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This TRUSS is most efficient in controlling Hernia ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS, ELASTIC STOCKINGS and all Elastic Goods made up fresh for each order.

We carry a full line of Surgical Appliances, ARCH SUPPORTERS, CRUTCHES, INVALID CHAIRS.

We Make








2 Barclay Street

(Opposite Woolworth Building)

New York

Sufferers Now FREE

You Can Now Treat This Trouble In Your Own Home and Get Relief at Once.

How the Remedy for Catarrh Was Discovered



By the method the nose and throat are treated by



HIS terrible disease has raged unchecked for years simply because symptoms have been treated while effective local the cause of the trouble has been left to remedy applied circulate in the blood, and bring the directly to the disease back as fast as local treatments afflicted memcould relieve it.

C. E. Gauss, who experimented for years on a treatment for Catarrh, found that after perfecting a balm that relieved the nose and throat The Elixir, troubles quickly, he could not prestomach, has a vent the trouble beginning all over direct influence again.

taken into the

upon the mu

cous membranes. On test cases, he could completely reof the body and move all signs of Catarrh from nose and throat, but in a few weeks they

cures the dis

ease by remov

ing the cause. were back.

Careful experiments and investigations have shown that as the troubles were expelled from the nose and throat, the real cause of the disease was overlooked and in a short time the Catarrh would return stronger than ever. Mr. Gauss has gone way ahead of the ordinary methods of treatment and has provided a remedy that

Removes the Cause
and immediately Gives Re
lief to the Nose and Throat

Reese Jones, of Scranton, Penn., says that after trying
many other treatments, he used this new method and-
"My nose is now entirely clear and free and I am not
The New Combined
bothered by the disease any more.
Treatment is worth its weight in gold."
Temporary relief from catarrh

may be obtained in other ways, but the New Combined Treatment must inevitably be accepted for permanent results.

Sarah J. Cape, Mount Pelia, Tenn., says:

"I suffered the pains and distress of catarrh

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for thirteen years and, needless to state, tried Send the Test Treatment

nearly every method. But by your new method I was completely cured and you cannot imagine the joy that has come over me."

Trial Treatment FREE

This new method is so important to the welfare of humanity, so vital to every person suffering from any form of catarrh. that the opportunity to actually test it and prove its results, will be gladly extended without one cent of cost.

A large trial treatment. with complete, minute directions, will be sent free to any catarrh-sufferer.

Send no money. take no risks. make no promises. Simply clip, sign and mail the coupon and the test package of the New Combined Treatment will be sent. fully prepaid, together with the valuable book on Catarrh.





6162 Main Street, Marshall, Mich. If your New Combined Treatment will relieve my Catarrh and bring me health and good spirits again. I am So. without cost willing to be shown. or obligation to me. send. fully prepaid, the Treatment and Book.





Dun Building,

290 Broadway, New York.

Artificial Eyes.

Artificial human eyes made to order. Large stock on hand. Supply. all eye infirmaries of Greater New York and vicinity. Terms reasonable. Write for particulars. Established 1851. MAGER & GOUGELMANN, 108 E. 12th St., New York. Art Schools. BARTHOLDI'S

Schools teach Photo-Engraving, Photography. lustrating. Painting: practical shop instruction; 35th year.

92 5th Avenue, New York City

Cameras and Lenses.


Family and financial difficulties, accidents, Surrogate's matters, incorporations, wills, confidential, experienced, reference: open evenings, ATTORNEY, 67 W. 125, Room 20. Phone 875 Harlem. Advice concerning real estate, investments, budness etc. Write facts plainly, enclose a one dollar bill with it and save trouble. H. L. SALPETER,

38 Park Row, New York City.

Male Help Wanted.

$150 Per Month and Expenses. Salary or Commission--Introducing our King Butter Separator. Il-Produces best grade of butter from cream or milk, Write for sweet or sour, in less than 5 minutes. our free sample and salary propositions. De King Mfg. Co.. Dept. 113, Chicago, Ill. Mercantile Agencies.

We are headquarters in buying, selling and exchanging second-band Cameras and Lenses. Have a full line of the latest Kodaks. Century, Premo and Graflex Cameras always on hand; aiso supplies. Write for bargain list. GLOECKNER & NEWBY CO., 171 Broadway, New York.

