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To thee, my Fair, I must not speak

Of Auld Lang-syne,
For, only youthful years, as yet,

And pleasures have been thine:
Of Auld Lang-syne, my Fair,

Of Auld Lang-syne;
It is not thine to think, as yet,

Of Auld Lang-syno.
But yet may'st thou remember me,

When childish days were thine;
That thou hast sat upon the knee,

Of Auld Lang-syne;
Of Auld Lang-syne, my Fair,

Of Auld Lang-syne;
And frown'd (when he would ask a kiss)

On Auld Lang-syne.
Long may thy days of bliss remain,

And happiness be thine;
When the green turf, and willow tree,

Are all that's left of mine:
Of Auld Lang-syne, my Fair,

Of Auld Lang-syne,
Thy Father's friend!—Then may'st thou think

Of Auld Lang-syne.
Williamsburg, April 17, 1822.


De ta tige detachée
Pauvre feuille desechée
Ou va tu? Je n'en sais rien:
L'Orage a brisé le chene,
Qui seul etait mon soutien :
De son inconstante haleine,
Le Zephyre on L'Aquilon,
Depuis le jour me promène,
De la forêt a la plaine,
De la montagne au vallon;
Je vais on le vent me mene,
Sans me plaindre ou m'effrayer,
Ou va la feuille de la rose
Et la feuille de laurier !

“Poor withering leaflet! oh where are you going,
While the loud thunder rolls, and the night wind is

“Ah! that I can't tell, for the lightning's fierce stroke
Has shivered the trunk of my guardian oak;
And torn from its stem, I've been hurrying since dawn,
Over mountain and plain, over valley and lawn.
On-on with the tempest, wherever it blows,
Unresisting I go,—but where–nobody knows.
Yet I, fearless, go onward, without sigh or tear,
For why should I weep, or for what should I fear,
Since I only am going where every thing goes,
Whether leaf of the laurel, or leaf of the rose."



SOUTHERN LITERARY MESSENGER. I hail thee, lightsoine spirit of air, Than whom no essence was e'er more fair!

In issuing the present number of the Messenger (the

first of a new volume), I deem it proper to inforın my I hail thee, companion of boyish hours !

subscribers, and the public generally, that Mr. Poe, Let us trip through the world and gather its flowers. who has filled the editorial department for the last twelve Bouyant and light, with the spirits of night, months, with so much ability, retired from that station We'll free the beam from its cloudy net,

on the 3d inst.; and the entire management of the work O'er sea and o'er land, with the fairy band,

again devolves on myself alone. Mr. P. however, will

continue to furnish its columns, from time to time, with We'll chase the ray till the moon shall set.

the effusions of his vigorous and popular pen,-and my We'll ride the breeze with the thistle-down;

old contributors, among whom I am proud to number Night's dewy bath shall be our own:

some of the best writers in our state and country, will We'll wake the flowers with the voice of spring,

doubtless continue to favor me with their valuable contriAnd we'll lead the dance of the fairy ring.

bution - I shall hope, therefore, with some confidence,

that the Messenger will not lose any portion of the inWe'll offer the Mermaid vows of love,

terest or reputation which it has acquired, and which I And chase the nymph through the coral grove; shall, of course, anxiously endeavor to preserve. At any We'll sport with the spray while the billows rave, rate, I can most honestly promise my patrons, that I shall And we'll gather the gems of the foamy wave. continue to use my utmost exertions to make it every With the nymphs of the sea we'll sport where they dwell, way worthy of their favor and support.

It is perhaps due to Mr. PoE to state, that he is not Till they sing us to sleep in some ruby shell;

responsible for any of the articles which appear in the preOr we'll sound the shell in the ocean's bed,

sent number, except the Reviews of Bryant's Poems, Till the voice of the storm is unheard o'er head. George Balcombe, Irving's Astoria, Reynolds's Address We'll come on the sulky gnome, by stealth,

on the South Sea Expedition, Anthon's Cicero,—the first As he glowers and guards his useless wealth.

number of Arthur Gordon Pym, a sea story,--and two We'll sport where the wings of the zephyr repose,

Poetical effusions, to which his name is prefixed.

I have only to add, that in prosecuting my publicaOr we'll rest with the dew on the breast of a rosc. tion, whilst I shall hope and ask nothing for myself but We'll go where the vints of the lily are made ; the fair reward which is due, under the blessing of DiWe'll go where the loveliest flower is arrayed: vine Providence, to honest industry and good intention, Whilst unsullied its tints, its hues we'll assume,

I shall leave my contributors and subscribers to divide And we'll borrow the breath of its new perfume.

among themselves the honor of making and supporting

a work, which shall be worthy of them and creditable We'll sport awhile with the Muse's wire,

to the literary character of our common country, and Though the harp be strung with chords of fire ; more particularly of our Southern States, Or unfurl our wings where their song is known,

THOMAS W, WHITE, And we'll fly away with somc dulcet tone. FERCUS. Richmond, January 26, 1337.


