Chronicles of England, France, Spain, and the Adjoining Countries: From the Latter Part of the Reign of Edward II. to the Coronation of Henry IV.

W. Smith, 1839 - 1501页

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第162页 - They hooted a third time, advancing with their crossbows presented, and began to shoot. The English archers then advanced one step forward, and shot their arrows with such force and quickness that it seemed as if it snowed. When the Genoese felt these arrows, which pierced their arms, heads, and through their...
第162页 - Alencon advanced in regular order upon the English, to fight with them; as did the earl of Flanders, in another part. These two lords, with their detachments coasting, as it were, the archers, came to the prince's battalion, where they fought valiantly for a length of time. The king of France was eager to march to the place where he saw their banners displayed, but there was a hedge of archers before him.
第18页 - ... carriages with them, on account of the mountains they have to pass in Northumberland ; neither do they carry with them any provisions of bread or wine ; for their habits of sobriety are such, in time of war, that they will live for a long time on flesh half sodden, without bread, and drink the river-water without wine.
第162页 - Gentlemen, you are all my people, my friends and brethren at arms this day: therefore, as I am blind, I request of you to lead me so far into the engagement that I may strike one stroke with my sword.
第27页 - All those present began bewailing bitterly; and when the Lord James could speak, he said, 'Gallant and noble king, I return you a hundred thousand thanks for the high honour you do me, and for the valuable and dear treasure with which you...
第28页 - Spain, and landed first at Valentia ; thence he went straight to the king of Spain, who was with his army on the frontiers, very near the Saracen king of Granada. It happened, soon after the arrival of the lord James Douglas, that the king of Spain issued forth into the fields...
第162页 - Charles was: bis attendants answered, that they did not know, but believed he was fighting. The king said to them ; ' Gentlemen, you are all my people, my friends and brethren at arms this day : therefore, as I am blind...
第162页 - Genoese felt these arrows, which pierced their arms, heads, and through their armour, some of them cut the strings of their crossbows, others flung them on the ground, and all turned about, and retreated, quite discomfited. The French had a large body of men-at-arms on horseback, richly dressed, to support the Genoese. *' The King of France, seeing them thus fall back, cried out, * Kill me those scoundrels ; for they stop up our road, without any reason.
第vi页 - Herodotus of a barbarous age; had he but had the luck of writing in as good a 10 language, he might have been immortal. His locomotive disposition (for then there was no other way of learning things), his simple curiosity, his religious credulity, were much like those of the old Grecian.