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and have tasted of the good word of God, and by professing Christians, both in teaching and of the powers of the world to come, if they shall practice, tends much to the rejection of the fall away, to renew them again to repentance, blessed gospel. Hence the necessity for great seeing they crucified to themselves the Son of watchfulness, lest we place a stumbling block God afresh, and put him to open shame. Heb. in the way of our fellow men. The Saviour vi. 4. For if we sin wilfully after that we have says, “ By this shall all men know that ye are received the knowledge of the truth, there re- my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” inaineth no more sacrifice for sins, but a certain Again, he prays that his disciples may be one, fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indig- that the world may believe that God had sent nation which shall devour the adversaries. I him. The aspect which the church presents, believe, and am persuaded, that these are they then, is to be a great means of the world's for whom prayer is useless. They have grieved conversion. It is not in word only they are to the Spirit, defiled his temple, and he having exhibit the glory of God, but also in deed: one departed from them, we might pray until the without the other will be of no avail. To the hour of death to no purpose. He that sancti- intent, says the apostle, that now unto the fieth the heart is gone, and there is no remedy. principalities and powers in heavenly places, I would say if I could with a voice of thunder, might be known by the church the manifold to all who have named the name of Christ, be- wisdom of God, Eph. iii. 10. For he hath, in ware of worldly-mindedness; if he do not, he is redemption, abounded towards us in all wisdom like a man who has received a deadly wound, and prudence, Eph. i. 8. Praying that the and being placed in warm water will, in a short church may individually and collectively display time, die without pain or anguish either of body the effects of this wisdom, I remain, yours in or mind.

J. H.
Christ Jesus,

W. GODSON, JUN. Pitgair, March 2, 1849.


CANADA WEST, JANUARY 7.-It may not he LOUTH, March 13, 1849.- I have much the Redeemer próspers in Canada West. There

uninteresting to you to know how the cause of pleasure in informing you, that on Lord's day, are not many congregations of disciples in the the 4th instant, an intelligent feinale, on her province, but there is evidently an inquiring inconfession of faith in the Saviour, was immersed

terest in the cause. I believe we are about 700 into the name of the Father, Son, and Holy strong at present. Brother D. Oliphant, one Spirit, and added to the congregation here. of our evangelists, has, for the last three years Being a resident at Alford, she made an express conducted a periodical. His field of labour is journey to obey that truth of which she had in and around Oshawa. Brother 1). F. Stewart been long convinced. May many more follow has, for the last four months, been labouring her worthy example. To God be ascribed all in the district of Niagara, in Wainfield Townthe praise. Yours in Christ,

ship; there were 14 immersed in the course of W. KIRK.

a few weeks. Lately, while on a visit to his NOTTINGHAM, March 19. We hope the father in Eramona, he was requested to proclaim brethren here are assuming their former ac- the good news of the kingdom, when, in the tivity, union, and strength in the kingdom of course of a fortnight, 32 acknowledged Messiah Jesus. One (a sister) has confessed the Lord King, were immersed, and added to the conduring the past month, and been baptized into gregation. So that you see, not in the wilderJesus, for, or in order to the enjoyment of, the

ness of Judea, but in the wilderness of Canada, remission of sins, and the gift of God in all its is the gospel proclaimed: not in the river Jorplenitude. We have heard of several being dan, but in the Grand river, are men baptized added to the church in London, as well as in

for the remission of sins. Thus we have had other places, the particulars relating to which

“ times of refreshing from the presence of the will always be inserted with pleasure, if received Lord.” The church here is small

, numbering by the 18th or 19th of the month.

only 18, but we enjoy peace and happiness,

which are of great value. Yours fraternally, WAKEFIELD, MARCH 9.-I have come to this

G. L. SCOTT. neighbourhood (Osset) particularly with a view of carrying forward what I commenced a year The following interesting items are gleaned ago. hope, through the blessing of God, some from the CHRISTIAN AGE, February 24th :good will be done. A few brethren have been collected there, and the people appear interested