From December 3, 1836, to January 21, 1837.

All persons who have made payments early enough to be entered, and whose names do not appear on this published receipt list, are requested to give immediate notice of the omission, in order that the correction may be forthwith made.

I According to the terms on which this work is published (for which see "Conditions” below), Subscribers will please to observe, that the subscription for the 3rd Volume, commenced with this number, is now due. Those who are in arrears for one or more of the former Volumes (and many of whom, I am sure, are so from mere forgetfulness), are earnestly requested to forward their dues without delay.

And all are most respectfully reminded, that a faithful compliance with the conditions of the publication, can alone enable me to prosecute it with vigor and success.

MR. WHITE takes the liberty of forwarding the opening number of the Third Volume of the Messenger to such of his friends as have ordered their names to be erased from his list, with the hope that its improved appearance may yet induce them to con. tinue their aid to its support. If this, however, be inconvenient, they will please accept the number as a token of good wil). Should I not hear from them, I will venture to consider them as subscribers still. PAYMENTS TO VOLUME I. Miller, Thomas J.....

. Tennessee Campbell, Charles....... ... Tennessee Manson, Otis .

...Richmond Newsum & Helms, (inadvertently omitted) Alabama Macon, Miles..

.Henrico Shaw, Robert, Jr....... ...Buckingham McCabe, John C......


Newsum & Helms (inadvertently omitted,). . Alabama Austin, A. A............

.North Carolina Paxton, H. H. & A. M....... ..Mississippi Brockenbrough, Judge Wm.

Richmond Purnell
, Wm. D......

.North Carolina Bohannan, Dr. Richard...

Roszel, S. A.......

.Pennsylvania Bridges, Richard M......

.North Carolina White Chimnies Ridley, Robert B...... Boyd, Thomas J......

Westmoreland Burnley, H. R.....

Spragins, Seth B..

. Alabama Campbell, James...

Walker, Isaac H.....

.. Alabama Tennessee Chilton, R. H.......

West Point
Whitehead, Amos G.......

Georgia Claibourne, Dr. D. J.....



.North Carolina Ailworth, James J....... .... Drummondtown Campbell, Charles.... .Tennessee Abell, Alex, Pope....

...Charlottesville Cleland, Thomas W. ... ..Richmond Allmand, H. S...

.. Norfolk Dickinson, Dr. J. H..... ... Alabama Allen, J. W. F...

..Moorefield Edmunds, Thomas Charlotte Alexander, John D.

.... Campbell French, Azel.... ....Richmond Bayly, Thomas H.

.. Accomac Graham, Wm. F. .South Carolina Ball, Richard H...

Northumberland Goggio, William L...... ...Liberty Burnley, Caleb...

Jeffersonton Goodwin, Richard F. . Suffolk Branch, William .

Buckingham Hawes, Walker...... Aylett's Bowen, Dr. Horatio......

...Georgia Hogan, John (inadvertently omitted,). ...Alabama Blackwell

, A. C....

.. Alabama Hubert & Simpson (inadvertently omitted).. Alabama Bass, Wm. H. .

..Nottoway Jones, T. M.... . Tennessee Bryce, Campbell R..

. South Carolina Kaufman, D. S. ...Louisiana Burton, Henry S.

. West Point Lewis, A. J. .Philadelphia Bolling, William S.

. Mississippi Lightfoot, Miss Nancy A. . Alabama Bayly, Josiah...

.Maryland Mosby, William O..... .Mississippi Baine, A. C.......

.Mississippi Mosby, Dr. Joseph .Goochland Booker, Peter S..

..Buckingham Mathews, Miss Nancy S... .Wythe Barker, Miss Nancy M...


Aspen Grove Spence, William A...

