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he resign his high office as the one teacher in deny is the gloss you put upon the apostle's the church, (repugnant this to fleshly pride) words, by understanding them in a literal sense and resume the labors of his hands as at home in place of a figurative one, for which I have (opposed this to his worldly interests.) Yet, all along contended.” in doing this we ask, I fear, too much.

We observe, in reply, that there was no inBut send a band of twelve or twenty male members, with their families, (if any) and what

tention on our part to do injustice to our coris the consequence ? They settle down to their respondent, or to his communication which apwork throughout the week, using the means in peared in the June number ; and we are of their power to make knowu their purpose of opinion, that such an inference cannot be fairly meeting on the first day : they meet, men come drawn from the note on page 283. When the to witness their order—that order is shown not by look, nor by empty declarnation, but by deed. Apostle Peter, on the day of Pentecost, adAnd the visitors, while hearing the free gospel dressed his hearers in answer to their urgent proclained for their acceptance, are made to interrogation, “ Men and brethren, what shall feel that in the men before them that gospel we do ?” they were not then, as we believe, in has a vitality and power they had never dreamed

a state of pardon — they had not, as believers of, while listening to those whose avarice (real of the gospel, the enjoyment of the remission or reported, had become a byword, and who, by the very manner in which they prosecuted of sins. By the proclamation of the apostle their duties, had failed to make known the in-concerning Jesus, and his resurrection from the timate union with the Redeemer to which the dead, their hearts had been changed--the evigospel calls rebellious man.

dence of the truth was to them overwhelming Again, you will bear with me, I hope, if I

—they became broken and contrite in spirit. say that it is not necessary that those of our brethren who emigrate, should become farmers. Now by baptism their state in the sight of God He who can offer honest labour here, could do became altered: they obtained a good conthe same in Australia or New Zealand, and ob- science, and had great joy and peace in believing. tain employment there. In this plan there is The body was baptized in water, and the this advantage, that the church need do less for mind into Christ : faith, hope, and love being a given number of men; or, if able, can extend the benefit to a greater number. Certainly, on

the moving principles. Baptism is, then, as this suggestion, the church would have no you say, a figurative representation of the mortgage on lands as a security for repayment; death, burial, and rrection Christ: it is but I do not think so meanly of my brethren as also both the MEANS and the SEAL of pardon to believe, that though removed from sight, to all who understand the subject—it is for, or they would fail in repaying what had been ad- in order to the remission of past sins. Hence vanced-conduct which, even among the worldlings, would be scouted. Your's truly, after baptism-not previously-all the primi

P. GILMOUR. tive disciples were addressed, and spoken of by July 5, 1849.

the apostles, as pardoned, justified, sanctified, reconciled, adopted, and saved persons. They

had the peace which passeth all understanding. BAPTISM-A SCOTCH BAPTIST.

This, to our conviction, is the Christian insti. We have repeatedly read the article on bap- tution for the remission of sins—the means by tism sent to us by our “ Scotch Baptist” cor- which the believer may enjoy the assurance of respondent for insertion ; but, as the ideas and

a personal and plenary remission of sins. arguments are the same, in substance, as those

J. W. presented in a recent number, and as we presumed the subject was concluded, we deem it

THE QUERIST DEPARTMENT. only necessary to give the first paragraph, which is as follows:

MR. EDITOR, — I have a few words to say to

M. D. H. on prayer for another outpouring of “I rather think you have done me injustice the Spirit. My remarks in the May number where you say, in your note, (page 283) on my are, it seems, objected to. The question was, last letter, that I deny that baptism is for the “ Have we, in these latter days, any authority remission of sins, although it is clearly attested in the Old or New Testament, to pray for anoin the word of God to be for that purpose. ther outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the Now I have never denied that Peter called upon church ? and if so, where is it recorded ?” his hearers to reform, and to be baptized every *In answering this question, it was natural and one of them for the remission of sins; and, needful to remark, as was done, that “the latconsequently, have not disregarded what the ter days include this present age and the age word of God says on that subject. What I l to come.” The subject is not generally treated

