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let us

hushed heart and tearful eyes,

The present convulsed state of sadly linger.

Europe, with the constant and earnest Let us call to mind that night of yearning of the public mind in Great grief when the man of sorrows left Britain, political an decclesiastical, for the noise and confusion of the city to something more settled and peaceful seek its calm retirement, and be alone than at present exists, indicate events with God—the moon shone brightly at hand of a very different character down; but never since creation's to those that must be characteristic of dawn had she looked upon a scene a millennium of rest and glory. Nolike this--a scene which doubtless thing can be more clearly predicted caused friends to triumph, and angels than the downfall and entire over(if ever they wept) to stand in mute throw of that religious system which yet tearful wonder.

is so truly designated “ The mystery The meek and sinless sufferer, of iniquity, and the abomination of borne down by the weight of sins, the earth.” It has been remarked, not his own, sinks to the cold damp with great propriety, that with those earth ; and while the dews of night of the Second Advent school, or preare fast falling, in most plaintive ac- millennial reign advocates, there is no cents makes his petition to God—the special vivification of the downfall of stillness of the night is broken by his Babylon no reign of a thousand bitter groans, while tears and blood years ; indeed with them the common attest the bitter agony which wrings fate involves the whole world, Pagan, his soul, as he prays, “Let this cup Jewish, Infidel, and Papistical. The pass from me.”

Yes, that cup, when ONE HOUR of John's desolation of pressed to his lips, caused him for a Babylon, is the last hour of the premoment to shrink at its bitterness ; sent earth. There are none to weep yet, nerving his soul for a final effort, over her ruins, or lament that the he added, “Not my will, but thine mart of their commerce is no more. be done ;” and for us he drained the There are neither sellers, buyers, nor cup of sorrow to its dregs.

bidders to mourn her catastrophe, or Sacred Gethsemane! Scene of in- to condole with each other on their finite condescension-of infinite love! respective misfortunes. Time is no To me thou shalt ever be hallowed more, and six thousand years of traground; and while I gaze on the solemn vail consummates its whole career : scene which transpired in thee, may and this year has no sabbatical year my heart be melted into tenderness -no millennium of rest-swords are at the recollection of the Saviour's never beaten into ploughshares, nor love, and my eyes overflow with tears spears into pruning hooks. the wilat the sorrows he endured for me! derness and the solitary place are And oh, if my life should be marked never made glad — no desert rejoices by suffering, amid all my sufferings and blossoms as the rose. But what may I imitate the meek and suffering shall we say ? The 18th, 19th, and One who once knelt in thee ! Like 20th chapters of the Apocalypse have him, may I pray, not my will, oh God, no special meaning or accomplishbut thine be done.

B. ment on the theories of these parties.

Of course, if, as some contend, the PROPHETIC DEPARTMENT.

final catastrophe of this globe is

now at the door, Babylon, any COMING OF THE LORD_No. IX. more than other nations and sys

The consideration of the pre-mil- tems, is never to be overthrown, lennial advent of our Lord will, after nor need we expect any thousand this number, for a short time be dis- years' tranquillity while the present continued.

earth exists.


THE TRUE CHURCH – APOSLook at the European earth

TOLIC SUCCESSION. the Papal earth, trembles ! France, the largest street in the Papal city, We have received, during the past has been thrice, if not four times revo- month, two copies of the Wigan lutionized within the last sixty years. Times, of the 4th and 11th of May. The first revolution terminated in a In each of these papers there are Napoleon empire—the second in a letters regarding the obligation of soBourbon kingdom - the third, begin- ciety to observe Good Friday as a ning in a Republic programme, has sacred day, in memory of the crucialready progressed to a Prince Bona- fixion of our Lord, the pro and con. parte presidency. All Europe sym- being argued at considerable length. pathises, and reels to and fro in these We have also received a tract con. rapid mutations and transitions. taining several other letters on the Surely these are more than the “ signs same controversy. The parties who of the times” these are the times have entered so warmly into this disthemselves. Now is the time for the stu- cussion are R. B. Powell, of the Episdents of prophecy to keep their vigils, copal church, and the Hon. Colin to trim their lamps, and to watch. Lindsay, of the High Church, or Pu

