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Platzida from the Door of the Hotel, and the others. Pla. Oh God! from the window it seemed that I heard my husband's voice. If he is here, I have arrived in time to make him ashamed. ( A Servant enters from the Shop. ) Boy. tell me, pray, who are in those chambers.

Sery. Three Gentlemen: one, Signor Eugenio; the others Signor Martio, the Neapolitan; and the third, my Lord, the Count Leander Ardenti.

Pla. Flaminio is not amongst these, unless he has changed his name.

Leander (Within drinking. ) Long live the good fortune of Signor Eugenio.

(The whole Company, Long live, etc.) (Literally, Noc , yo sã; May he live. )

Pla. Without doubt that is my husband. (To the Serv. ) My good man, do me the favour to accompany me above to those Gentlemen; I have some business.

Serv. At your commands. (Aside.) The old office of us waiters. (He goes out of the Gaming House.)

Ridolpho. (To Victoria on another part of the stage.) Courage, Courage, be of good cheer, it is nothing. Victoria. I feel as if about to die. (Leaning on him as if fainting.) (From the windows above all within are seeu rising from table

in confusion : Leander starts at the sight of Platzida, and

appears by his gestures to threaten her life.
Eugenio. No, stop-
Martio. Don't attempt 138, tuo
Leander. Away, fly from hene!

Pla. Help! Help! (Flies down the stairs, Leander attempting to follow with his sword. Eugenio hinders him.)

(Trappola with a plate of meat leaps over the balcony from the window, and rnns into the Coffee-House.)

(Platzida runs out of the Gaming-House, and takes shelter in the Hotel.)

(Martio steals softly out of the Gaming-House, and goes off exclaiming, « Rnmores fuge. » The Servants from the Gaming-House enter Hotel, and shut the door. ]

[ Victoria remains in the Coffee-House assisted by Ridolpho. ] [ Leander sword in hand opposite Eugenio exclaims, Give waywill enter that hotel. ]

Eugenio. No, that shall never be. You are a scoundrel to your wife, and I will defend her to the last drop of my blood.

Leander. I will give you cause to repent this ( Menacing with his sword.]

Eugenio. I fear you not. [ He attacks Leander and makes him give back so much that finding the door of the dancing girl's house open, Leander escapes through, and so finishes. ] *

* Záverance finishes »-awkwardly enough, but it is the literal translation of the Romaic. The original of this comedy of Goldoni's I never read, but it does not appear one of his best. « Il Bugiardo » is one of the most lively; but I do not think it has been translaled into Romaic: it is much more amusing than our own « Liar, » by Foote. The character of Lelio is better drawn than Young Wilding. Goldoni's comedies amount to fifty; some perhaps the best in Europe, and others the worst. His life is also one of the best specimens of autobiography, and, as Gibbon has observed, « more dramatic than any of his plays. » The above scene was selected as containing some of the most familiar Romaic idioms, not for any wit which it displays, since there is more done than said, the greater part consisting of stage directions. The original is one of the few comedies by Goldoni which is without the buffonnery of the speaking IIarlequin. ΔΙΑΛΟΓΟΙ ΟΙΚΙΑΚΟΙ.


Δια να ζητήσης ένα πραγμα. To ask for any thing. Σας παρακαλώ, δόσετε με αν Ipray you, give me if you please.

ορίζετε. Φέρετέ με.

Bring me. Δανείσιτέ με.

Lend me. Πεγαίνησε να ζητήσετε.

Go to seek. Τώρα ευθυς.

Now directly. Ω ακριβέ με Κύριε, κάμετε με My dear Sir, do me this favour.

αυτήν την χάριν. Εγώ σας παρακαλώ.

I entreat you. Εγώ σας εξορκίζω.

I conjure you. Εγώ σας το ζητώ δια χάριν. I ask it of you as a favour. Υποχρεώσετε με είς τόσον, Oblige me so much.

Λόγια ερωτικά, η αγάπης,
Ζωή με.
Ακριβή με ψυχή.
Αγαπητέ με, ακριβέ με.
Καρδίτζα με.
Αγάπη με.

Affectationate expressions.
My life.
My dear soul.
My dear,
My heart.
My love.

Δια να ευχαριστήσης να κάμης πε- To thank, pay compliments.

ριποίησες, και φιλικαϊς δεξίωσες. απd testify regard. Εγώ σας ευχαρισ76.

