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already kindled : if the work of any one remain, when they meet to deliberate upon the which he has built upon the foundation, he shall means to accomplish the extension of the receive a reward ; if the work of any one shall | Redeemer's cause and kingdom, turn their be burnt, he shall suffer loss : himself, how- attention to this very important subject ? ever, shall be saved, yet so as through fire. Do

What we would propose is, that a society you not know that you are the temple of God, be got up under the auspices and manageand that the Spirit of God dwells in you? If ment of the inost influential and active any one defile the temple of God, him will God brethren of the Reformation, similar in destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which principle to the “ Potters' Emigration Sotemple ye are.

J. W. ciety,” so that a number of brethren being

balloted might be sent out at the expense QUERY.-" Is the kingdom of glory, or the of the society to form a colony in some of kingdom of God on earth, that which the Apos- the Western States of America ; or it may tle says, flesh and blood cannot inherit ?” A. H. be, in Upper Canada, where they miglit

- The kingdom which flesh and blood cannot shine as a light in a dark place, and leaven inherit, is not, nor ever will be, on this curse

all the surrounding district with the ansmitten carth. The Apostle John saw in vision cient gospel and order of things. a new heaven and new earth, for the former

This is by no means a novel and imheaven and the former earth were passed away. The must be ignorant of the successful

practicable scheme; should any onesay so, And every curse shall cease: and the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it, and his in the United States, and by the Free

colonization achieved by various parties servants shall serve him. And they shall see his face, and his name shall be borne on their Zealand. Brethren, recollect that America

Church in the Otago Settlement in New foreheads. And there shall be no more night ; is a young country; that its habits are and they have no need of a lamp, nor of the still forming, and that it will soon be as light of the sun, because the Lord God shall

great, if not greater, than any other nation enlighten them; and they shall reign for ever

in the world. All sects and parties, from and ever.

J. W.

the antiquated Roman Catholic to the Mormons, are busily employed in cultivat

ing the promising field. Why should we EMIGRATION AND CHRISTIANITY. not endeavour to win it for our Lord and

Saviour Jesus Christ? The stream of emigration has been in- The Potters' Emigration Society is got creasing in bulk and velocity, ever since up on the share-holding principle. Any the memorable voyage of discovery, during member may hold as many shares as he which Columbus stumbled upon the shores pleases; members are sent out by ballot, of the Western world, the main branch of to estates of from 1600 to 2000 acres in which issues from these islands of Great Wisconsin. For every share a member Britain and Ireland. In less than two has in the society's fund he has a chance of years, over half a million of souls have left being balloted. The shares are £1. Is. 6d. this country. The greater proportion of The lowest amount of subscription is 6d. these emigrants have gone to the Western a week. Every balloted member gets a division of the United States; on the fertile free passage, with his wife, and all his plains and prairies of Illinois, Wisconsin, family under eighteen years of age; a log Iowa, Michigan, and Missouri, they are house, 20 acres of land, 5 of which are nowforming states which will soon rival and broken up, fenced, seeded; 3 with wheat, surpass in intelligence, freedom, wealth, and 2 with Indian corn ; the use of farmand energy, the old mighty nations of ing implements for the first twelve months, Europe.

and a twelve months' supply of provisions Here, then, is a great and important at the society's store on two years credit. fact-a prominent sign of the times. And All the money expended must be refunded the question we put to our readers is, can by annual instalments in 10 years. These the great and increasing torrent of emigra- instalments are taken in farm produce by tion not be turned by Christian wisdom the store on the spot, at current prices. and zeal to Christian purposes? The Between every settler there is a reservamerchant who wishes to rise in business tion of 20 acres of the society's la: :d, which watches every turn of the market; and the is to be brought into market after a lapse sailor who desires to reach his destined of years, offered to the settler at a reasonhaven, catches every breeze, and improves able market rate, and in the event of these every chance and passing event to accom- refusing to purchase sold to the highest plish his purpose. May not the Christian bidder. learn a lesson from their example, to mark Such is a brief and imperfect outline of the signs of the times, and turn the current the Potters' Emigration Society. It has of passing events to “ the furtherance of been favorably noticed, and highly apthe gospel ?" Might not the brethren, 'proved of, by the greater part of the news


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paper press in this country. Like all hu- , the cause in that district in gratifying terms. man pians it is certainly capable of great in 1845, the church numbered 13 members ; improvement. From the number of breth- a series of additions (the labours of the proren we have in America who could favor claimers having been greatly blessed) taking us with their assistance and advice, we place, it now outnumbers any of the sects. stand in as favorable a position for making such improvements, as any other party.