Who could have anticipated that seyitė section of the Establishment; Pius the Ninth, from the pinnacle of their opponents being B. W. Roaf, pontifical glory, should have to save, Independent minister, and one or two not his mystical, but his own literal gentlemen belonging to the Wesleyan body, under—not the sign of the cross body. The position assumed by the --but under the livery of a Bavarian former gentlemen in defence of human Legation ! From the throne of Saint traditions, and of their especial and Peter he descends to ascend the coach- exclusive right, as the successors of man's box, and placing himself on the the apostles (!) to teach the good way driver's left hand, bids adieu to Saint of the Lord, is boldly assailed, their Peter's church, leaving it to take care pretensions exposed, and the ground of itself. The shepherd fleeth! Alas cut from beneath their feet. This is for the flock ! How short the step as it should be : it is our happiness to from the sublime to the ridiculous ! live in days when men not only exerWith whom left he the crozier when cise their thoughts, but speak out on he put on a pair of Bavarian mous- all the great and important questions taches ? Well, he was extolled for connected with man and the revealed his liberal views ; but some of us will of God. always suspected the Pope, et dona On receiving the papers from our ferentem. Yes, I suspected even worthy correspondent in Wigan, we Pius the Ninth, as catering to the took down from the book-shelf a Italian spirit of the nineteenth cen- volume entitled “ The History and tury. But the whale paid no respect Mystery of Good Friday,” published to the tub, and the Pope himself em- in the year 1799, and being the eighth barks in it. The revolutions, changes, edition. This work was written by and transformations of 1848-9 are the late Robert Robinson, a shrewd such as command us to break silence and intelligent Baptist minister then on subjects we have never before residing in Cambridge. It consists presumed to intermeddle with. We of 53 pages, divided into a preface must note the attributes of European and four chapters, and exposes in a society, in order that we may better brief yet pithy manner, the history, understand our own times, our coun- authority, piety, and polity of Good try, and the Prophecies.

Friday. We would have gladly preA. C. sented an outline of the arguments

for the benefit of our young readers, name of the Father, &c. (St. Matt. xxviii. 19) but a want of space prevents us from and to teach them to observe all things He

had commanded them. Now, what was the doing so. A cheap re-print of this first act of the Apostles after the ascension of work would assist in dispelling the our Lord ? the election and ordination of St. delusions of priestcraft on this matter. Matthias, in the room of Judas, the traitor, But to our extracts. The first is from Acts i. The next great act A.D. 45, is the

ordination to the Apostleship of Sts. Paul and the concluding part of the Hon. C. Barnabas, Acts xiii. 2-3 We likewise read Lindsay's letter, in which he arrogates that St. Paul ordained elders in every Church, to himself and his class, as the Popes A.D. 48, Acts xiv. 23. These were the acts of were wont to do, the high honor of Apostles themselves ; but, I will now further being the successors of the apostles.

prove that the Apostles gave power to those whom they ordained, to ordain others. For

example, Timothy A.D. 65, is enjoined to‘lay “I was somewhat struck with three expres- hands suddenly on no man.' (1 Tim. v. 22, and sions in Mr. Roaf's letter, namely, the church | 2 Tim. 2) Likewise Titus, who was sent to of the Pope, church of Victoria, and the church | Crete by St. Paul, for the purpose of setting of Christ. I am really at a loss to know the the Church in order, and for ordaining ‘elders meanings of these expressions. If neither the in every city,' Titus i. 5. Now, here we have *Church of the Pope' nor the Church of Vic-four generations, so to speak, of the church, toria,’ (by which I suppose he means the the second deriving their anthority immediately churches of Rome and England,) are the true from the Apostles, the 3rd and 4th from the church, where, may I ask, is the church of

