The Rights and Liabilities of Husband and Wife


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第 39 頁 - That every Will made by a Man or Woman shall be revoked by his or her Marriage (except a Will made in exercise of a Power of Appointment, when the Real or Personal Estate thereby appointed would not in default of such Appointment pass to his or her Heir, Customary Heir, Executor, or Administrator, or the Person entitled as his or her next of Kin, under the Statute of Distributions) . XIX.
第 406 頁 - ... including any wages, earnings, money, and property gained or acquired by her in any employment, trade, or occupation, in which she is engaged, or which she carries on separately from her husband, or by the exercise of any literary, artistic, or scientific skill.
第 411 頁 - ... shall enure and be deemed a trust for the benefit of his wife for her separate use...
第 104 頁 - Bank Annuities, standing in the name of the accountantgeneral in trust in the cause ; and that...
第 14 頁 - ... be dead, the guardian or guardians of the person of the party so under age lawfully appointed, or one of them; and in case there shall be no such guardian or guardians, then...
第 408 頁 - ... shall be deemed to be the separate property of such woman, and the same shall be accounted for and paid to her as if she were an unmarried woman...
第 210 頁 - A divorce for adultery was anciently a vinculo matrimonii, and therefore, in the beginning of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, the opinion of the Church of England was, that after a divorce for adultery the parties might marry again ; but in Foljambe's case, Anno 44 Eliz., in the Star Chamber, that opinion was changed...
第 19 頁 - ... as to chattels personal (or choses) in possession, which the wife hath in her own right, as ready money, jewels, household goods, and the like, the husband hath therein an immediate and absolute property, devolved to him by the marriage, not only potentially but in fact, which never can again revest in the wife or her representatives.
第 18 頁 - These are the chief legal effects of marriage during the coverture; upon which we may observe, that even the disabilities which the wife lies under, are for the most part intended for her protection and benefit. So great a favourite is the female sex of the laws of England.
第 208 頁 - In all sentences pronounced only for divorce and separation a thoro et mensa, there shall be a caution and restraint inserted in the act of the said sentence, that the parties so separated shall live chastely and continently ; neither shall they, during each other's life, contract matrimony with any other person.