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of Tires


Be first to enter this new big paying
Dollars business in your town. Open your
Profit. pockets. Let the dollars pour in. Act

quick. Every auto sold means more

tires to mend. Automobile business is growing fast-enormous field for tire repairing. Punctures and blowouts are com

mon. Tires need retreading and vulcanizing. Something going wrong all the time. Thousands forced to buy new tires because they can't get old ones fixed. Think of the old bicycle days-repair shops on every corner-all making money-busy day and night. Au.

tos make same proposition over again-only ten times bigger and better, Users of Haywood Tire Repair Plants are making big money. Johnson, Tex.. writes: "I made as high as $18 profit in a day." Another man who bought

plant September, 1911, writes he has cleared over 83.000.00, That's going some! Operate a plant as side line in connection with auto business-garage or as an independent business. Find neighborhood where there's a bunch of autos-get all the steady business besides transient work. Experience unnecessary. You learn quick. Simply follow directions-practice a few days on a couple of old tires and you'll be ready to coin money, Business

comes fast and easy. Send to-day for catalogue. See the wonderful possibilities in this marvelous field. Learn of the enormous money-mak. ing opportunities in this fascinating new business.



Where This


HAYWOOD TIRE & EQUIPMENT CO., 647 N. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.

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Thousands of people in all walks of life have benefited by this man's ad

vice. He tells you what you are capable and Learn How She Did it

of, and how

For over 20 years James Anderson successful. He

mentions your of 470 Elm Ave., Hillburn, N. Y., was

friends a very hard drinker.

His case


enemies and seemed a hopeless one, but 10 years describes the

ago his wife in their good and bad
own little home periods in your
gave him a simple His descrip-
remedy which tion as to past,
much to her delight future events
stopped his drink will astonisii
ing entirely.

and help you.
To make sure is your name

All he wants that the remedy (written by was responsible for yourself), your this happy result birth date and

to guide she also tried it


in his her brother work. Money is

and several of her not necessary. neighbors. It was successful in every World Almanac

Mention the case. None of them has touched a and

get drop of intoxicating liquor since. Trial Reading She now wishes everyone who has


you drunkenness in their homes to try advantage

want to take this simple remedy, for she feels sure this special ofthat it will do as much for others as

fer and obtain it has for her. It can be given se

review of

your life simcretly if desired, and without cost ply send your she will gladly and willingly tell you full name, address, the date, month and 'what it is. All you have to do is to state whether Mr., Mrs. or Miss, and write her a letter asking her how she also copy the following verse in your cured her husband of drinking and own handwriting: she will reply by return mail in a

"Your advice is useful,

So thousands say, sealed envelope. As she has nothing I wish success and happiness, to sell do not send her money. Sim

Will you show me the way?" ply send a letter with all confidence (stamps of your own country) to pay

If you wish you may enclose 10 cents to Mrs. Margaret Anderson at the postage and clerical work. Send your address given above, taking care to letter to Clay Burton Vance, suite 2901 write your name and full address close coins in your letter. Postage on plainly.

letters to France is 5 cents. OVI


Perfect Health

You can not be healthy unless you keep your Stopped Chronic Headache For when the bodily waste is not prompily Dear Doctor:-Some three months ago I or.

dered one of your Cascades," removed, the blood passing through the intes. I might do something toward relieving nie, of

thinking it tines absorbs the deadly poi:ons, and carries violent headaches, to which I am subject them back into the vital organs.

every two or three weeks. I knew these head. Your powers of resistance against infection aches wore due to clogging up of the system are thereby weakened. Headache, palpitation, and to overwork, and looked forward to them saliowness, dizziness and a multitude of ills with dread. I have used the “Cascade Treatare the result. Moreover, you are exposed to the

ment" about five times, and at such times as attacks of countless other serious and often has ever relieved me as has yours.

I feel the headache coming on. No treatment

You may incurable diseases, The only natural way to keep the system ab.

make use of this if you think it will save any solutely free from this noxious waste is by passed through since boyhood days,

one from suffering the distress that I have means of the

Very truly yours, 9

D. B. HAND, M, D., Scranton, Pa.

Get This Free Book This is a scientific appliance built on the The sure way to retain and regain perfect most approved medical principles. It thor- health is told plainly and comprehensively in oughly cleanses and purifies the system with our book, “Why Man of To-day Is Only 50 out the use of drugs. Moreover, it helps to per cent officient. strengthen the vital organs and aids the en. You should send for this book at once, as tire system to perform its functions naturally, the reading of it may mean health and a It can be used by any one at home without brighter, hanpier life for you. Write to-day the slightest trouble.

to Dept. 140. CHAS. A. TYRRELL, M.D., 134 West 65th St., New York City

Canadian Office, 275 College St., Toronto, Ont.


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