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“Mistress Rachel, half an hour's up. I except for officers, the ranks presented must send you out."

a varied aspect of cocked hats and Rachel bent down her face toward broad brims, coats and small-clothes, Martha. “Don't kiss me," said the of all shapes and complexions. The woman. It may bring you harm." · captain and lieutenants alone wore

Rachel obeyed, but ber intention bad scarlet coats, yellow breeches of doebeen observed by the jailer, who was, skin, and boots spreading out at the consequently, much scandalized, and re- top like mighty tunnels. The arms fused to let her see Elder Burroughs. were as heterogeneous as the raiment; On reaching the open air, she found many of the privates carried swords as berself so much inclined to cry, that well as fire-arms; some bad dwarf blunshe determined to go straight home, and derbusses, and some duck-guns long have it out in the low-spirited society of enough for lightning-rods. Around this sympathizing Margaret Jacobs. What

What unconformable legion stood, lounged, happened to her there, and whether she scrambled, shouted, and giggled a horde cried much or little, will be related in of delighted boys, Indians, and negroes. what the Italians call a momentino; for The Indians were a dirty set, dressed in at present the connection of circum- shocking bad clothes; sauntering, liststances obliges us to look around after less, taciturn, and scarcely possessed her father, and see whether he is taking of even the dignity of laziness. The any steps in opposition to Juggernaut. darkies were slaves, mostly brought

As we already know, Master More from Africa, and, therefore, magnificent had gone a-fishing, in company with in all the brilliant contrast of their unGiles Cory, the member of the opposi- adulterated ivory and ebony. tion from Salem village ; one paddling The present attitude of the troop, the whitewood canoe up or down the with drums rolling and arms presented, sluggish waters of the North river; the was evidently in compliment to the other drawing in whatever scaly sim- minister; for he presently appeared at pletons chose to hook themselves for his front-door, and, taking off his hat, the sake of a mouthful of earth-worm bowed three times very majestically. or muscle. Fish were still very plenty The company then shouldered arms, and very foolish around Salem, so that, broke into ranks, wheeled and marched in a couple of hours, the bottom of the away toward Main street amid a trelittle bark was strewn with gasping mendous outcry from that much-abused perch, pickerel, plaice, and catfish. sheep-skin. More and Cory also left the The two piscators then paddled down common, and set off briskly in the directo the village, and exchanged their tion of the North river. Suddenly, the booty at Deacon Bowson's store for farmer caught his comrade by the arm, some small matters in the



gro- and pointed at an Indian, dressed in ceries. They were returning to their ragged English clothes of a clerical canoe, when the roll of a drum fell on cut and color, who had separated himtheir ears, and they saw the Salem old- self from the crowd of spectators, and troop, led by Captain Redford, march- was making for the parsonage.

" That ing toward the training-field, or, as it is is John Injun,” said Cory, “Parris's sernow called, Washington square. Every vant. He's got a letter, or message, or body loved to look at soldiers in those suthing for Noyse. Wait a bit, till he days, and More proposed that they comes out. I'd like to whisper a word should turn aside to witness a drill. in that fellow's ear." They were soon in Training-field-an He walked to & hazel thicket, cut open spaco, nearly triangular in shape, three or four stout switches, trimmed bounded here and there by clumps of off the leaves, and laid the wands down bushes, and further diversified by two in the shade. More laughed knowingly, small ponds, fringed with bulrushes. and the two waited a few minutes. PresThe company was already drawn up ently the lazy, lounging, demi-savage in line, on the northwestern side of the reappeared at the door, where he scru. triangle, facing the many-gabled house tinized the exterior of a letter, and then, of Elder Noyse. It consisted of about putting it in his coat-pocket, sauntered forty men, sturdy and respectable down to the street. Cory stepped for: householders, some of them gray-haired, ward in view of him, whistled sharply and nearly all, no doubt, church-mem- and beckoned; upon which John cast a bers. Uniforms being unknown as yet, glanco at the windows of the parsonage


to see that he was not watched ; and, loud ugh! of pain and surprise. He observing no faces at the lozenge panes,

made a convulsive spring to get up, but he placed himself, with three or four the former held him down and shouted, extraordinary bounds, by the side of “ Now, John, give it up. Quit your the two colonists. He addressed More manifestations, or I'll give yer hide with great respect, calling him saga- such an almighty tapping that it 'll more: a title which all the Indians of never feel nateral to ye again. Give the vicinity had agreed to bestow upon it up, and come out o' that ere." our mighty hunter; partly, perhaps, But John's eyes closed again, and he because of its punning resemblance to resumed his bowlings. He had very bis dame; but chiefly in token of their nearly been tricked out of his fit; but savage admiration of his wonderful there was yet a chance of recovering strength. He then turned his snaky, character as a truly afflicted one, and watchful eye upon the farmer, and he proceeded to make the most of it by added nonchalantly: “ How do, Co- an astonishing uproar, when his mouth

