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Hurrah! the day of the old fashioned, ill fitting, uncomfortable, ever-slipping steel spring, elastic band or leg strap harness is gone forever. A wonderful new device has taken its place. Nothing like it has ever been known before, and the results from its use are bringing joy to the hearts of hundreds of rupture victims who have been truss tortured for years.

The Wonderful

Schufling Rupture Lock

is something that the thousands of rupture sufferers have been waiting, looking, hoping, longing for something that can be worn with comfort, day and night, asleep or awake. at work or at play, all the time, everywhere; cannot slip, bind, pinch, gouge or "gauld" the flesh; holds the rupture, single or double, big or little, with the firm ness of a vise and yet so gently, softly and comfortably that the rupture is soon forgotten. But that is not all

It Is Actually
Curing Rupture

Think of it! CURING RUPTURE, healing the openings, closing them up, so that it is possible to go without the Lock, and without support of any kind. Think of it, rupture sufferers think what this means-not only comfort and perfect holding ALL the time, not only relief-but actual CURES are being effected.

Investigate this-you can try the WONDERFUL SCHUILING RUPTURE LOCK at your home and wear it, use it, test it in any way you like for 30 days FREE.

Now is the time here is your chance to obtain the comfort and relief you have been so long looking for the actual CURE you have hardly dared to hope for.

Praise of Hundreds
Proves It

Read these extracts from a few of hundreds of letters received:

Mr. John Schinnerer. Columbus, Indiana, 81 Rupture Lock four months ago, and now find years old, says: "I was fitted with a Schuiling ruptured openings entirely healed up."

Mr. E. E. Dickerson, Grand Rapids, Mich., says: "It held my rupture as nothing before had done. Wore it eight months and was completely cured."

John Gorend, R.R., Arlington, S. C., says: "It Is the pleasure of my life to confess to you that after five months of service from your Rupture Lock I am now a cured man."

Trial Offer and

Rupture Book Free

Write this very day for the Schuiling Book, "HOW TO CURE RUPTURE" and FREE TRIAL OFFER of the WONDERFUL SCHUILING RUPTURE LOCK, THINK OF IT! you can get this and wear it, try it. test it, use itfor a whole month without taking any chances, without risking a penny or going to any trouble whatever, Write now-now, now, now. while you're thinking of it. You'll be thankful the longest day you live.

Send This To-day Send coupon below or post card with your name and address and send it NOW-TO-DAY. It takes but a moment-costs nothingmeans everything to you. The grandest surprise of your life and joyous, glorious relief awaits you.

SCHUILING RUPTURE INSTITUTE, 512 W.Market St., Indianapolis, Ind. Please send 30-day Trial Offer and Book, "How to Cure Rupture" all FREE.


Street or R. F. D..




Wishes to tell you FREE HOW SHE STOPPED

Her Husband's Drinking Write to Her and Learn How She did it. For over 20 years James Anderson of 152 Elm Ave.. Hillburn, N. Y.. was a very hard drinker. His case seemed a hope

less one, but 10 years ago his wife in their own little home gave him a simple remedy which much to her delight stopped his drinking entirely.

She also tried this remedy on her brother and several neighbors. It was successful in every case. None of them has touched liquor since.

She now wishes every

one who has drunkenness in their homes to try this simple remedy, for she feels sure that it will do as much for others as it has for her. It can be given secretly if desired, and without cost she will gladly and willingly tell you what it is. All you have to do is write her a letter asking her how she cured her husband of drinking and she will reply by return mail in a sealed envelope. As she has nothing to sell do not send her money. Simply send a letter with all confidence to Mrs. Margaret Anderson at the address given above, taking care to write your name and full address plainly.

Cancer Treatise

The Leach Sanatorium, Indianapolis, Indiana, has published a booklet which gives interesting facts about the cause of Cancer, also tells what to do for pain, bleeding, odor, etc. Write for a copy of it to-day, mentioning this publication.

A REAL SUMMER SELLER Everybody, young and old, every home, church fair, picnic, etc., is a sure customer for our concentrated soft drink extracts for making

Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks Refreshing, healthful. Seven different kinds Orangeade, Cherry Bounce. Raspberry, etc. Small package-carry it right with you. One bottle makes 32 glasses. Guaranteed pure. Get it while it's new. 100 per cent profit. No competition. No experience needed. Write postal to-day for special monosition FREE. AMERICAN PRODUCTS COMPANY 2200 Third Street, Cincinnati, O.


