Here and There in London

W. Tweedie, 1859 - 228页
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第54页 - you will have every word that is spoken here by gentlemen misrepresented by fellows who thrust themselves into our gallery: you will have the speeches of the House every day printed, even during your session, and we shall be looked upon as the most contemptible assembly on the face of the earth...
第56页 - Potatoes make men healthy, vigorous, and active; but what is still more in their favour, they make men tall; more especially was he led to say so as being rather under the common size, and he must lament that his guardians had not fostered him upon that genial vegetable.
第95页 - GAMARRA is a dainty steed, Strong, black, and of a noble breed, Full of fire, and full of bone, With all his line of fathers known; Fine his nose, his nostrils thin, But blown abroad by the pride within! His mane is like a river flowing, And his eyes like embers glowing In the darkness of the night, And his pace as swift as light.
第58页 - Give me but the liberty of the Press, and I will give to the Minister a Venal House of Peers. I will give him a corrupt and servile House of Commons, I will give him the full swing of the patronage of office.
第117页 - Near to the spot on which Snow Hill and Holborn Hill meet, there opens, upon the right hand as you come out of the city, a narrow and dismal alley leading to Saffron Hill.
第138页 - The Stock Exchange does not recognise in its dealings any other parties than its own members. Every bargain, therefore, whether for account of the member effecting it or for account of a principal, must be fulfilled according to the rules, regulations and usages of the Stock Exchange.
第117页 - Hundreds of these handkerchiefs hang dangling from pegs outside the windows, or flaunting from the door-posts ; and the shelves within are piled with them. Confined as the limits of Field Lane are, it has its barber, its coffee-shop, its beer-shop, and its fried-fish warehouse. It is a commercial colony of itself : the emporium of petty larceny...
第28页 - Quarterday answered these, full of confidence in the nation and in himself. When the debate was getting heavy, Lord Snap jumped up to give them something light. The Lords do not encourage wit, and so are obliged to put up with pertness. But Viscount Memoir was very statesmanlike, and spouted a sort of universal history. Then there was Lord Ego, who vindicated his character, when nobody knew he had one, and explained his motives, because his auditors could not understand his acts.
第118页 - ... go as strangely as they come. Here the clothesman, the shoe-vamper, and the rag-merchant, display their goods as sign-boards to the petty thief; and stores of old iron and bones, and heaps of mildewy fragments of woollenstuff and linen , rust and rot in the grimy cellars.