successors of the Apostles who had received Christ? I do not anticipate that your corres- from them the power of ordination. Is it, pondent means to assert that the innumerable then, incredible, that by continued succession, sects at present existing (cach having its own the very church of the Aposfles should exist creed and its own traditions, contradicting one in this very day ? and does it not follow as a another in every article of Faith,) form the one natural conclusion, that if a man really desires church of Christ. If so, I should like to see to be saved, he must belong to that church their commission to preach and administer which has descended in an unbroken line from Christ's sacraments, and also their Revelation, the Holy Apostles ? If the church died with which, of course, they must have received, or the Apostles, what is the meaning of such they would not venture to take upon themselves texts as the following: St. Matt.xvi.18; xxviiii. the awful duties of the stewards of the Mysteries 20; St. John xiv. 16, which guarantee the. of God. If they claim the Sacred Scriptures, existence of a visible church, founded by Christ our answer is, that they belong to Christ's the rock, and established by the Apostles. holy Catholic church, bequeathed to her by Him, Now to apply this, the question is, is the and the promises contained therein, are ad- Church of England the church of Victoria, or dressed to those who are living in communion is she, as she is indeed, a portion of the Cathowith the Apostles, and the authorised English lic church of Christ ? This can be proved version is the property of the English church, by documentary evidence far more clearly than the work of our bishops and learned priests : so the most illustrious families their pedigree. that it is manifest, that he who belongs not to We have enrolled in our archives the names Christ's church, has no right to use them. of all the Archbishops of Canterbury, from A.D. Therefore, to justify their claim to the diguity 596 to 1849 inclusive, numbering 88 Prelates, of the church of Christ, they who never existed with the dates of their consecration: and before before the 16th or 17th centuries, must show that period, we, in common with the Catholic their authority to do religious rites, and like world, have the names, 65 in number, of the wise a revelation proving the new creed they Bishops of the Roman Church, from the times have received, and if they cannot show us their of St Peter and St. Paul, to A.D. 590, when letters of credit, to be ambassadors of Christ, it St. Gregory the Great ascended the then illusis clear they are none of His, that they are in trious throne of the Roman church. Now this truders, and are guilty of tearing asunder the is the authority by which the Bishop of Chester, Lord's Body. Now, if Mr. Roaf should reply the rector, and other regularly ordained clergyto this, demanding our proofs, we could show men of the church in Wigan, presume to preach him and his brethren that the church of Vic- the gospel of our blessed Lord, and to administer toria, as he calls the venerable Church of Eng- the sacraments of the church. These are stubland, owes her existence ALONE to God. I will born facts, which cannot be gainsayed, and it now attempt to prove this: on the evening of would be well for all those who frequent the the day of our Lord's resurrection, he appeared meeting houses to reconsider their awful posito the Eleven Apostles, (St. John xx- 21-23) tion, and to ask themselves the solemn question, ordained them to be_His apostles, and just can this place, with ministers un-ordained, by before His ascension He commanded them to any of the Apostles or their successors, without go and teach all nations baptizing them in the any revelation, save that which has been deli

vered by the Apostles to the church, be really of Great Britain there are many persons, who, sanctioned by our Lord, or visited by his I believe belong to the church of the first-born, gracious Presence. Surely every individual whose names are written in Heaven. They are who may happen to read this letter, if he calmly better than their system; but the Establishment and dispassionately consider this subject, must is no more the church of Christ, than is the come to the inevitable conclusion, it cannot be. East India Company. It is a mere worldly With many apologies for occupying so much incorporation, founded by Act of Parliament, space in your valuable paper,

inimical to the civil rights of Britains—a bridge “I remain,

to Popery, rather than a bulwark against it“ Your obedient servant, utterly incapable of performing many most “ Colin LINDSAY." solemn duties, and, as a bishop once said,

'Destroying more souls than it saves.' Its Such are the views entertained by severance from the state would, I believe, be the Hon. C. Lindsay regarding his the signal for a celestial jubilee. Will Mr. high spiritual pedigree and noble de- Lindsay permit me to recommend to his candid scent.