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Campbell, Dr. John C.....
Custus, Wm. H.
Campbell, David.
Cook, Dr. William Gray
Caskie, James .
Chevallie, John Augustus.
Cunningham, Wm. E..
Carter, Thomas.
Carroll, Miss Emily W..
Coles, Tucker
Christian, Dr. Wm. D..
Cooper, J. Fenimore...
Campbell, Charles.
Dubose, Dr. A......
Denby, Mrs. Sarah Jane..
Denby, Nathaniel
Garnett, Thomas W..
Greenhow, Robert...
Graham, Miss Martha R...
Glenn, Thomas Jefferson
Garvin, J. P.
Galt, William....
Helms, Dr. Jeremiah S....
Herbert, B. W.....
Hall, Col. Addison...
Hoyt, D, M..
Hall, Dr. A.....
Hill, Edward D......
Hoke, Mrs. Michael.
Hall, E. J.......
Hamlin, Peter
Hampion, R. B..
Herndon, John M....
Inge, William B.....
Irving, Washington..
Jones, William A..
Jones, Albert C......
Joynes, Col. John G....
Jones, S. Clarke..
King, Charles...
Kerr, James...
Lieber, Dr. Francis..
Leigh, Mrs. Julia....
Lancaster, Mrs. Adelaide M....
Lancaster, John A........
Literary Association
Myers, Samuel H....
Mann, William N...
Murrell, Thomas R....
Mathews, Miss Nancy S. ...

Wellsburg, Mosely, William M....

. Buckingham . Drummondtown Mitchell, Miss Mary E.

... Abingdon Maclin, Mrs. Arabella

.Petersburg Martin, A. B...

..Richmond Nolting, A. W...

.Richmond Owens, Miss Eliza B.

.. Indiana
.Norfolk Poythress, John C..

.Richmond Palmer, Edmund ...,

.Burwell's Bay Paxton, H. H. & A.M..

... Albemarle Proctor, A. G.....

North Carolina
. Buckingham Palmer, James..

West Point
..New York Putnam Lyceum.

. Tennessee Paulding, J. K....

.. New York
Tennessee Roszel, S. A.......

..Richmond Redd, Mrs. Mary E...

Richmond Robinson, Mrs. Frances .

, Mississippi Rucker, Ambrose R.

..Lynchburg ... Richmond Rucker, Mrs. Elizabeth M..

... Missouri
.Lexington Riddick, Dr. Edward G.

North Carolina
Richmond Robinson, Edwin.....

...Georgia Shaw, Robert Blair.

..Columbia Shields, J. N......

.. Lexington
... Alabama Smith, Murray F.

.. Alabama Shepherdstown Samuels, Green B..

. Woodstock .Kilmarnock Summers, George W.

.Richmond Summers, Judge Lewis..

Walnut Grove
North Carolina Scruggs, Miss Jane.

Otter Bridge
.. North Carolina Stratton, N. ....

North Carolina Staples & Tyler

. Scott's Ferry
... Missouri Stedman, Mrs. Euphania W.. .North Carolina
North Carolina Slaughter, Thomas

Pennsylvania Smith, Thomas C........

.Fredericksburg Storer, Seth....
. Alabama Scott, Wm......

New York
New York Saunders & Otley, .

New York
. Alabama Taylor, Wm. Jacqueline. Cambridge College
. Williamsburg Tredwell, Edward L...

.New York
.. Accomac Turner, Miss Ann M....

.Bowery Grore
Pennsylvania Tucker, Judge Henry St. George.. .Richmond
.New York Thornton, Mrs. Eliza

.Petersburg Venable, Miss Mary C...

.South Carolina Winfree, Valentine......

Richmond Wilkins, Joha L. J......

.Diamond Grove
... Richmond Wickham, Mrs. Elizabeth Sidney.... ... Richmond
Richmond White, Miss Eliza.....

.. New York Walker, James C...

North Carolina
Richmond Young, Thomas...


Cub Creek
. Wythe Slaughter, Thomas....



Subscriptions $5 per annum, payable, in all cases, in advance.
Subscriptions cannot be received for less than one year, and must commence with the beginning of some one volume.
Fivo new subscribers, by sending their names and $20 at one time to the Proprietor, will receive five copies for one year,

An omission to notify the Proprietor of a discontinuance before the commencement of a volume succeeding that for which sub-
scription has been made, will be considered a continuance of subscription.

The risk of transmitting subscriptions by mail will be assumed by the Proprietor. But every subscriber thus transmitting pay; meni is requested (besides taking proper evidence of the fact and date of mailing) to retain a memorandum of the number and particular marks of the note sent.

The arcrage number of pages to each "Messenger” is 64—which quota will be faithfully furnished. Jl, therefore, any No. in
any month is found to contain more pages than that quantity, (which is the case with the one now sent out) a corresponding dimi.
nution will follow, as a matter of course, during the year. This fact is only adverted to now, to let postmasters know that sub.
scribers fliould not be charged with more than six cents on any single No. for any distance under 100 miles-por more than len
cents when over 100 miles.

All communications, or letters, in relation to the Messenger must be addressed to T. W. WHITE, Richmond, Va.
January 26, 1837.


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