Brother Ward reports additions of 16 to the with what is brought before them. When the church at Round Prarie, (Illinois); 13 of these glorious scheme of salvation, as developed by made the good confession, and 3 were restored its Author, is exhibited to man, he cannot help to the communion of the faithful. but admire the wisdom, and adore the character Brother B. Cooper has been evangelizing exof Him who designed it. The misrepresentation tensively in North Alabma, Western Tennesse, of the character and wisdom of God, set forth ' and South Kentucky, his labours having been


attended with considerable success. He states The cost of advertising one railway scheme that through his instrumentality 50 have been in the London morning papers was £2500. gathered into the one fold.

WHAT A PENNY DOES. In 1839, there Brother Allen, of Bethpage, (Mo.) states that were 84,000,000 letters posted; in 1848, he has assisted at several meetings appointed 329,000,000 were posted. for proclamation of the gospel, and that 40 SPIRIT OF LOVE.- Beyond all question, it is additions to the saved have been the result.

the unalterable constitution of nature, that Brother G. Campbell, pastor of the church there is efficacy--divine, unspeakable efficacy in Fulton, states that on Sunday last, 3 came in love. The exhibition of kindness has the forward and made the good confession; and on power to bring even the irrational animais into last evening, 2 others were added to the con- subjection. Show kindness to a dog, and he gregation.

will remember it-he infallibly returns love In our own city (Cincinnati) in the first con

for love. Show kindness to a lion and you can gregation there is a very interesting state of lead him by the mane—you can thrust your things. There have been frequent accessions hand into his mouth--- you can melt the untamed to the church through the whole winter, al- ferocity of his heart into an affection stronger though no special efforts have been made for than death. In all God’s vast creation, there the conversion of men, beyond the ordinary least to the largest, that is insensible to kind

is not a living and sentient being, from the proclamation of the gospel. On Sunday last, 5 were added, and on Monday night 3 more

What an inducement to practice it! gave themselves to God; and another meeting PREACHERS MUST BE EARNEST. — To be has been appointed for Thursday night, at born, to live, and to die, are real events. Pain, which it is all but certain we shall see others grief, and dissolution, are serious things. The obey the gospel, for many are inquiring the way Saviour of the world was serious and earnest to God. These successes give us an earnest of in all his labors, both as a teacher and worker what the gospel can effect, when faithfully pro- of miracles. The Prophets and Apostles were claimed, without any excitement, and with no serious, solemn, earnest, pointed, couscience appeal to passion. Brethren of this reforma- awakening, and soul-stirring preachers. It is tion, if all your churches had active, holy pas- said that Jerome used to say “that he never tors, we could take the strongholds of Satan in entered the pulpit but the trumpet of the judgless than ten years !


ment day seemed to be sounding in his ears. The most successful ministers of the gospel

have not been eminent as school-trained rheTHE FAMILY CIRCLE.

toricians; but eloquent in their own way; elo

quent, because they loved the souls of their BIBLES IN THE UNITED STATES.— Accord- fellow-men, and loved the truth by which they ing to the most accurate accounts, only 4,000,000 were to be saved, and earnest in presenting it Bibles were in use throughout the United States to them. in the year 1840. The number has now in

A PREMATURE MINISTRY.-Facts are full creased to 30,000,000. In 1840 the Bible was

of instruction on this subject. Not a few young printed in forty-eight different languages and men of bright promise, who might have become dialects ; in 1848 the different versions of the champions of the truth, have become so imHoly Scriptures amounted to 136.

