Friendship's Offering and Winter's Wreath


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第 271 頁 - From the sun, and from the breezy air, Sweet influences trembled o'er his frame, And he, with many feelings, many thoughts. Made up a meditative joy, and found
第 31 頁 - Twas but some friendly sight to find, And gladsome wave her hand ; And Hope kept whispering in Youth's ear, To spread more sail and never fear, For the same sky would still be clear Until they reached the land. Health, too, and Strength tugged at the oar, Mirth mocked the passing
第 379 頁 - is not an admirer of the works of the departed Noble Poet, who can feel satisfied that he has a perfect edition of them, unless the * Byron Gallery' be attached to it. There is no
第 349 頁 - That boundless sea without a shore, That without time for ever reigned, And will when time's no more. Now Nature sinks in soft repose, A living semblance of the grave; The dew steals noiseless on the rose, The boughs have almost ceased to wave. The silent sky, the sleeping earth,
第 348 頁 - grown, The hive-bound bee, the lonely rook, — All these their Maker own. Now shine the starry hosts of light, Gazing on earth with golden eyes ; Bright guardians of the blue-browed night! What are ye in your native skies
第 291 頁 - jocund lays are singing ; September's steps her juicy stores unfold, If the spring blossoms have not blushed in vain : October's foliage yellows with his cold : In rattling showers dark November's rain, From every stormy cloud, descends amain, Till keen December's snows close up the year again.
第 195 頁 - the rich trader. On his return home one evening, Mr. Middleton found his daughter with the traces of tears on a somewhat fevered cheek; her lips quivering with emotion ; but her downcast eye beaming with hope and joy. She seated herself upon his knee, and, throwing her arms round his neck, hid her face on his
第 328 頁 - Meteor or star ! whate'er thou art, Our purblind race below May muse, and dream, and guess in part. But ne'er will fully know ! Weak Reason's powers could never reach To thy meridian height ; Nor Science her disciples teach To calculate thy flight. Go, tell Presumption all must err Who venture on thy road ; And
第 327 頁 - OH ! for an angel's mighty wing, To track thy radiant flight, Thou unexplained, mysterious thing, That glancest through the night. Traveller of paths to man unknown, Through boundless fields of air, Scarce marked by mortal eyes, ere gone, None knows, none guesses, where. Comet art thou ? or wandering star, On thine appointed round
第 30 頁 - And some bent priest whose locks were white as snow, Would raise his trembling hands and voice to pray ; All would be hushed save that old fountain's flow That rolling bore the echoes far away: Perchance a dove, amid the foliage dim, Might raise a coo, then pause to list their parting hymn. But they are