“ How do you do, Jobn ?" was gagged with a not over-clean replied Cory, with an affected nasal pocket-handkerchief. The nest instant drawl, and a look of the most intense the farmer turned him on his face and interest, at the same time that he con- commenced hammering away at Mis trived to sidle the aborigine into a little tenderloin with the hazel switch, as hollow, hidden from the road by hazel regularly and composedly as if he were thickets. “Oh, John, my pious Injun thrashing. More rubbed his hands in friend, hasn't the devil been mighty a pleasant excitement, and watched the hard on yo, though ?".

operations of his energetic follower with “Oh, Cory, bard like gun-barrel !" a smile of cheerful approbation. Only whined John, rolling up his eyes and once did he withdraw his attention from grimacing as if words came short of the lively spectacle, to order away some the necessities of his sorrows.

children who came hurrying up, attracted “ Yes, John," continued the pitiful by the Indian's clamor. Cory continued townsman ; " and I suppose that old the flagellation with remarkable steadi. squaw-witch, Rebecca Nurse, don't let ness and vigor, drawing a loud breath ye alone a minute."

after every blow, and keeping his tongue • Ob, Cory! witch-sachem she be," out of one corner of his mouth, as some groaned John, holding both hands to people do when they are very earnestly his abdomen, as if the weird fingers of engaged. The only one of the trio who Good-wife Nurse were even then tearing certainly did not enjoy the interview, was at his vitals.

the Indian; but, although he bounced, "Du tell, my yaller Christian friend," writhed, and groaned with rather unsnuffled Cory." And you don't find common violence, even for one of the nothing to draw out the pain from your afflicted, it was all quite in character ; inwards, I s'pose ?"

and for some minutes he seemed deter" Like ’nuft sometime little cider tako mined to keep up appearances at no it out, Cory,” replied John, looking very matter what wear and tear of leather. thirsty in his miseries.

After taking a round two dozen, how"! You don't say!" drawled the farmer. ever, and finding that his inquisitor was “ But when there ain't no cider, and no not in the least fatigued; he concluded chance of getting any, I reckon you that it was paying too dear for the suffer like all possessed, eh?

whistle. With a sudden start he leaped John went right down on his knees at to his feet, freed liis mouth from the the very mention of such a contingency; handkerchief, and bellowed : “ Nuff, and then, rolling paralytically onto his Cory! Stop! Me no s'pose you whip back, proceeded to writhe, kick, grunt, all day. Goramanty! Who tell you. and bellow after the usual emphatic hazel stick drive out devil ?” style of the afflicted; keeping up an “Oho! That's what I've jest found especial outcry about the awful ferocity out, my good pious friend,” said Cory, of Rebecca Nurse. Cory, grasped the arresting his blows, but tightening his collar of his ragged coat by one hand, grasp on the Indian's collar. “Now, and with the other caught a whip which John," he continued, in his quiet drawl, More Aung to bim. The next instant "you're goin' to lie down and take soine the little green switch quivered across more, jest to lar ye not to tell lies about the Indian's legs, extracting from him a decent people."

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The Indian gave a violent spring, and, but never mind; a few weeks more or leaving the collar in Cory's hand, broke less don't matter. So there's my conaway at full speed across the common, sent (another shake); and now talk and up Main street, yelling for assist- away with each other." Close at his heels panted the

Rachel took down her apron, and, farmer, thundering along in his ponder- looking very much ashamed of herself, ous hobnailed shoes, and plying his began to kiss her father. switch vigorously, until the goaded and • The fact is,” resumed Mark, .I barefooted savage left him behind out know that perhaps I've pushed on matof striking distance.

ters a little too fast. But then all the Cory,” said the hunter, as they fellows in Salem wanted her; and I was walked back to their canoe, “I'm afraid mortally afraid I should lose her.” you will get a commitment for this. “Never mind, lad,” said More. “I Parris will have you arrested, if he can. understand all that. Now, then, Rachel, If the sheriff come upon you, tell him let go of me, and let me get away. I that Henry More stood by aiding and want to smoke my pipe." abetting. I will make that known my- Of course Rachel ran to fill the pipe self.”

with her own hands, and Mark ran to More reached the cabin pot half an hold the coal for her while she lighted hour after Rachel had got back to it it, and then followed her in a trance of from her expedition. · Did he find her admiration as she carried it to her father. carrying out her proposed plan of bav. More seated himself under the noontido ing a good cry over the lamentable case shadow of the projecting roof, and of her friend Martha ? He did, indeed, smoked in tranquil reverie.