patient to enter into the ministry, that they SPIRIT OF ROMANISM.-Brownson, the new

have fatally blighted their own prospects; and exponent of Romanism in the United States, instead of attaining to distinguished success, in speaking of orphan children and the efforts have scarcely reached the point of mediocrity. of Protestant ladies to reclaim and instruct The minister now, whose maxim is to expect them, says, “ It is better they should starve to little things, and attempt little things, mistakes death, than be brought up Protestants.” the day in which he lives. What was know

ledge in the thirteenth century, is ignorance GOLDEN THOUGHTS.-I never yet found pride now. What was energy then, is imbecility and in a noble nature, nor humility in an unworthy stupidity now. As was said in another case, mind. Of all trees, I observe that God has becomes not our sacred profession, in this pechosen the vine, a low plant that creeps upon riod of intellectual progress, to remain like the the helpful wall: of all beasts, the soft and ship that is moored to its station, only to mark patient lamb; of all fowls the mild and guile- the rapidity of the current that is sweeping by. less dove. When God appeared to Moses, it Let the intelligence of the age outstrip us, was not in the lofty cedar, nor the spreading and leave us behind, and religion would sink, palm; but in a bush 1-an humble, slender, abject with its teachers, into insignificance. Ignorance bush, as if he would by these selections check cannot wield this intelligence. Give to the the conceited arrogance of man. Nothing pro- church a feeble ministry, and the world breaks duceth love like humility; nothing hate like from your hold, your main spring of moral inpride.

fluence is gone.

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LIFE IS SWEET.- “What,” I asked a friend ; this little cup, and drink from it every mornwho had been in a delicious country, “did you ing of the water which you must get at redsee that best pleased you ?” My friend had stone spring. But remember! you must go cultivated the love of moral, more than her there and draw it yourself regularly at five perception of physical beauty, and I was not o'clock, or the charın will be broken.” The surprised when, after replying, with a smile first morning, as he proceeded across his fields, that she would tell me honestly, she went on (for the spring was at the further end of the to say : “My cousin took me to see a man who estate,) he found a neighbour's cows had broken had been a clergyman, in the Methodist con- | through the fence, and were feeding on his nection. He had suffered from a nervous rheu-pasture; of course he turned them out, and had matism. and from a complication of diseases, the hedge inended. But the labourers were aggravated by ignorant drugging. Every mus- not at hand; they came loitering in after their cle in his body, excepting those which move his proper time, and were startled at seeing eyes and tongue, is paralysed. His body has Master” so early: “Oh” said he, “I see how become as rigid as iron. His limbs have lost it is; this comes of my not getting up in time.” the human form. He has not been laid on a In a few mornings all went on as regularly as bed for seven years. He suffers acute pain. clock-work; his early rising became a pleasant He has invented a chair which affords him some habit ; his walk and cup of water gave him an alleviation. His feelings are fresh and kindly, appetite for his breakfast; the people about his and his mind is unimpaired. He reads con- farm were all the better and happier for their stantly. His book is fixed in a frame before leader's punctuality; and when at the close of him, and he manages to turn the leaves by an a successful year, he saw and rewarded his nutinstrument which he moves with his tongue. brown adviser, it was allowed that her plan, He has an income of thirty dollars. This pit- like many an admirable invention, was as simtance, by the rigid economy of his wife, and ple as it was efficacious, for he that would thrive, some aid from kind rustic neighbours brings must rise at five. “Get wisdom, and with all the year round. His wife is the most gentle

, thy getting, get understanding;” “Let the patient, and devoted of loving nurses. She has word of Christ dwell in you richly.” “Give never too much to do, to do all well; no wish diligence to make your calling and election sure.” or thought goes beyond the unvarying circle of Always abound in the work of the Lord,” conjugal duty. Her love is as abounding as and “Be not weary in well doing, for in due his wants-her cheerfulness as sure as the rising season we shall reap if we faint not." of the sun. She has not for years slept two hours consecutively. “I did not know which most to reverence, his patience or hers;" and THE MISSIONARY'S GRAVE. so I said to them. Ah,” said the good man,

In a lone silent spot, ’neath the sad drooping with a most serene smile, “life is still sweet to

willow, me; how can it but be so with such a wife?”

