone sees it. You will then
be too late. Never was a time more aus-
Dicious for a public campaign of education
A revolu-
on the logic of true investment.
tion in the financial world is now going
on to the profit of the small investor.
You are now face to face with your
opportunity-if you have the courage to
enter the open gate to the road of fortune.


I believe you will find much interest in reading my six issues of Investing for Profit. From cover to cover it contains the fundamental principles of investment it taken a lifetime to gather from my own from and every available experience authoritative original source of Information.

If You Can Save $5 a Month or More

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Learn how
the art of investing for profit.
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Use This Coupon for the Six Issues and
Financial Advice FREE,

If you know how to invest your savings -if you know all about the proposition in which you are about to invest your hardearned savings-you need no advice. But if you don't, if there is a single doubt or misgiving in your mind-I shall be pleased to answer any inquiries you may make, or furnish any information I can regarding the art of saving and making money through wise investment.

So sign and mail this coupon now. Get Investing for Profit FREE for six months. Ask me to put you on my mailing list for Free Financial Advice. Don't put this off. It means too much to you now and in the future. Sign and mail this coupon

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Please send me FREE
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Which has TELESCOPE enabling you to read the Target a quarter of a mile away, and

TERRACE-TILE DRAIN-DITCH-IRRIGATE your land properly and save surveyors' fees. You wouldn't pay a surveyor laborer's wages if you had a Bostrom Improved Farm Level with Telescope on your farm, as it is already used and endorsed in every State and practically every County in the Union; also more than a dozen foreign countries; for all kinds of farm work requiring a Level, and is GUARANTEED to be the most SIMPLE, ACCURATE, DURABLE and COMPLETE OUTFIT ever made for irrigation work, laying tile drain, ditching, terracing, grading, road-building, levelling buildings and foundations, running fences, setting out orchards, etc., etc.

It is sold and guaranteed by up-to-date hardware and general merchants everywhere and by hardware jobbers in New York, Philadelphia, Reading, Richmond, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, El Paso, St. Louis. Louisville, Chicago, Toledo, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Duluth, Saginaw, Davenport, Sioux City, St. Joseph, Wichita, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, Spokane.

Price $15.00 for complete outfit with full instructions, enabling any man with ordinary intelligence to quickly learn to do accurate work.

If your dealer hasn't one in stock, he will order one for you from a nearby jobber, or we will ship direct, subject to your approval, as the Bostrom Level is sold on a Money-Back Guarantee.

Write to-day for full description, names of jobbers, and details of MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.


98 Madison Avenue

Atlanta, Ga., U. S. A.

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