in this way, but such is certainly the case. The Spirit, remains to be fully accomplished. If latter days began with this present age, as ap- that be not the case, then it has not only never pears from Acts ii. 16-21, Heb. i. 1-2, and been fulfilled, but it never will be. According other scriptures. The latter, or last days, ne- to the admission of M. D. H. it cannot here. cessarily imply a last, or the last day. Of after be fulfilled to the fleshly seed of Israel. that last day the Scriptures often speak. It is That it has not been fulfilled aforetime, or on scripturally the day of judgment, (Acts xvii. their return from Babylon, is manifest from 31, 2nd Pet. iii. 7-8, Rev. xx. 4-6) the world the following considerations. After their being or age to come) (Heb. ii. 5) or, as humanly taken from among the heathen, gathered out of called, the millennium. It was stated that both all countries, and brought into their own land, the present and the future age are ages of spi- they were to be sprinkled with clean water, and ritual gifts and operations, and that the one to made clean from all filthiness and from all come is more so than the present. M. D. H. idolatry-they were to have a new heart and a asks to be shown the sense wherein these asser- new spirit — their stony heart was to be extions are true. For the sense thereof I present changed for a heart of flesh—the Spirit of God to his notice 1 Cor. xii. and Eph. iv. 4-16. was to dwell within them—they were to walk Both these scriptures, with others which speak in his statutes, and keep his judgments—they of spiritual gifts and operations, are applicable were to dwell in the land given to their fathers, to, and have been realized in, this present age. to be the people of God, and have the Lord for But the outpouring of the Spirit, and the conse- their God-they were to be saved from all their quent gifts and operations thereof, has received uncleannesses, to have their corn increased, and only a partial fulfilment. The last day of the to be saved from famine—the increase of the last days, the age to come, or the millennium, tree and of the field was to be multiplied, and will witness far greater things through the they were to have no more reproach of famine Spirit than have yet been seen or heard. (Does among the heathen. Have all these things M. D. H. doubt it?) Whilst in many things been fulfilled to the ancient house of Israel? there will be a resemblance to, and carrying Were they fulfilled on their return from Babyout of, the above spiritual gifts and operations, lon? Verily, no. They might have a partial there will be an amplification or larger develop and typical fulfilment, but the fulness thereof ment thereof. And that notwithstanding, what remains to be accomplished to the Israel of God, I anticipate will be the fact, the personal pre- now in the church of Christ; and it is just as sence and reign of Christ on the earth. proper and needful to pray for the final accom

It was shown that, to worship God in spirit plishment of these blessings, including the outand in truth, we must pray for the Spirit. This pouring of the Spirit, as it is lawful and proper we do through hrist. It was also intended

to pray “Thy kingdom come.” to show from Luke xi. 13, not that we should The proper authority to pray for any blesspray for another outpouring of the Spirit upon ing consists in the fact that the blessing is prothe church, but that it was (is) lawful, it is mised : hence, said John, “If we ask anything both a duty and a privilege, to pray to God according to his will, he heareth us.' through Christ for the continued outpouring

E. M. of the Spirit, which, in a previous article, it had been shown began, as a dispensational feature,

[QUERY.-In what part of the New Testato be poured out on the day of Pentecost ; and ment have the apostles, by precept or example, from other scriptures, to which objection is given authority to the disciples of Jesus to pray taken, it was attempted to be shown that it is for another outpouring of the Holy Spirit ?— equally lawful, a privilege and duty, to pray for Ed.] another outpouring of the Spirit, as that outpouring is a matter of promise.

THE VISIT TO ABRAHAM. Three scriptures were referred to as proving that another outpouring of the Spirit is a mat- Dear Sir–A letter appeared in the July ter of promise, viz. Isa. xliv. 3-4, Ezek. xxxvi. number of the HARBINGER from J. H. in 24-27, and Zech. xii. 9-14, xiii. l; but the reference to a question in your May number. conclusion was rested upon Ezek. 36, 24-27. In my opinion this letter breathes not that To this, and my remarks thereon, it is objected, spirit of benevolence which ought to regulate that the prophecy belongs to the Jews, or the the writings and

actions of the disciples of the house of Israel that it was fulfilled on their meek and lowly Jesus. return from Babylon, and that the Old Testa- I agree with J. H. that you, Mr. Editor, ment contains no unfulfilled prediction of their are the judge as to what queries ought to be return. I fully agree that the Old Testament inserted; but you are also the judge as to what contains no further prediction in especial favor replies are prudent, before they find a place on of the Jews after the flesh, either personally or your pages. nationally; but I apprehend the prophecy un- It is much better to leavequeries unanswered, der consideration belongs, as has before been than to allow remarks as to whether they are stated, to the church of Christ; and the glory or are not speculative-whether their origin of its promises, including the outpouring of the ''be Sadducean or Pharisaical—whether the writer is or is not a materialist. Besides, if But, in order to understand the 18th of Jesus courteously replied to the queries of the Genesis correctly, we ought to inform ourselves Sadducees, it is unseemly on the part of his of the manner in which Jehovah communed followers to act otherwise.