Where the grass and the vine matted over his And surely life is sweet to her who feels every hour of the day the truth of this gracious ac


A soldier of Jesus lay pressing death's pillow, knowledgement. O, ye, who live amidst al

Whose watchword was love, and whose aim was ternate sunshine and showers of plenty, to whom

to save. night brings sleep, and daylight freshness--ye murmurers and complainers, who fret in the He sleeps there in peace, no danger can harm hardness of life till it galls you to the bone--who him, recoil at the lightest burden and shrink from a Though battles may rage, and the wild tempests passing cloud, consider the magnanimous sufferer my friend described, and learn the divine His rest is unbroken, no sound can alarm him, art that can distil sweetness from the bitterest | In quiet he slumbers-his conflicts are o'er. cun.-Miss SEDGWICK.

The cross was his standard - its beauties he ALLEGORY FOR CONVERTS.--"Be not sloth

blendedful in business—fervent in spirit serving the

He offered salvation, and bade all rejoice; Lord.”—A young farmer, who had begun on

But his work is now finish’d, his battles are ended, an estate that had descended to him from his

His labours are over, and hush'd is his voice. ancestors, found himself poorer at the end of His form cold and still in its damp bed is sleeping, the first year than at its beginning: his stock The eye is grown dim that with lustreonceshone: being less, and his purse lighter. A Gipsy wo

No friends mourning o'er him, in sadness are man, thought to be a knowing one, being in the

weeping, neighbourhood, our young farmer told her his

And the dew drop of sorrow falls not in his tomb. sad tale, gave her a crown for advice as to "how he might become better off by the end of the But soon to the slumberer coromand will begiven, next year,” and promised to make the crown a To cast off the fetters that cling to him nowpound, if by that time he should have fair suc- An army of angels shall bear him to heaven,

roar :

' Agreed” said the wise woman, “take And garlands of glory be twined round his brow.





the ideas which these peculiarities in OF CHRIST.

the painting present to the mind. It

may even be that this “ pattern of “ God manifest in flesh,” in the things in the heavens” is intended for person of Jesus the Messiah, assu- the exercise of those redeemed from ming " the form of a servan:, becom- the earth in heavenly regions, when ing obedient to death, even the death they have entered in person within of the cross,” for the redemption of a the vail, where the Master of Assemlost world, is the most sublime spec- blies is ! But whether this be so or tacle that can be contemplated or not, we know that the new song sung imagined ! This is the one central by the ransomed host, “To Him that event of this world's history, which loved us, and washed us from our will never be forgotten, when the sins in his own blood, and has made world and all that is therein shall be us kings and priests to his God and burnt up, and all its wonderful scenes, Father,” will never wax old. And now so interesting, are passed away surely that which shall be the grand into oblivion ! for He is “the Alpha, theme of immortal praise in these and the Omega, the beginning and heavenly regions, we may try to lisp the end, the first and the last.” and imitate now; and as the prayers

Christ and him crucified are the and songs of the people of God are truth and substance of the shadows of not formally prescribed for them the Law Institution, and from which superseding their individual these derived their significance and composition and effort–our Heavenuse ; but which institution, though ly Father leaving us to our own waxen old and vanished away as to spontaneous feelings and aspirations the observance of its ordinances— in the matter, who is best pleased Christ being come, on whom it ter- with the sacrifices of the heart-we minated—is still fresh on the canvas surely do not offend when we attempt of the testimony. And seeing God putting our thoughts into verse, in a does nothing in vain, and considering humble way, to express our admirawhat labor and minuteness of detail tion of Him who loved us, and has were bestowed in the finishing of this shed His own precious blood for us. magnificent picture by the Divine

J. D. Artist—the mysteries of which it was not possible for the people of that age

HYMNS AND SPIRITUAL SONGS. to comprehend — there is a strong presumption that its Great Author intends it still to be not only as a

No. III.—THE CROSS. witness to the truth, but as a source

A soldier with a spear pierced his side, of instruction to the people of the in- and forthwith came thereout blood and water." stitution which now is, to exercise

APPROACH, my soul, and view the crossand mature their judgments in tracing The Prince of Life now lifeless see: out “ the manifold wisdom of God,” Leave thou the world with all its drossand for the enlargement of their Heaven's glories all, he left for thee. minds in the “ unsearchable riches of See from his hands, his feet, his side, Christ."