He was discover her in a state of considerable quite contented; the young man had emotion, downcast, flushed, and talking pleased him all along; they should be in a tremulous undertone. But why did married as soon as they chose ; the reshe start so guiltily from her little seat mainder of his life would be passed by under the pines when he made his sud- their fireside ; thus he roved on through den appearance ? And Mark Stanton, year after year of an imaginary future. too, what was he blushing at; and what He forgot the witches, except once, business had be to be holding her little when he laughed at a sudden recollechand; and, finally, what was he there tion of the cure whicb Cory's hazel for, when he should have been on bis stick had wrought upon the possessed way home to supper! These questions Indian. Sickly, quiet, careful Margaret

? very naturally occurred to Master More Jacobs was moving about the cabin, as he came upon the culpable couple, preparing supper; and he called to her and detected mysteries and confusions to set a plate for Mark. Presently he in their tell-tale faces; but, however rose, and summoned those two absentsurprised he might have been, he said minded people from their idyl under the nothing, and simply stood looking at pine shadows. Mark could not stay to them with a quizzical air of expectation. supper; oh, he had never thought of Rachel turned crimson from her throat such a thing; he must go home, or his to her forebead, and covered her face mother would be anxious—but the hy. with her apron, ready to cry if neces- pocrite remained, notwithstanding all sary. Mark was struck quite dumb for his protests. I am doubtful whether a moment, as such an unconscionable his presence contributed much to misdoer deserved to be; but in a mo- Rachel's enjoyment of the meal. It is ! ment, drawing all his courage from his certain that she seemed rather ill at ease, fingers' ends, and clearing his voice, be looked very seldom at her father and spoke out like " Master More, Margaret Jacobs, and kept her eyes for I've just been asking Rachel if I might the most part on her bread and butter. talk to you, sir, about our being married Perhaps she heard the katydids, who whenever you-I—"; and here he broke were shouting from the neighboring down, having forgotten the rest of his trees, at the very top of their shrill pipes, proposed discourse.

some provoking impertinences about Well, Mark,” said More, shaking Stanton did! Stanton did !” Did he ? the young fellow by the hand, I've Well, what of it? What is the use of expected this for some time, though letting the whole world know it?. Can't you have got along a little faster than a body kiss a body without having the I supposed. You rather surprised me; fact bruited through all the forests of


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less paper.

New England by a coterie of chattering nothing was done to him at present but insects? A set of gossiping fellows, to bind him over in £250 to keep the as lean as French dancing-masters, peace. He brought up Deacon Bowson 80 disgracefully poor and so absurdly as security ; laughed at an insinuation merry, that they will use their own of stocks and pillories; and walked off shriveled legs for fiddlesticks ! And with a haughty bearing which made then the frogs must join in, to increase Justice Curwin gnash in his sleeves. the poor child's confusion, with their As if in defiance of his opponents, bo impertinent basso profondo of, “Keep resumed, with fresh vigor, the circulaing house! keeping house !" Oh, but tion of his petition. But even friends it was ungentlemanly, and what I should looked askance at him; not another not have expected from a harmonic signature could be obtain; two or three society composed, I have no doubt, of who had given him their names now the first frogs of Salem.

withdrew them; and it was at this time that he lighted his pipe with the luck

From this period, also, CHAPTER XIII.

there was an occasional croak at him The whipping of Sarah Carrier by from the bands of the afflicted. As for More, and the whipping of John Indian Cory, the moment he was in prison tube by Cory, made a great noise in the vil possessed porsons found that he was one laye; not that people in general were of the greatest wizards in the country ; at all convinced of the fallacy of witch- that he was on intimate terms with & craft by these successful experiments black man in a high-crowned hat. and with hazel switches ; on the contrary, entertained familiar spirits in the shape they were only shocked or maddened

of green snakes, yellow-birds, and mudat the obstinate unbelief and outrageous turtles. John Indian, Tituba, and the violence of our two sturdy floggers. two Parris girls, in particular, made Some persons, indeed, thought that vehement outcries against his fiendish More and Cory had hit upon the true persecutions, and for four or five days secret, and that the whole excitement were tormented by hardly any one else. was a delusion, curable, at any moment, Then they fell to accusing Good-wife by an application of cart-whips in the Cory, who, by a natural consequence, right quarter. But so strongly did soon followed her husband to prison. popular opinion set in the other direc- Mark Stanton was called to an account iion, that these timid people said no- by Justice Hawthorne, for talking too thing, and did nothing but bend their much about the retractions of Jolin and heads like bulrushes to the dangerous Sarah, and for indulging thereon in very current. Others imagined that there sarcastic and Sadduceeistic comments. was some peculiar anti-diabolical virtue “The tongue is a consuming fire, young

the hazel; and supported this hypo- man,” said the magisterial monitor; thesis by the fact that divining-rods, “ see to it that it burns you not up, by for the discovery of springs, were your own imprudence. It is a thousand usually made of that wood. But the pities when a man willfully scorches masses united in denouncing More and himself with his own tongue.” “EspeCory as a couple of raging Sadducees, cially," muttered Mark," as the tongues who had done nothing more than tor- of our neighbors are so ready to scorch 'ture these poor afflicted ones into a us." momentary denial of the truth. This Nothing had so angered the advowas the stand taken by the leading citi. cates of the prosecutions as those flogzens, the magistrates, and all the neigh- ging adventures; nothing had spurred boring elders, except that benighted, them up to such an energy of wrangling, helpless old Higginson.

