pecially in the early years of the One independent native church has work, on the missionaries for the for some time existed in Calcutta necessaries of life, and for protection under the care of Babu Goolzar against social persecution. Not ten Shah, who is able to give his services years have elapsed since complete gratuitously to the church. But last liberty of conscience was secured, year the members chose a co-pastor, and the prejudices of the Govern and they pay him about £48 a year. ment of India against the employ. There are one or two other churches ment of Christian natives in its in Bengal similarly independent, service overcome. It is only of late and others have commenced conyears that converts in any numbers, tributing towards their minister's in a given locality, have been ga support. In Ceylon three churches thered together. For the most part act on this rule; and one of them, they have been brought out of the since it has assumed the maintenance heathen masses one by one; picked of the ordinances of the gospel, has up as stray sheep, in remote places. been greatly blessed of God. During

In very few instances, and only the four years it has been indepenrecently, has there been any move dent of the Society, it has doubled ment of the people in bodies, or its numbers. It began with fifty families, towards Christianity. On members, it has now one hundred. every side the convert had to meet Our space will not allow us any the bitterest opposition. He was de further extracts from this interesting prived of his share of the paternal Report. But we cannot close withinheritance, and excluded from the out saying that the Society is still common privileges of the village in somewhat in debt, though its income which he might happen to dwell. for the past year was the largest it No one would hold intercourse with ever received. Let us hope that the him, or employ him, or purchase the coming year will restore an even produce of his toil. The convert balance between income and expenwas thus too often brought into a diture. It would be cause for deep relation of complete dependence on regret should the Committee be the missionary. His helplessness compelled to contract its labours. appealed to the Christian feelings of It is a good omen that the year those by whose instrumentality he should commence with two munifihad been enlightened. Many an in cent donations of £500 each, given quirer had to go away, sad at heart, by two friends of the Society at the because a profession of Christianity annual meeting. Let this generous. would deprive him of every resource, example be followed by every one and he would become literally an in the measure of his ability; and outcast from his people and from his with God's blessing the Society will home.

not only be able to sustain efficiently During the last year, the mission. | its present extended operations, but aries have, however, made earnest carry the gospel to the “regions beefforts to overcome these difficulties. | yond.”

NEWS OF THE CHURCHES. THE Annual Meetings of our vari. It is somewhat late now to record, ous Societies have been held since that, on the whole, the reports have the preparation of our last issue. | been very gratifying; though the

Baptist Missionary Society has had be worked as a branch of the Church again to announce a deficit of £3300. at Bunyan Chapel, Luton.-A new We are glad to add, however, in re- chapel has been opened in Lodge gard to this deficit, that at the Road, Birmingham.-A new chapel public meeting at Exeter Hall, two has been opened at Kidderminster, friends contributed each £500 to for the church of which the Rev. T. wards its reduction; so that we Fisk is the pastor. trust the whole amount will be

The Rev. G. Nicholson, B.A., late speedily supplied. We believe that

of Longsight, Manchester, has been the finances of the other societies are

recognised as the pastor of the satisfactory, though all complain of

Church at Union Chapel, Putney.the disproportion of the means to

The Rev. E. Morgan has been rethe work that needs to be done.

cognised as the pastor of the Church We are glad to mention that the at Earby-in-Craven, Yorkshire.—The testimonial of the Baptist Churches Rev. J. Turner has been recognised to the Rev. C. H. Spurgeon, is to be as the pastor of the Church at Foulpresented to-day, when the founda sham, “Norfolk.—The Rev. W. B. tion stone of the two houses will be Hobbing, late of Shaldon, Devon, laid. The amount contributed is has been recognised as the pastor about £1300.

of the Church at Chalfont St. Peter, A valuable testimonial has been

Bucks.The Rev. C. L. Gordon,

late of the Metropolitan Tabernacle presented to the Rev. J. Harcourt, of the Borough Road Chapel, London,

College, has been recognised as the

pastor of the Church meeting in the on the completion of eleven years

Tabernacle, Nailsworth.--The Rev. service as pastor of the Church.

J. A. Morris has been recognised as A new Church has been formed the pastor of two (Welsh and English) at Tunbridge, of which the Rev. J. Churches at Cefnmawr, Ruabon, Turner has become the pastor.–An Denbighshire. English Baptist Church has been

The following reports of MINIformed at Carmarthen, for which a

STERIAL CHANGES have reached us chapel is intended to be erected as

since our last :-The Rev. D. E. soon as possible.-A Church has been

Evans, of the Metropolitan Taberformed in connection with the Upper

nacle College, to Enfield, Middlesex; Holloway Chapel, London, of which

the Rev. J. B. Myers, late assistantthe Rev. S. H. Booth is the pastor.

minister to the Rev. W. Robinson, The foundation stone of a new

of Cambridge, to Wolverhampton; chapel has been laid at Swavesey,

the Rev. W. T. Whitmarsh, late of Cambridge, for the Church under the Brixham, Devon, to Barnstaple; the pastorate of the Rev. M. W. Flan Rev. T. Goadby, B.A., of Commercial ders.--A new school-room has been Road, London, to Osmaston Road, opened at Eye, Suffolk, in connec Derby. The Rev. G. G. Bailey, on tion with the Church of which the account of increasing infirmities, has Rev. J. Gibbs is pastor.-A new resigned the pastorate of the Church chapel has been opened in Highfield at Blisworth, Northamptonshire. Road, Dartford, Kent, for the Church The Rev. W. Parry has vacated the under the pastorate of the Rev. A. pastorate at Wells, being about to Sturge. The foundation stone of a go to Australia. new chapel has been laid at Farsley, I We regret to announce the death near Leeds, for the congregation of the Rev. T. F. Newman, of Shortunder the pastorate of the Rev. E. wood, which took place on the 10th Parker.-A new chapel has been of April. “He rests from his labours, opened at Limbury, near Luton, to l and his works do follow him."


FRAUD. Without the precaution of observing closely the address, “BRYANT and May,” and the Trade Mark—an ark— TRADE M ARK the Public may be imposed upon with an article that does not afford Protection from Fire.



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THOMAS MILLS. “ We have read this book with profound interest and unmingled satisfaction. It is clear in statement, sound in doctrine, and eloquent in style. On the simplicity of faith in Christ it has our especial admiration. It leads the penitent out of all the legal mazes in which unbelief entangles him, direct to Calvary, where he confidently rests in solid peace, humble love, and rejoicing hope."-Methodist New Connexion Magazine.

“ We cordially approve of this book as the very Scripture truth."-Church of England Mag. “It is written with no ordinary power of thought and force of expression."-Homilist. It is just the friend and counseller that the seeking sinner wants."-Wesleyan Times.

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the Rev. James Culross, M.A., Rev. J. H. Hinton, M.A., Rev. Edward Steane, D.D., Rev. J. W. Dance, Rev. B. P. Pratten, B.A., Rev. C. Vince, Rev. John Aldis, jun., Rev. A. M'Laren, B.A., Rev. W.L. Rosevear, Rev. W. Landels, Rev. S. G. Green, B.A., Rev. Edward White, Rev. S. Cox, Rev. F. Tucker, B.A., Rev. T. R. Stevenson, Rev. E. L. Hull, B.A., Rev. N. Hay

croft, M.A., Rev. Octavius Winslow, D.D. “This volume, consisting of selections from the works of many writers, is eminently adapted to be useful. Eighteen of the best preachers of the day are severally made to contribute to the object and the public good. It may be likened to an assemblage of ministers for spiritual converse, every one having his topic assigned him, and every one having spoken on that topic to the best of his ability.”-British Standard.

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