Missouri.-T. M. Allen, writing from Boon The brethren in Britain and America can- county, furnishes an account of a weekly meet. not be less, we should think, than 50,000 ing, at the close of which 8 made the good conin number, if not more. Were these only fession; a meeting in Rochport closed with 20 to contribute to this missionary cause a

additions; and at Mount Pleasant, in Howard penny a week, it would amount to £208. county, 3 were added ; at Richland, in the same Say, intending emigrants, both in and out county, 54 immersions followed.-H. Thomas, of the church, 3000 at 3d. each per week, writing from Paris, in this State, says, “ The £37. 10s. This would give nearly £250 clection in the beginning of Aug. caused us to per week, or £13,000 of an annual income. terminate our meeting in this place with 108 The expense of locating 25 families might additions." At Palmyra, in the same county, be calculated at 1000 acres, allowing 20 38 were added ; at Houston, 72 ; in Madison, for each.

52; Santa Fee, 36; Florida, 30; Middle And as much reserved at 5s. £250 Grove, 6. Expense of passage


KENTUCKY.-J. A. Gano, dating from Cen25 log-houses at £10 each 250 Provisions


treville, Bourbon county, states that after a Implements


meeting in Antioch, 12 additions followed.

W. Crawford, writing from Louisville, says that Stock

125 Breaking up and seeding five

a meeting of sixteen days' continuance at Mid

125 acres to each

dleton, closed with 36 additions, nearly all hy

confession and immersion. — J. D. Ferguson, Costing


of Woodstock, Todd county, states that after to locate à colony of 26 households, so that three weeks labors at Lebanon, 53 persons were six colonies could be located in one year; added to the army of the faithful, 15 of whom and as the monies expended on them

were young men in the vigour of life; and in began to come in, and the society to in- | Hopkinsville, 13 became obedient to the faith. crease in numbers, every year might see

INDIANA.— J. B. New, writing from Indiathe number of colonies double that of its napolis, says, “I closed a protracted meeting in predecessor. This is, indeed, a gigantic enterprise ; 16 additions. — J. L. Martin, of Washington

Augusta, I gave twenty discourses, and we had but it might be done! Should it be agree-county, furnishes a statement of the members able to the Editor and readers of the Butish Millennial HARBINGER, we will composing the churches in the Silver Creek disundertake to write a series of articles on

trict, from which it appears that nine churches this scheme.

D. L.

received an addition of 98, the total number of Newburgh, April, 1849.

members being 867. At the annual meeting

9 were added. — J. B. New, also writing from [We were not without hesitation as to Indianapolis, states that after a four days' meetthe propriety of inserting the communica- ing in Hanover, Shelby county, there were 13 tion of Brother D. L. respecting Emigra- added, all in the bloom of youth. tion. But, as the object sought to be at. tained is alike humane and benevolent

ALABAMA.-B. Cooper, of Moulton, writes, and as we do not stand committed to the

“ Brother Cooper and myself have gained 14 scheme--moreover, desiring that our read recently to the army of the faithful.” ers should be made acquainted with all VIRGINIA.— M. Pendleton, dating from the that is contemplated and proposed for the county of Louisa, says, after a meeting of several good of the brotherhood, temporal and days, they had 12 accessions. The result of a eternal, we have decided on giving a few protracted meeting at Gilboa, was an addition short essays on the subject. Ed.]

of 60, mostly young persons.-J. Wren, of Flat Rock, reports an accession of 3 to the church

at Corinth, Powhatan county.-J. Lindsey, daITEMS OF NEWS.

ting from Virginia, writes, “ The months of

August and September were spent by me in proFOREIGN.

claiming the gospel in Western Virginia and The following summary of the accessions to Pennsylvania ; the result was 41 additions to our churches in the United States, will be found the church of God.” interesting :

TENNESSE.-J. K. Speer, of Three Springs, OREGON TERRITORY.-Amos Harvey, wri- Maury county, reports accessions of 44 persons ting from Yam Hill, describes the progress of at meetings he attended.