with man under that dispensation of favour, I would invite all your respondents, as well which existed from the time of the expulsion as your querists, to adopt the advice given by from Eden to Moses. But concerning the J. H. in his concluding paragraph :-“In mode of communing with man before he left giving forth (replies) we should always have Eden we cannot speak particularly; yet this an eye to some practical good, and never en- I affirm, that “ no man hath seen God at any courage a vain-glorious wish to show our parts ; time,” John i. 18: and no translation of Gen. for almost always it happens that he who i. 8, which I have yet seen, bears out the idea thinks he is wise is certainly foolish, and that Jehovah ever assumed that character, and he who imagines himself deep is awfully certainly such is not to be found in the original. shallow."

The mode of communication which existed I know neither your querist nor respondent, after this is clearly exhibited. If we refer to and I make these remarks that we may show Gen. iii. 24, we find it said “ So he drove out to the world that we have divested ourselves of the man, and he placed at the east of the that bigotry and jealousy which have ruled, garden of Eden cherubims and a flaming sword and still to a great extent regulate, religious which turned every way, to keep the way of discussions—that we may answer any questions the tree of life.” proposed, without reference to the individual The order of communication is here indicated, who proposes it, or to the school in which he but the word rendered placed is found in has been taught.

Exod. xxiv. 16, Num. x. 12, &c. and means, I will notice the question to which J. H. and is there translated, rest, abide ; and in refers. It is an improper question certainly, French Protestant versions the same word is and it has been as improperly answered. rendered il logea (be lodged): so that God,

“ In Gen. xviii. it is said that three angels when he expelled the man, he (God) dwelt bevisited Abraham, &c.: will the reading of that tween the cherubims at the east of the garden, chapter justify the opinion that it was Mel and thence he held communion with man. chisedec and two of his companions who This was the established mode of worship, and visited and addressed Abraham, and not angelic we find it exemplified in the case of Cain and beings ?” It is not said in that chapter that Abel, as they brought their offerings before three angels visited Abraham, but in the first Jehovah. It is also said that Cain " went out of the 19th chapter two angels are mentioned, from the presence of the Lord :" this means and our translators have left out an important from before him—from before the cherubimword of that verse, namely, the emphatic ha, from the abiding place—the habitation of which connects the subject. It should read Jehovah.

Now the two angels came to Sodom at even, Abraham was at the entry to the tabernacle, &c.; if all the three came to Sodom, then two or the habitation of God, when the men came of them only were angels. The real spirit of to him; and after some conversation they said, the question then, is, were the visitors of Where is Sarah thy wife?” He then directed Abraham and Lot celestial or terrestrial them to the tabernacle, and then at the 10th ver. beings ?

(18 chap.) the communication from between The sacred historian, six times in these two the cherubim commences ; and the 22nd verse chapters, has called them men; but if it can informs us that the men went to Sodom, and be shown that the word man does not, in its that Abraham remained before Jehovah, and original and general use, signify earthy-or received further communications from between that the word referred to is not the same in the cherubims. the original given to designate mortal mensons of Adam, it ought to be shown.

Dundee, 10 July, 1849.

A. F. To illustrate. It is said John i. 6, “A man named John was sent from God.” Now this [It is our earnest desire that the brethren, individual (John) is designated by the Prophets, in all their queries, would have especial regard Apostles, and Jesus Christ himself, an angel ; to practical subjects. Man, we know, is an and Jehovah, by Malachi, emphatically calls inquisitive creature, wishful to pry into every him “my angel.” Although I might not say that this was an earthly being, yet I believe he imaginable object, but particularly into those was an earthy being; he was not a heaveuly things respecting the existence of which intibeing, but he was a heavenly angel.

mations are given in the Bible, and which reIt must, then, be evident that angel is not late to another world, and that class of beings, a name of any class of beings, but a name of office, such as Prophet, or A postle ; and there good or bad, with whom we are to be associated

for ever. fore, to ask, is an apostle an apostolic being ?