such a fury of denunciation. Parris On the day after John's flogging, declaimed in his sermons and in his pagSheriff Herrick had official business at toral visits against the sin of thus trying the houses of both these persecuting to choke the truth by violence; the Herods. Cory was marched straight devilish cruelty of thus adding to the off to prison, on the score of being a sufferings of those who were already so riotous man and a defamer of the wor- tormented. What, then?" he howled. shipful elders and magistrates. But “Shall we go back because the wicked More was too much of a gentleman to rage ? O Salem, for shame! Faintbe handled thus without gloves; and hearted Salem, for shame!

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backward when heaven is forward ? the natural abruptness of a man who Rather go onward, though it be pain- speaks under strong excitement. “Your fully and laboriously, in tears and in father has some prejudice against me, weariness, but still onward. Do the though I have tried every way to be his haters of God say unto you that you do friend. O, Rachel, you know not how ill in thus fighting the good fight of I grieve at it, how I desire his good faith? I say unto you that you do well. will. Will you not speak of it to him, I say unto you, bo elaborate in turning and try to soften his heart toward me?'' every stone of stumbling; for thus will “Oh, I am sure, Elder Noyse," the you unearth many a toad of hell, who girl stammered, in reply " I am sure otherwise would remain unvisible. I know not what it is. I am sure my Shall we have pity on the toads of hell, father never said he hated you. Oh, to and protect them, and take them to our be sure, I'll ask him if you and he canbosoms? If there be any one here who not be friends." says that, let him rise instantly and go " Thank you, dear Rachel,” murout; for he is not worthy of this place. mured the elder. “I do thank you No one rises—I thank Him, who has heartily for your friendliness. But is kept this assembly pure.”

friendliness all! Is it all, Rachel ? No sooner had the legal action against Has your father never told you? bas More got wind, than Noyse was at the he not~" cabin. Did he hope that the stout He tried to take the girl's band, but hunter would be frightened now, and she was bravo enough to withdraw it ready to buy the protection of an influ- immediately; for she felt that be was ential elder at the price of his child ? driving her to extremity, and that sheer Who shall blame him very bitterly? necessity ordered her to act and speak He wished fervently to make Rachel plainly.“ Elder Noyse,” said shē “I happy; and he believed sincerely that do regard all persons with friendliness ; he could make her so, if he were ber but, as for any particular affection, I husband. Would it be an unworthy bestow it only on one manner of winning her heart, to stand She had meant to say, frankly, who forward as a friend to her father in his that one was; but, when she came to bour of peril? Sacred band of lovers the name, she could not utter it. Still, throughout earth--ye who wish that the ho urged her, and tormented her, until dear object might bo in danger of death, she did tell him that it was not be, and to give you a chance of saving her, and could not be. She admitted this, tumso gaining her gratitude-I am sure that ing away her head as she spoke, so as ye will not fling the first stone at this not to see the expression of his face. unhappy and lovelorn elder.

She had not yet looked at him, and he More and Mark Stanton were setting had not yet answered, when the feet of partridge spares at a little distance from ber father and Mark rang on the hard the cabin, while Margaret Jacobs had path which led up to the cabin. More gone to the village on some errand after entered, followed by Stanton; the forhousehold implements and groceries ; mer saluted the minister, without ap80 that the minister was left alone for a pearing to notice bis emotion; the latfew embarrassing minutes with Rachel. ter gave him a quick, observing glance, How happy he was, in spite of the and then, with a courteous forbearance, timid reserve with which she avoided turned to the window. “Come, little sitting near bim! He did not under lass," said More, “run out to the garstand her confusion of blushes, and al- den with your laddie, and oversee him most believed that they rose from a heart weed the corn. He will do it; but I agitated in like manner with his own. am not minded to let him scratch up my He noticed how she had changed since vegetables by mistake." Mark laughed he first knew her; how her manner and at the humorous idea that he could, by expression had risen into a matured dig; any possibility, blunder between good pity; how her form had rounded and maize-stalks and pig-weed. Rachel ripened into the finished loveliness of handed him a ponderous hoe, stout womanhood. He was more charmed enough to root up an average sapling; than he ever had been before, and reeled and, making their manners to Noyse, on in his blinded fascination towards a the two young folk escaped gladly to full utterance of his passion. “I fear that the little rustic garden. I hare enemies, Rachel," he said, with “Reverend sir," said More, as soon

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