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lieves that self-confidence “crystallises itself around the penis” and that "social shame" arises from feelings of inferiority in connection with that organ.

In the second part of the paper, he discusses certain observations of Darwin, Gerson, Havelock Ellis and others on the phenomenon of blushing and concludes that the mechanism of blushing is similar to that of conversion hysteria, that it manifests itself like a compulsion neurosis and that it is an autoerotic libidinal function of the skin. Freud has shown that one of the sources of self-confidence is the remnant of childish narcissism, and this primary narcissism is intimately connected with intactness of the genital organs. In the Unconscious the ego may be identified with the penis (in dreams, folk-lore, etc.). We know also from Ferenczi that there is a universal identification of the ego with the face. Thus blushing (= erection) is a compensation for the injury to self-confidence.

Dr Paul Schilder (Vienna) gives a detailed account of a psychosis following on an operation for cataract. The patient was a woman of fifty-three, whose naturally timid and nervous disposition was accentuated by the disturbance of her sight. Two days after a successful operation for cataract, she became greatly excited and suffered from visual and auditory hallucinations. As time went on, her delusions took two principal forms: that those around her were about to murder or mutilate her, and that birds or beasts were in the room or the bed, attacking her or soiling the bed-clothes, etc. These terrors continued for seven weeks, after which a hypomanic condition set in but gradually abated and finally disappeared. Dr Schilder shows that the operation upon the eye (a frequent symbolic representative of the genitals) roused the patient's castrationcomplex, which he believes to play an important part in post-operative psychoses. Further, he is of opinion that the resolution of a complex may lead to hypomanic states, as in the case of this patient, a view which he has elsewhere put forward. (** Preliminary studies for a psychology of Mania,” Zeitschrift f. d. ges. Neur. u. Psych., 68, 1921.)

In a paper on the psycho-analysis of a case of homosexuality, Dr M. Nachmansohn (Königsberg, Pr.) traces the influence of the innate and the acquired factors in a severe case, the analysis of which (lasting in all over 2) years) was conducted in three separate periods, in which it went through three distinct phases. In the first phase, the development of the perversion was traced, its innate character being given special prominence. In the second phase, the incest-complex was revealed as the root of the disease and manifested itself with great force. In the third phase, by means of 'active' therapy, the completion of the cure was effected.

Besides these original articles, this number of the Zeitschrift contains the following communications:

“The Oedipus-dream of a schizophrenic," by Dr Arnold Stocker. “Father-rescue and father-murder in neurotic phantasies,” by Dr Karl Abraham. “Bridge symbolism and the Don Juan legend,” by Dr S. Ferenczi.


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This Journal will appear henceforth under the title of The British Journal of Medical Psychology. The change of name has been forced upon us by various circumstances. The old title bas been found too cumbersome for purposes of reference, and a failure by authors to distinguish clearly between the General Section and the Medical Section of The British Journal of Psychology has sometimes led to doubt in the minds of their readers concerning the place where certain contributions to our pages may be found. It has further proved difficult to convince some publishers that the General Section and the Medical Section of the Journal are two separate publications and these publishers have consequently been reluctant to send two copies of a book for review to what they considered to be one journal. It has been and will continue to be our custom to review in the Medical Section many books which are noticed, from a different standpoint, in the General Section of this Journal; and it is hoped that the change of title of the Medical Section will obviate the need for repeated assurance to publishers and others that the General Section and the Medical Section of The British Journal of Psychology, although both organs of the British Psychological Society, are nevertheless two entirely separate and independent publications.


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Dementia Præcox and and Paranoia

By Prof. EMIL KRAEPELIN, of Munich. Translated by R. MARY BARCLAY, M.A., M.B., from the
Eighth German Edition of the Text Book of Psychiatry, Vols. III. and rv. Edited by GEORGE M. ROBERT
SON, M.D., F.R.C.P. (Edin.), Professor oj Psychiatry in the University of Edinburgh, and Physician to the
Royal Asylum, Morningside.
"Two important translations which furnish a valuable addition to the English literature of Psychiatry.”
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Anatomy of the Brain and Spinal Cord
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CYRIL BURT. The Causal Factors of Juvenile Crime .
C. A. RICHARDSON. The Influence of Affective Factors on the Measure-

ment of Intelligence
J. CYRIL FLOWER. Suggestion
J. Y. T. GREIG. Freud's Theory of Wit .
One Hysteric and "Many Physicians,” or As Others See Us


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