Notes of a Busy Life, 第 1 卷

Stewart & Kidd Company, 1916

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第 455 頁 - And quite soft was the skies : Which it might be inferred That Ah Sin was likewise ; Yet he played it that day upon William And me in a way I despise. Which we had a small game, . And Ah Sin took a hand : It was euchre.
第 455 頁 - Which I wish to remark, And my language is plain, That for ways that are dark And for tricks that are vain, The heathen Chinee is peculiar, Which the same I would rise to explain.
第 455 頁 - But the hands that were played By that heathen Chinee, And the points that he made, Were quite frightful to see — Till at last he put down a right bower, Which the same Nye had dealt unto me. Then I looked up at Nye, And he gazed upon me; And he rose with a sigh. And said, "Can this be ? We are ruined by Chinese cheap labor," And he went for that heathen Chinee.
第 472 頁 - And It Is hereby declared to be the policy of the United States to continue the use of both gold and silver as standard money, and to coin both gold and silver into money of equal Intrinsic and exchangeable value...
第 483 頁 - We favor restoring the early American policy of discriminating duties for the upbuilding of our merchant marine and the protection of our shipping in the foreign carrying trade, so that American ships — the product of American labor, employed in American shipyards, sailing under the Stars and Stripes, and manned, officered, and owned by Americans — may regain the carrying of our foreign commerce.
第 483 頁 - Our foreign policy should be at all times firm, vigorous and dignified, and all our interests in the Western hemisphere carefully watched and guarded. The Hawaiian Islands should be controlled by the United States, and no foreign Power should be permitted to interfere with them...
第 477 頁 - We are unalterably opposed to every measure calculated to debase our currency or impair the credit of our country. We are, therefore, opposed to the free coinage of silver except by international agreement with the leading commercial nations of the world, which we pledge ourselves to promote, and until such agreement can be obtained the existing gold standard must be preserved.
第 455 頁 - In a way that I grieve, And my feelings were shocked At the state of Nye's sleeve, Which was stuffed full of aces and bowers, And the same with intent to deceive.
第 38 頁 - Chickamauga there was a partial reorganization in which our brigade was made the First Brigade of the Third Division ; better known as Turchin's Brigade ; a designation of which we were very proud because of the gallant old hero who commanded us and of whom we were all very fond and for whom we had great admiration. It participated also in the Grand Review at Washington at the close of the war.
第 483 頁 - We reassert the Monroe Doctrine in its full extent, and we reaffirm the right of the United States to give the doctrine effect by responding to the appeals of any American State for friendly intervention in case of European encroachment.