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ILLINOIS.-C. Gill, of Dillon, writes, that as yet, evince any signs of being deterred from after a meeting there, 7 were immersed, and 5 hearing us, but a few nights will try them. In or 6 reclaimed; and that a meeting at Walnut my limited experience of sectarianism, I have Grove closed with 48 additions.-W. H. Frank- Icarncd cnough to prevent me from indulging lin, writing from Macomb, says, 97 have been in any sanguine expectations; yet, for the sake incorporated into the fold of Christ within this of the sincere among them, it behoves us to lapresent month, at Vermount, through the labors bour to the uttermost. Yours in the Lord principally of Dr. Hughes.


W. McDouGALL. TEXAS.-S. B. Wilmeth, writing from Plea- NOTTINGHAM, May 18.-Several have been sant Grove, says, we held a meeting at Liberty recently added to the church by baptism. Some congregation, twelve miles north of here, and there are, we are sorry to say, who have become had an addition of 21.

weary in well-doing, and cease to contend earCANADA WEST.-A. Clendenan, of Wain- nestly for the faith formerly delivered to the fleet, reports an addition of 9, 6 of whom were

saints. It is still evident that the good seed baptized in Lake Erie, on the shores of which of the kingdom— the word of the truth of the soine two hundred persons assembled, who were gospel-falls, some by the way side, some on perfectly astonished at the scene. The winds stony ground, and some among thorns : while roared, the rains descended, and the billows other, falling on good ground, bringeth forth tumbled, notwithstanding the candidates ad- fruit, in some thirty, some sixty, and soine a

hundred fold. vanced boldly and joyfully into the agitated

J. W. waters, the multitude beholding in silence and

WIGAN, May 18.deep interest.

One has recently been added to our number by baptism, all other

matters being about the same. T. Coop. DOMESTIC.

CHOLDERTON, MAY 18. In a note from SANQUHAR, APRIL 23, 1849. We have Brother W. Scott, of this place, we learn that much pleasure in informing you, that two indi- Brother King, of London, has again visited viduals

, man and wife, have lately confessed the them, and proclaimed the gospel several times, Lord Jesus by baptism. We hope they will when four persons confessed the Lord, and were adorn the Christian profession by a walk and immersed into him for the remission of sins. conversation becoming the gospel. One individual has been restored to Christian fellow

OBITUARY. ship. I may also mention, that a young man and woman were added to us some months The few disciples at Carlton, near Nottingago. We sustain great loss in not having well ham, have been visited with bereavement during qualified persons to proclaim the gospel, as

the last month. Sister Hannah Briton, aged good might be done here and in many other 36 years, after protracted pumonary disease, places. Any means, therefore, that may be fell asleep in Jesus on the 30th ult. leaving a devised for that purpose, at the forthcoming husband and large family. She was immersed into mecting, we shall be glad to co-operate with.

Jesus in March '47, since which time she maW. H. nifested much attachment to the Lord and his

institutions; and, with composure, peace, and NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, May 18. — I have resignation, resigned her spirit into the hands been, during the last two weeks, at Haydon of Him in whom she had believed. By this Bridge, recruiting my health a little. I met event, a beloved brother and six children are with the little company of believers there some deprived of their dear earthly friend and comfive times, occasionally a few strangers being panion. present. The brethren at Howdon have been favored, for the last three weeks, with the presence of our dear Brother Godson, from Bever