perusal, a work written recently by an emiuent This gentleman has yet to clergyman, one of the Queen's chaplains, who learn that Phoebe the deaconess, and abandoned the Establishment? I refer to the Aquilla and Priscilla had infinitely Honorable and Rev. Baptist Noel. better claim to be considered as the “ 4. The Clergy and Dissenting Ministers. successors of the apostles, than any Apostolic times down to modern days, is one

“ An unbroken succession of the Clergy from of whom he boasts, and whose names

of Jr. Lindsay's farcurite theories. His letter may be enrolled in the archives of implies a belief that some saving virtue and Canterbury. We must now give the efficiency attend their ministration, while these more interesting portion of W. B. of dissenting, bishops are mere forgeries to Roaf's reply, commencing with his This is a very tempting subject; but I must

remain unendorsed by the hand of Christ. third proposition :

restrain my pen. I beg, however, to observe:

1. That on the ground of history, not of tradi“ 3. The Establishment and Independent tion, it is impossible to complete the chain churches.

between Peter and the Prelates of the present “Mr. Lindsay evidently has more than a day. There are difüculties about it which I doubt concerning the scripturalness of the thou- suppose has not crossed Mr. Lindsay's path. sands on thousands of Dissenting churches which Archbishop Whately says :—There is not a are being formed all over the globe, and he seems Minister in Christendom (on the assumed to think, that the Establishment of this country theory) who is able to trace up, with any apis really the church of Christ. Here again we proach to certainty, his own spiritual pedigree. revert to our favorite proverb, borrowed from The attempt strikes us as resembling the folly an eminent Episcopalian, that ‘The Bible and of Indians who pretend to trace the fire in their the Bible alone is the religion of Protestants.' pipes, through the burning tobacco of their Hence, we believe that the churches formed by ancestors, until in a very remote antiquity, inspired Apostles were to be the model churches their first sire lighted bis pipe at the sun. An to the end of the world ; and we challenge Mr. unbroken succession of shoemakers, since the Lindsay to disprove that they were totally un- days of St. Crispin, is not necessary for the connected with the civil governments of that comfort of our feet. 2. That if the chain could day — that they were composed of persons be completed, some of the links are so rotten giving credible evidence of regeneration, not as to be incapable of conveying the celestial by the baptism of man, but of the spirit—that grace. Some of the parties through whom the their officers were only two-fold, the bishop for sacramental virtue has flowed, were steeped in sacred, and the deacon for secular matters--and the gall of bitterness. Christ is the fountain that they were supported, not by compulsory head of saving grace, and the Holy Spirit the rates, enforced if needful by the bailiff, as is medium of its communication, by the inspired done in Wigan; but by the voluntary offerings word; and if the fruits of righteousness in of a willing people. Between those churches holy living and dying' are the evidence of and the Establishment of this country, there is Christ's presence in our meeting-houses, we little or no correspondence. Apostolic churches think we have reason for some encouragement; often met in private houses. They are mentioned nor shall we at present leave our humble chapels, as the churches of Asia, or the churches of and vainly attempt to seek the living among Judea, not as the church of any kingdom or the dead. province. 'A church is a company of faithful “3. That without wishing to rob Peter of men, and whether they assemble in the name his honours, I must ask, why he is made the of Christ in a steeple-house, or in a meeting only source of this sacramental grace? Why

se, they will have the gracious presence of a connection with him is sought to the exclusion

Lord and Master. In the Establishment of Paul and John, and the other of the Lord's