I thank you. Σας γνωρίζω χάριν.

I return you thanks. Σάς είμαι υπόχρεος κατα πολλά. I am much obliged to you. Εγώ θέλω το κάμει μετα χαρας. I will do it with pleasure. Με όλών με την καρδίαν. With all my heart. Με καλήν με καρδίαν.

Most cordially. Σας είμαι υπόχρεος.

I am obliged to you. Είμαι όλος εδίκος σας,

I am wholly yours.

Είμαι δέλος σας.

I am your servant.
Ταπεινότατος δέλος.

Your most humble servant,
Είστε κατα πολλα εγενικός. You are too oblïging.
Πολλά πειράζεσθε.

You take too much trouble. το έχω δια χαράν με να τας δα- I have a pleasure in serving you,

λεύσω. Είστε ευγενικός και ευπροσήγορος. You are obliging and kind. Αυτό είναι πρέσον.

That is right. Τι θέλετε και τι ορίζετε;

What is your pleasure ?

What are your commands? Σας παρακαλώ να με ταχειρίζεσ- I beg you will treat me freely.

θε ελεύθερα. Χωρίς περιποίησες.

Without ceremony. Σας αγαπώ εξ όλης μου καρδίας. I love you with all my heart. Και εγώ ομοίως.

And I the same. Tιμήσετε με ταϊς προσλαγαϊς σας. Honour me with your commands. Εχετε τίποτις να με προσλάξετε; Have you any commands for me? Προσλαξετε τον δέλον σας. Command your servant. Προσμένω τις προσαγας σας. I wait your commands. Με κάμνετε μεγάλης τιμήν. You do me great honour, Φθάνεν η περιποίησης σας παρα- Not so much ceremony I beg.

καλώ. Προσκυνήσετε εκμέρες με τον άρ- Present my respects to the genχοντα , ή τον κύριον.

tleman, or his Iordship. Βεβαιώσετε τον πώς τον ενθυμάμαι Assure him of my remembrance, Βεβαιώσετε τον σώς τον αγαπώ. Assure him of my friendship. Δεν θέλω λειψει να το το ειπώ. I will not fail to tell him of it. Προσκυνήματα εις την αρχόντισσαν. My εompliments to her ladyship. Πηγαίνετε έμπροσθα και σας ακο- Go before, and I will follow you, λεθώ. Η'ξεύρω καλά το χρέος με. I well know my duty. Η'ξεύρω το είναι με.

I know my situation

Με κάμνετε να εντρέπομαι με You confound me with so much

ταϊς τόσαις φιλοφροσύναις σας. civility. Θέλετε λοιπόν να κάμω μίαν αχ- Would you have me then be guilty ρειότητα και

of an incivility ? Υσάγω έμπροσθά δια να σας I go before to obey you.

απακέσω. Δια να κάμω την προσταγήν σας. Το comply with your command. Δεν αγαπώ τόσαις περιποίησες. I do not like so much ceremony.. Δεν είμαι τελείως περιποιητικος. I am not at all ceremonious. Αυτό είναι το καλίτερον.

This is better. Τόσον το καλίτερον.

So much the better. Εχετε λόγον ήχετε δίκαιον. You are in the right.

Δια να βεβαιώσης, να αρνηθής , να Το αfirm, deny, consent, etc.
συγκαταιευσης, και τξ.
Είναι αληθινόν, είναι αληθέστατον. It is true, it is very true.
Δια να σας είπω την αλήθειαν. To tell you the trulh.
Οντως, έτζη είναι.

Really, it is so.
Ποίος αμφιβάλλεις

Who doubts it ? Δεν είναι ποσώς αμφιβολία. There is no doubt. το πιστεύω, δεν το πιστεύω. I believe it, I do not believe it. Λέγω το ναι.

I say yes. λέγω το όχι.

I say no,
Βάλλω στίχημα ότι είναι. I wager it is.
Βάλλω στίχημα ότι δεν είναι έτζη. I wager it is not 80.
Ναι, μα την πίστιν με. Yes, by my faith.
Εις την συνείδησίν με.

In conscience.
Μα την ζωήν με.

By my life. Ναι, σας ομνύω.

Yes, I swear it to you. Σας ομνύω ωσαν τιμημένος άνθρω- I swear to you as an honest man.


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