FAMILY CIRCLE. ley. At present there are very encouraging SCRIPTURE ILLUSTRATIONS.—“ A man of prospects in the neighbourhood of Howdon, Ethiopia, a eunuch of great authority unBefore leaving for Haydon Bridge, I delivered der Candace, Queen of the Ethiopians, who three addresses in a Primitive meeting-house, had the charge of all her treasure, and had on common ground. Since then, some of both come to Jerusalem for to worship, was reparties of Methodists have invited me to speak turning; and sitting in his chariot read more fully to them; in compliance with their Esaias the Prophet. * * And Philip ran request I spoke the first address on Wednesday hither to him and heard him read” (Acts last, and announced to speak the next evening, viii. 27-30.)-Their way of reading aloud but was prevented by severe sickness. I hope, brings to my mind some observations which however, to spend some four nights with them next I have often made on the Levant. Geneweek, God willing. Of course the chapel is rally speaking, people in these countries closed to us now, and the usual slander has do not seem to understand a book till they begun its round; yet the well-disposed do not, have made it vocal. They usually go on reading aloud, with a kind of single voice, In speaking of education, Dr. FRANKLIN moving their heads and bodies in time, says, “ If a man empties his purse into his and making a monotonous cadence at head, no one can take it from hin." intervals ; thus giving emphasis, although not such as would please an English ear.

To practice sincerity, is to speak as we Very often they seem to read without think, to do as we profess, to perform what perceiving the sense; and to be pleased would seem to be.

we promise, and really to be what we with themselves merely because they can go through the mechanical art of reading Life is shortened by indulgence in anger, in any way. They pass over a full period ill-will, anxiety, envy, grief, and excessive as if ther had no perception of it, and stop

care. The vital powers waste by excessive in the middle of a sentence, wherever they bodily exercise in some cases, and want of happen to take breath. On one occasion it in others. when I was showing some persons from an English book, how we read naturally and

No man is converted or saved simply for inartificially, they laughed, and said, “ You his own sake. No one lives or dies alone. are not reading, you are talking.” I might No one goes to heaven or hell alone. The retort upon an Oriental reader, “ You are object in our conversion is as truly that we not reading, you are chanting.” I can

shall do others good, as that we shall ourwell understand how it was that Philip selves be blessed. would hear at what passage the Ethiopian eunuch was reading before he was invited tion has a tongue, whose power eternity

Actions are living lessons. Every acto come up and sit with him in the chariot. only will develope. If I must do wrong, The eunuch, though probably reading to let me do it alorie, so that others may not himself, and not particularly desired to be be injured by the example. heard by his attendants, would read loud enough to be heard by a person at some distance.-J.


(From the Family Portfolio.) sense will assure us, that the pastor whose My harp untouch'd through many a lengthen'd ordinary engagements assimilate nearest to those of his people, will, other things being And thrown amid the wreck of former things,

year equal, be more fitted for his office than the I take again to please a friend so dear individual who is more conversant with Again I wake its long neglected strings : books than with men -- with ideas than But melody my touch no longer brings— with affairs. And as to sermons, it is high No longer thrill the melting strains around, time that the vulgar notion were exploded, For time has pass’d with rude and hasty wings

, of their preparation being so forinidable as to require a man to be shut up in a study And jarr’d the golden chords, and spoil'd their

sound. all the six days of the week. Robert Ro. bertson, of Cambridge, did a hundred dif. With bloom of life the bloom of thought is fled, ferent secular things in the course of a day, And youthful dreams are number'd with the dead. and yet, though a bad theologian, he was

Once fancy's flowers grew clust'ring round my a good sermondizer. The truth is that,

path had we more lay preaching, we should

And sprang beneath my feet, and woo'd myhand; have better sermons instead of worse!

But now the relics of a faded wreath less elaboration, but more sense-less sentimentalism and ti dious common place; Their hues appear as if with tear-drops stain’d

To give my Mary, scarce can be obtain’d: but hearty feeling, fresh illustrations, and Their native sweetness is exhal'd in sighs : genuine if not original views. It was not If here and there a lovlier blossom’s gain’d à lay pastor who was lately detected in the Soon as I pluck it, all its beauty dies ; miserable fraud of palming upon his hearers the sermons of another man.--Eclectic My kindling spirit for a moment fires,

Then dimly burns the flame---and then expires. Review.

