Changed Into His Likeness

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Watchman Nee uses the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to show that God is able to turn our failure into success and our weakness into strength. God’s sufficiency in the face of our failure is seen only as we surrender to Him and are changed into His likeness.


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用戶評語  - Michael Mantik -

If you want a vibrant practical study on the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob there is no better book. He starts from the premise why God choose to be called the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob then takes their lives and builds very practical applications. 閱讀評論全文

用戶評語  - ben harward -

After the Bible, this is the best book ever written. It takes the reader through the lives of the patriarchs and shows how to be changed into the likeness of God. 閱讀評論全文



The Starting Point of Recovery
Call and Response
The Committed Life
The Man in the Land
The Heir and the Proof of Time
The Covenant of Grace
The Wealth ofthe Child of
The New Life Indwelling
Precious Stones
His Own Medicine
The Divine Wounding
The Face of
The Peaceable Fruit

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關於作者 (2011)

Watchman Nee was a noted Chinese Bible teacher and Christian leader. He began his preaching ministry while still a university student. From 1923 to 1950 Mr. Nee founded 200 churches. Starting as small groups meeting in rented houses, these self-supporting congregations became very strong spiritually and grew rapidly. Nee concentrated on deepening spiritual life through intensive training in the Word of God. Nee’s rich spoken ministry influenced many lives. His literature ministry has preserved a large number of his sermons, resulting in the publication of over 50 books in English alone, and through these printed pages Nee’s impact and influence continues into this century.