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Harper & bros., 1846

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第 214 頁 - The manoeuvre will be critical and dangerous, and the troops exposed to every hardship. But as I share it with them, I may hope they will bear up under it with that magnanimity which has always supported them, and for which they deserve everything of their country.
第 150 頁 - The miserable condition of the troops for clothing has rendered the march the most painful imaginable, many hundred of the soldiers tracking the ground with their bloody feet. Your feelings for the sufferings of the soldier, had you been with us, would have been severely tried.
第 36 頁 - to recommend from the sincerity of my heart, ready at all times to bleed in my country's cause, a declaration of independence, and call upon the world and the great God who governs it, to witness the propriety and rectitude thereof." We anticipated Congress in the declaration of independence ; for, by a solemn act of our General Assembly, we dissolved all connexion with Great Britain, in the May previous. We withdrew our allegiance from the king, and renounced his government forever, and, in a...
第 187 頁 - ... first battalion of the Guards under Colonel Morton; on the left Lieutenant-colonel Webster, with the 23d and 33d regiments, and Brigadier-general O'Hara with the grenadiers and the 2d battalion of the Guards. In the woods on the left of the artillery were the yagers and light infantry of the Guards. The cavalry under Tarleton was ranged in columns on the road, with instructions to keep compact, and not to charge without positive orders, except in case of the most evident necessity. Watching the...
第 136 頁 - General Greene accepted with thankfulness. " Never," says his biographer, " did relief come at a more propitious moment ; nor would it be straining conjecture to suppose that he resumed his journey with his spirits cheered and lightened by this touching proof of woman's devotion to the cause of her country."* General Greene did not remain long in Salisbury ; but before his departure from the house of Mrs.
第 139 頁 - General wrote on, nor seemed to notice anything but his despatches, and the innumerable applications that were made to him from various quarters. His pen never rested but when a new visitor arrived, and then the answer was given with calmness and precision, and the pen immediately resumed.
第 273 頁 - The behaviour of the troops on this occasion deserves the highest commendations; both the officers that entered the ditch were wounded, and the greater part of their men were either killed or wounded. I have only to lament that such brave men fell in an unsuccessful attempt.
第 380 頁 - Greene, who said that it would be " the excess of intolerance to persecute men for opinions which twenty years before had been the universal belief of every class of society...
第 214 頁 - ... should take every measure to avoid a misfortune ; " but necessity obliges me to commit myself to chance, and if any accident should attend me. I trust my friends will do justice to my reputation.
第 186 頁 - ... of the first and third regiments, a detachment of light infantry, composed of Continental troops, and a regiment of riflemen under Colonel Lynch, formed a corps of observation for the security of our right flank. Lieutenant-Colonel Lee, with his Legion...