This is not matter of surprise, and is unmeaning language, but not more so than its tendency is the reverse of evil, providing its the query on the May cover.

termination lead to a more practical, coufiding,

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and reverential obedience to the word of God. | cially as exhibited in the cross of Christ, Now as regards the word angel, we believe that we have the development of divine attrithe term refers not merely to a“ name of office,” butes, prior to the putting forth of which, all but also to a class of beings created by Jeho- intelligences, both in heaven and on earth, must vah----not, indeed, like man, out of the dust of have been entirely ignorant as to their existthe ground--it may be from that which corre- ence, but into the results of which, the angels sponds in nature with what the spiritual body as well as the disciples of Jesus intensely desire of the redeemed is hereafter to be (Luke xx.

now to look. And when all in heaven, and all 36.) We are also accustomed to believe that the redeemed from among men, are gathered these holy beings were created prior to the ex- together in one body, with Jesus, their elder istence of this world - that as man is created brother—in whom is concentrated, and by whom in the image of God, and as the angels never

has been exhibited, all the fulness of the Godappeared to man except in the form of man- | head bodily — reigning their Head and King, so they constituted a part of that plurality who then will be called intoexistence immortal princiwere present when Jehovah said, “Let us make ples which will for ever prevent the entrance man in our image, and after our likeness,” &c. of sin into this united, intelligent, and glorified Intelligences were first created; and in every family of God. It was in harmony with this subsequent communication of the Divine Being, principle that Jesus said, “I give unto my whether by word or deed, his adorable attributes sheep eternal life, and they shall never perish, were disclosed to the apprehension of these ex

neither shall any again pluck them out of my alted creatures. Hence it was in the wonders hands.” of creation that the angels beheld with surprise

The celestial beings who visited Abraham in and admiration the emanations of divine power, the plains of Mamre, as he sat in the tent-door wisdom, and goodness, which elicited their in the heat of the day, appear to us to have been spontaneous and profound worship and praise. Jehovah and two angelic companions, in the form Was it not against these attributes of Deity of man—in which form the Creator, and thecrethat some of these exalted creatures, who were

ated will finally dwell together for ever. To thus highly privileged, sinned? “They kept be qualified to mingle in the services and ennot their first estate.” Might they not, be- gagements of such an august assembly, will cause of self-admiration and supposed goodness, indeed be an unspeakable honour.-J. W.] desire to be worshipped and adored ? (Luke iv. 5-7.) This would lead to the development of REMARKS ON SPIRITUAL THINGS another attribute of Deity, not necessary now

COMPARED WITH SPIRITUAL. to be referred to, but of the existence of which MR. EDITOR-Your correspondent A. B. in they had previously been unacquainted. Now comparing spiritual things with spiritual, on as eternal life, both for angels and men, must the creation of man in the image of God, has consist in entertaining a correct knowledge and certainly gone far astray. He states that man love of the one living and true God, and of Jesus outward form, intelligent mind, and faculty of

was created in the image of God in three things, Christ whom he has sent; and as sin had to be speech. In proof of the first, he asserts that extirpated in a manner approved by God, we see God always appeared to men in the form of other attributes of Deity developed and exhibit- man, than which nothing can be more at ed to an admiring universe. Man was then variance with the whole current of divine

testimony. Moses warns the Jews that as created out of the dust of the ground, and placed they saw' no manner of similitude (on Mount under law; but, as we all know, man was not Sinai) they were to make no likeness of God. present at the marvellous displays of divinity Jesus says no man hath seen God at any time: manifested during the six days of creation, Paul asserts no man hath seen, nor can see “when the morning stars sang together, and to reconcile such discrepancy? Without enter

Him. How then can any attempt be made all the sons of God shouted for joy.”. In coming into minutiæ, we only notice that which we parison with angels, therefore, man had to be learn of the manifestation of the divine presence, instructed as a child; and the sin of our first which was by the shekinah, or cloud of glory parents was that of ignorance as well as of un

that overshadowed the mercy seat. As to Gen. belief. It was not so with the angels, who xviii. 2, Paul had a very different view of the

matter: if I am not much mistaken Heb. xii. knew something of their Creator's attributes. 2 refers to this very passage, “ Be not forgetful Now in the redemption of fallen man, espe- I to entertain strangers, as thereby some have