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John Daley

BUYS platinum,


R. G. DUN & CO.,

Dum Building.

290 Broadway, New York.

Packing Boxes.

P. RYAN, Dealer in all kinds of Old and New Packing Cases, Sawdust and Box Straps. Established 1850. Office and yards 556 to 560 Washington St., New York City. Telephones 1837, 1838 and 1839 Spring.

Real Estate. ATTENTION!

Why people buy and invest through O'HARA BROS., Real Estate Firm at 2873 Webster Are.. Bronx: Because the firm is established since 1901: Because the firm knows Bronx values for ye tus: Because the firm believes in the Bronx for a home, for vacant property, for placing money on Pond and Mortgage on Bronx property. Lots from $600 up; houses $3,500.

O'HARA BROS., 2873 Webster Ave., Bronx,



85 Cents Roll: 108 square feet: nails; Rubber Roofing Mfg. Company, cement. 5 Cortlandt Street, New York City.

Safes. Telephone Spring 780.

gold, pawn tickets, antiques. TROIS SAFE & LOCK CO.,

Send to me; I will send money or return goods. 654 6th Ave.. 38th St.

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$25.00 to $200.00


Our drinks are unusually good and pay a very large profit. There is over 4c clear on every glass sold at 5c -85c clear on every dollar you take in. The attractive banners and show cards, printed from engraved plates in colors, which we furnish FREE with all orders, are SURE trade winners, There are thousands of picnics, fairs, ball games, etc., going on all over the country, where millions of soft drinks are sold. We need hardly remind you of that.. At these large gatherings good drinks can be sold about as fast as the "man behind" can hand them out. Many are going to make the equivalent. of an ordinary month's wages in a day. Be one of them. Prepare NOW and get your share of this big business. Send in your order from this advertisement, or write for our circulars at once. Do not put it off, but do it NOW.




Each pound of the powder makes 00 gallons of the drink, by just adding cold water and sweetening with sugar; no trouble to prepare it. A great many people will drink several glasses of Crescent Orangeade. It has a bright orange color and a rich, true orange flavor that is sure to please the most particular. Fully guaranteed under the Pure Food Law, U. S. Serial No. 11768. Price, $2.85 per pound, postpaid: 6 pounds for $15.50. Sample gallon package, 10c, postpaid.

Lemonette, Strawberry, Raspberry and Cherry Powders

These powders are the same strength and price as Crescent Orangeade. first-class drinks which are sure to satisfy. They make strictly The Lemonette only costs about one-fourth as much as lemons, and makes a perfect drink. Try them. Sample gallon package, 10c, postpaid.


This is a very attractive and good drink. and put into it (for appearance); canned pineapple can be used, but fresh is better, and you will When prepared to drink, cut up some pineapple have a drink which will sell so fast it will surprise you. In a crowd it will sell as fast as glasses can be filled, must always. Attractive colored signs are furnished free with all orders. This drink is made in liquid form. A 16-ounce bottle makes 40 gallons by simply, adding cold water and sugar. Price per 16-ounce bottle, $2.50 prepaid. Sample 10c, postpaid,

Ras-O-Berry, Cres-Cola, Sherbet-Ale, Peachette and Pep-Fruita

These drinks are all made in liquid form, and are the same strength as Crescent Pineapple Cider. They are first-class in every respect, and are sure sellers. There is over 4c clear profit on every glass; 85c on every dollar. Sample of any kind, 10c, postpaid.

For only $2.95 we will send an assortment, including some of all our drinks, which will bring $32.00 at retail, With this assortment we send a nice lot of signs, and we prepay the express charges or postage, Think of it! $32.00 for $2.95!

Don't Wait Another Minute. Get Started Now. The Money Is Waiting for You

We sell glass jars, tumbler carriers, etc., at lowest prices.

CHAS. T. MORRISSEY & CO. Chicago, Illinois

4407-17 Madison St.

For their guaranteed non-skid safety on wet and

greasy pavements.

For their guaranteed oilproof quality—that keeps from rotting or softening under the effects of oil.

For their guaranteed mileage of 4,500 miles—that averages greatly in excess of this figure.




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