Two arrat Rules.—1. Do not attempt Yet Mary, tho’ poetic thoughts are fled, to lead, but follow the providence of God. Affection still inspires the lip of truth, 2. Keep your eye upward, then inward, To tell you that for blessings on your head, and then forward. By following these I daily seek the Guardian of your youth : two simple rules, your feet may be kept His words of grace my anxious spirit soothe, from falling, your eyes from tears, and When--thinking what thy future lot may beyour souls from death. These rules are The prayer, unutterable, by my mouth the way to contentment, cheerfulness, har Ascends in silence, heaven-wards for thee; piness, and usefulness. Diligently and And trusts with God themingling hopes and fears, prayerfully observed, they will lead to Untold to dearest carthly friends--unheard by everlasting peace. Try them!

mortal ears.

A. B.

THE ASPECT OF MESSIAH'S name of the Lord ! Blessed be the GOVERNMENT TO THE POOR.

name of the Lord, from this time

forth and for ever more ! From the BEFORE Messiah came and his rising of the sun unto the going down kingdom was set up, the Holy Spirit of the same, the Lord's name is to be by the prophets testified that his ad- praised. The Lord is high above all ministration was to be contra-distin- nations, and his glory above the heaguished from all existing worldly go-vens. Who is like unto the Lord vernments by this peculiarity, BENIG- our God, who dwelleth on high, who NITY TO THE POOR. The possession humbleth himself to behold the things of riches gives power, and power in that are in heaven and in the earth ? the hands of corrupt man is uniform- He raiseth up the poor out of the ly aggressive. Power, when attain- dust, and lifteth the needy out of the ed, gives facilities for augmenting it- dunghill, that he may set him with self, and making encroachments on princes, even with the princes of his the rights of the less powerful: while, people. He maketh the barren woon the other hand, porerty renders its man to keep house, and to be a joyful subjects weak and helpless; and as mother of children. Praise ye the it increases, helplessness increases, Lord." and the means of protection and re- Such is the natural tendency of covery diminish in the same ratio. wealth to give power, and of power As no stream can rise above its own to augment itself and oppress, that fountain-head, it is not to be expected under the institution of law, which that the rights of the poor, or that was full of humanity and mercy to the poor themselves, will command the poor and unfortunate, special much respect from those in power, enactments and ordinances were made who are but " sprung of earth”– for the very purpose of limiting the whose education, early associations accumulation of wealth, and the enand habits, have all been such as to croachments of power, over the poor, foster the idea that they have a pre- serving in a degree to keep and rescriptive and indefeasible title to be store the balance of equality in Israel. uppermost whose very elevation Every seventh year was to them a arises from a corresponding depres-“ year of release,” when all debts sion in the mass of the laboring poor were cancelled ; and every fiftieth below them and before whose eyes year was a jubilee,” when all forthe fear of the Lord is not. Hence, feited inheritances were restored to says Solomon, “ If thou seest the their original owners. But all enactoppression of the poor, and violent ments of law, however good in themperverting of judgment and justice in selves, are defective for rectifying the a province, marvel not at the matter.” evil, or obtaining the good desired, No! it is an ordinary and natural because law only controls in a coeroccurrence. Such a thing was com- cive manner, but gives not disposimon even in Israel, under the best tion-yea, rather stirs up latent cortuition and legislation of any nation ruption against law to fight. But then in the world. But, for the con- what the law could not do, being solation of the oppressed,

“ He that weak in this respect, was to be remeis higher than the highest regardeth.” died under a better covenant, when There is, indeed, no help for man at Messiah the Deliverer should come, all except from above ; but on that who sets up his kingdom in the hearts he can rely. Well may he then con- of his subjects. Hence the Holy sociate with his class and sing, Spirit moves David to give utterance, “ Praise the Lord ! Praise, O ye from the fulness of his heart, of these servants of the Lord ! Praise the better times, which were to be re

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