entertained angels (or messengers) unawares. and as the wages of sin is death, He, for the God is a spirit, he fills all. Therefore, to con- suffering of death (the penalty due to our state) ceive of parts in God, is to form an idol. But being raised up by the glory of the Father, is secondly, faculty of mind in man is a wonderful seated at the Father's right hand, till all things idea ; but observe, man is only capable of pos- are put under him. Hence, though now we sessing a mind. Mind is the result of know- see not all things put under man, when this ledge obtained from instruction. In all this high and lovely character exemplified by the we can form no conception of God-his mind second Adam (by means of the truth in his is co-existent with himselt He is the Great disciples) shall have been developed in the Mind. And thirdly, speech it must be confessed, world, Jesus taking to him his power to reign is of God; no man or set of men could have in the heart and life of his people, then shall originated it, and our experience of men makes all be put under him. it certain, that man left to himself could not Man, therefore, was not in the image of God even attempt speech. Therefore it will at once as it respected his form, faculty of mind, or be manifest, that in these three respects man speech ; but all these were indispensable that could not be created in the image or likeness under God he might have dominion over every of God. We are aware, however, that A. B. living creature, and subdue and replenish the is only following the old beaten track on this earth. In form, therefore, he is superior to all subject. But it is certainly strange that any animals ; his mind is regulated, not by instinct, one should have advanced such an idea, es- but by reason arising from knowledge supplied pecially as Moses gives us in the same con- by the intercommunication of speech. The nection, the full exposition of the matter, only model of thought is the fountain from Gen. i. 26-28. Now let any rational man read whence must flow all the exercise of that dothese three verses, and one question may suf- minion which, as the representative of God in fice, for we conceive it will readily suggest it- this lower world, he was created to possess. self: that of all that God has made, there was The first Adam was the perfect figure of him none to rule, guide, or direct--God only pos- who was to come. The contrast which Paul sessed the dominion. Was not then man made draws respects not any diversity in the standing in the image or likeness of God? that is, to of the two, but the effects of disobedience in have dominion over every living creature. the first engrossed in the one act in which all Psalm viii. David praises God, exulting in this were involved, and by which judgment passed very view-all things put under man. Paul | upon all men, contrasted with the one act of in Heb. ii. 6-9, shows that this dominion was obedience whence flows over many offences given to the first Adam, yet emphatically in- justification unto eternal life. terrogates, “but now we see not all things put This hasty glance at these matters, pregnant under him.” If we should here inquire, why with importance, to all who make the scriptures do we not see all things put under him ? it is their study, and feel desirous of being regulated by reason of sin. By sin Adam was cut off wholly by the testimony of divine truth, will from his high destiny, the medium of approach suggest our real standing in the sight of God : to God; and as he was thus constituted the that as Adam having sinned died, or was cut means of approach and the head of the human off from acceptance with God-so all men are family, all must in the very nature of things, dead spiritually, or cut off from access to God. be cut off from God. Hence all sinned in him, Therefore there can be no fellowship between or were brought into a state of sin, and are, the dead sinner and the quickened saint. therefore, in scripture, spoken of as dead, and Secondly, that union to Jesus is not a fiction, being thus separated from God, destitute of a but a reality. We must be regenerated, born perfect pattern, and shut out from a certain into the new creation state, be really identified preceptor. All have gone astray, for all have with Jesus the second Adam, the Lord from (actually) sinned and come short of the glory heaven; for if we have been conformed to the of God. This was the certain way to lose the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the dominion: it could only be retained and ob- likeness of his resurrection. Third, that it is tained by imitating the moral development of in Jesus we have the living exhibition of what the character of Jehovah. Here we see the God would have us to be, and are called upon glory of the second Adam . his life was a per- to be imitators of God as dear children, and to fect development of the mind of God, or as walk in love as Christ also hath loved us, and Paul says, (Heb. i. 3) the brightness of his given himself for us. glory—the exact impress of his character:

Yours’ in glorious hope, Such is the second Adam. The first Adam as

July 17, 1849.

J. B. he stood in Eden, was the exact figure or type of the second, and had he retained the guidance [NOTE.-We understand Brother J. B. to of his All-wise and Gracious Teacher, he would

mean, that God does now, and will for ever, have perfectly answered all the ends for which he was created. But he fell, and in his fall

, govern the universe by intelligence, speech, brought ruin on his posterity. He was a living and form, as embodied in the person of the Son soul. The second Adam is a life giving spirit; ' of God, who is the origin, perfection, and ful

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