The mingled blood and water flow, To us is given the key to open and

In streams of mercy, deep and wide, apply its secrets. But, alas ! how

Diffusing health where'er they go. few have the skill of opening and ap

Amazing mercy !-love divine ! plying the “ patterns of things in the

All precious, priceless, full, and free!

And can they cleanse a soul like mine? heavens” to the right object and illus- And can they save a wretch like me ? tration of the intended idea ! But

Yes, blessed fountain! precious blood ! when that is done, how precious are Souls stained with sins of crimson dye,




but upon

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May, baptized in this hallowed flood, ples of this now widely extended re-
With snow itself in whiteness vie.

formation, but even a definite stateAnd oh ! how truly blest are they

ment of those important distinctions
Who, raised up from the watery grave, which have been since so fully drawn
Where, buried with the Lord they lay,
Have realized his power to save.

out, between faith and opinion ; For Jesus dead, shall soon revive,

express declarations and inferential Ascend the heavens he left before;

truths; the commands and precedents And those who die with him to live, of Holy Writ, and the dictates and Shall live with him to die no more.

traditions of men ; as well as between D. L. a genuine Christian liberty, and a

latitudinarian departure from the diREFORMATION_No. XI.

vine teachings. In reference to the

ground of Christian faith and fellowThe original plea for reformation, ship, we have the following declaralaid before the religious communities tions :of Virginia in the year 1809, was " That, although inferences and deductions neither a vapid declamation against from scripture premises, when fairly inferred, schism, nor an idle exhortation to may be truly called the doctrine of God's holy Christian forbearance. The Christian word; yet are they not formally binding upon union which is so earnestly urged, it perceive the connection, and evidently see that

the consciences of Christians farther than they proposed to found, not upon vague ge- they are so : for their faith must not stand in neralities or upon

facile compromises, the wisdom of men, but in the power and an agreement in the ex- veracity of God: therefore, no such deductions

can be made terms of communion; but do pressly revealed will of God.” It

properly belong to the after and progressive urged the recognition of the teachings edification of the church. Hence it is evident of Christ and the Apostles as the rule that no such deductions or inferential truths of faith and practice ; it adopted as ought to have any place in the church's con

fession. its motto,

“ Union in truth ;” and embodied the fundamental principle divine truths, and defensive testimonies in

“That, although doctrinal exhibitions of that a union to Christ should be, opposition to prevailing errors, be highly examong Christians, the reason and the pedient; and the more full and explicit they bond of Christian love. When we

be, for these purposes, the better : yet, as these consider the religious prejudices of must be in a great measure the effect of human

reasoning, and of course contain many inferenthat period ; the extreme alienation tial truths, they ought not to be made terms of existing parties ; their stern ex- of communion : unless we suppose, what is action of an unreserved sectarian devo- contrary to fact, that none have a right to the tion ; and their unrelenting hostility

communion of the church but such as possess

a very clear and decisive judgment; or are to those who ventured to dissent in

come to a very high degree of doctrinal infortheslightest degreefrom the established mation; whereas the church from the beginviews or usages of the party, it is not ning did, and ever will, consist of little children a little remarkable, that, from amidst and young men as well as fathers. circumstances so unpropitious to in- should have a particular knowledge or appre

That, as it is not necessary that persons dependence of thought and action, hension of all divinely revealed truths in order there should arise an overture for a to entitle them to a placein the church ; neither religious reformation so radical in should they for this purpose be required to make itself; so just and comprehensive in

a profession more extensive than their know

ledge ; but that, on the contrary, their having its principles; and so uncontaminated

a due measure of scriptural self-knowledge reby educational and sectarian predilec- specting their lost and perishing condition by tions.

nature and practice; and of the way of salvation At this early period, we have, in through Jesus Christ, accompanied with a prothe published Address of the Christian fession of their faith in, and obedience to him, Association of Washington county, is absolutely necessary to qualify them for

in all things according to his word, is all that not only the great fundamental princi- admission into his church.”

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