Apostles? How is it that he is the only one | labour was not lost; the seed you sowed took from whom the streams of grace descend ? deep root, and I hope it will spring up unto He gave no proof of having an extraordinary eternal life. I often call to mind your earnest supply of this mysterious authority and power appeals in public, as well as your instructive when the seventy were called, or when the conversation in private, and do not forget your hundred and twenty were baptized with fire. He sacrifice and devotion in publishing the Chrisis never called a bishop. He showed no symp- TIAN MESSENGER. From all these I have detoms, even when advanced in years, of wishing rived unmeasured benefit. You know me too to Lord it over God's heritage. The disciple well to think I am attempting to flatter you: I whom Jesus loved' was, I suppose, the last on felt as if honesty required that I should tell you earth, and consequently would be, in my judg- the gratitude of my heart. To be sure I had ment, the most likely to bequeath the precious before feared God; but I had walked in darklegacy. Admitting, as I do, that Peter was pre- ness; I had not learned what God had prepared eminent in the early days of the Apostleship; for them that love him; I had not learned what yet, when, I ask, was the mysterious virtue of was the hope of my calling, and what the riches the whole college of Apostles deposited in him of the glory of his inheritance in the saints, for conveyance, through its clergy to the mem- the inheritance promised to Abraham, Isaac, bers of one sect only? I could enlarge here, and Jacob, which is to be obtained through a but I forbear.

resurrection from the dead, according to the I remain,

mighty power which he wrought in Christ when Yours truly,

he raised him from the dead. Many infidels “ WILLIAM ROAF." would make the miracles

Christ only so many “ P.S. - I have not encumbered my remarks mesıneric phenomena, and reduce the Son of with scripture references, but I am ready to

God to a travelling mesmeriser. No doubt you

have prove all my points by the law and the testi- it is all mesmerism ; Jesus of Nazareth is the

many such among you. Let them prove mony.”

professor I will follow. He said, “I can lay down my life, and take it up again.” He died

for our sins, and rose again the third day, acCORRESPONDENCE.

cording to the prophetic scriptures written hun

dreds of years before; and he says, “ Because I EXTRACT OF A LETTER ADDRESSED live, you shall live also." His magnetic power TO THE EDITOR.

is so great, that when he comes and utters his

voice, it will awake the dead out of their graves, Buffalo, March, 1848.

who have long been mouldered to dust. He DEAR BROTHER, — I have for a long time will glorify them with the glory he had with been wishing to write to you, but, until now, I the Father before the world began. have never seemed to have a favorable oppor- source of joy does the gospel afford! How much tunity. The excitement consequent upon leav- I have to rejoice that my attention was ever ing home, and coming into a new country, directed towards it! Yet how often have I to turning to a new employment, associating with lament that I have not loved and obeyed it with a new kind of people, and having my mind more earnestness ! constantly at the utmost stretch, have, for the It is now about five years and six months last five years, left me without opportunity to since I left my native land. Yet, so happily turn round and say to my old friends and breth- has passed the time, that it seems but as yesren over the water, how are you getting along, terday. An involuntary shudder comes over and what are your hopes or your fears, and

I look back on the six and a half how does God's great work progress among years I spent behind a counter; and, excepting you? But now, when things begin to appear the first year, professing to be a Christian too. more settled, my feelings again flow in their old How often did I try to escape from that bonchannels, and I am beginning to write to many dage! but it was not until I was completely who, though never forgotten, have been much broken down in spirit, and looked up to God neglected. It is always with peculiar feelings for deliverance, that any hope appeared. Does of joy I remember one who first was the means not God only humble us that he may exalt us ? of opening my eyes, and turning me from dark- I arrived in New York about the 28th Octoness unto light, and from the power of Satan ber, 1843, on the Saturday night; and on the unto God, that I might receive the forgiveness Monday morning, though very weak from the of sins, and an inheritance among them that voyage, walked round and looked for work. I are sanctified by faith that is in Jesus. No doubt got employment at mould candle making, but you have many times been cast down in the after I had been a few weeks, I was told to go midst of your labours, and ready to despair, to work on Sunday, and as I would not I had perhaps saying you have labored in vain, and to leave. I got steady work in another shop, spent your strength for naught -“who hath and remained all the winter. My brother was believed our report, and to whom is the arm of in Buffalo, and at his request I came in April, the Lord revealed ?” But I rejoice that all your 'and for a time lived with him. Candle making

What a

me whe

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