Generous Offer of a Free Book to all Deaf People who Wish to Hear

Deaf people everywhere will rejoice with all their hearts over the new treatment for Deafness that is restoring hearing in so many cases once thought hopeless. In order that every one may learn of this treatment-by all odds one of the best known yet for Deafness-the finder of this successful new method has written a very interesting and helpful book which he will send absolutely free of charge to any person who suffers from Deafness. It shows in the plainest manner the causes of Deafness and Head Noises, and points out the way to regain clear and distinct hearing. Careful drawings of the ear and its complicated passages, made by the best artists, illustrate the book.

Deafness Specialist Sproule, author of this desirable work, has for twenty-five years been making a thorough investigation of Deafness and Head Noises, and his successful new treatment for Deafness is the reward of all his patient study. Now he wishes every one who suffers from Deafness in any degree to learn how science can conquer this cruel affliction.

Don't neglect your Deafness any longer! Send for this book today, and learn how hearing is being restored. quickly and permanently. Many who once believed their Deafness incurable have already gained perfect hearing by following the advice given in its pages. Write your full name and address on the dotted lines, cut out the free book coupon. Mail to Deafness Specialist Sproule, 200 Trade Building, Boston, Mass.

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A New Home Cure That Anyone Can Use
Without Discomfort or Loss of Time

We have a New Method that cures Asthma. and we want you to try it at our expense. matter whether your case is of long standing or recent development. whether it is present as occasional or chronic Asthma, you should send for free trial of our method. No matter in what climate you live, no matter what your age or occupation, if you are troubled with Asthma, our method should relieve you promptly.

We especially want to send it to those apparently hopeless cases, where all forms of inhalers, douches, opium preparations, fumes, "patent smokes,' etc.. have failed. We want to show everyone, at our own expense, that this new method is designed to end all difficult breathing. all wheezing, and all those terrible paroxysms at once and for all time.

This free offer is too important to neglect a single day. Write now and then begin the method at once. Send no money. Simply mail coupon below. Do It Today.

FREE ASTHMA COUPON FRONTIER ASTHMA CO.. Room 727J Niagara and Hudson Sts., Buffalo, N. Y.

Send free trial of your method to:

These great tablets have restored to me perfect manhood at 43. After having been without manly vim, vigor and vitality for more than eight years. I had rheumatism and pains in my legs; in fact, mine was a case of general debility. I tried doctors and brother druggists, being a druggist myself; but only got slight relief, till I finally started to experiment on myself with the above results. Any man or woman who wants perfect health, vim, vigor and vitality. no matter how old they are, or how bad they feel, have now a chance to get what they want,

"Perfect Health and Vigor"

Write me at once, or send $1.00 for month treatment, and I will send you an extra month treatment free.

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Kellogg's Saritone Wafers Revive Vitality in Men and Women When Life's Sun Begins to Set.


What you ARE, not what you WERE, is what counts in the game of life. It's up to men and women to be "live ones" and not slow down too soon. Kellogg's Sanitone Wafers keep your vital energy aglowdrive away all gloominess and peevish

I'm the Equal in Nerve-Force and Power to Any of the Rising Generation. ness, and strengthen your petered-out

sags down near zero; when you're fagged When ambition deserts you and vitality out in brain and body and your nerves lack vim-the Kellogg's Sanitone Wafers "ginger" you up to concert pitch, put "the punch" in your muscles, and make you tingle all over with health. $1.00 a box at druggists.

Send your name and address to-day with and packing for a free 50c trial box of six cents in stamps to help pay postage Kellogg's Sanitone Wafers, to F. J. Kellogg Co.. 2723 Hoffmaster Block, Battle Creek, Michigan.



2723 Hoffmaster Block,
Battle Creek. Mich.

Kindly send me. Free. a 50c package
of Kellogg's Sanitone Wafers.


Elastic Stockings and
Abdominal Supports


of every description. Our catalog with
directions, etc., FREE upon request.


202-204 Oxford Street, Lynn, Mass.

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