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We Knit to Order and Correctly Fit

Elastic Stockings and
Abdominal Supports



202-204 Oxford Street, Lynn, Mass.


$25 GOLD WATCH, 20-YEAR GUARANTEED, THIN MODEL, RUBY JEWELS, $4.95 Here is the watch you have always wanted, sent you at our Gold risk-without one cent in advance. Write if you prefer Ladies' Boys' or Gents' size, gold sunburst or fine white enamelled dial, open face, plain polished or beautifully engraved hunting case, and we send this elegant 20-year, fully guaranteed, thin model, stem wind and set watch C. O. 'D. to your Post Office, or for Free Examination and test at your Express Office. If satisfied with it and sure it equals a 17-Jewel, $25 Gold Watch, Dial pay post or expressman our Special Sale Price, only $4.95, and LIGHT WATCH COMPANY, Dept. W. A.. CHICAGO, ILL

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Over 100 of the best farms in Northern New Jersey: within two hours of New York City, three hours of Philadelphia. Many of these excellent farms, fully stocked and cropped, that can be sold for prices within the reach of the average person, SEND FOR CATALOGUE.





A very interesting book has been published on tobacco habit-how to conquer it quickly and easily. It tells the dangers of excessive smoking, chewing, snuff using, etc., and explains how nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, weak eyes, stomach troubles and numerous other disorders may be eliminated through stopping self-poisoning by tobacco. The man who has written this book wants to genuinely help all who have become addicted to tobacco habit and says there's no need to suffer that awful craving or restlessness which comes when one tries to quit voluntarily. This is no mind-cure or temperance sermon tract but plain common sense, clearly set forth. The author will send it free, postpaid, in plain wrapper. Write, giving name and full address-a postcard will do. Address Edward J. Woods, 657 K, Station E, New York City. Keep this advertisement, it is likely to prove the best news you ever read in this almanac.

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We buy hundreds of old coins. $4.25 paid for 1856 Flying Eagle Cent; $25.00 for 1858 Silver Dollar: Gold Dollars $1.50 up, according to dates. Send 10 cents for buying list. May make you rich. A. H. KRAUS, 175 Kraus Building, Milwaukee, Wis.

Write for Book of the Eye, Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago.

Try Murine Eye Remedy


Granulated Eyelids

Sold at
Your Druggist's.

"Gains 22 Pounds in 23 Days"

"I was all run-down to the very bottom," writes F. Gagnon. "I had to quit work I was so weak. Now, thanks to Sargol, I look like a new man. I gained 22 pounds in 23 days.'

"Sargol has put just 10 pounds on me in 14 days," W. D. Roberts. "It has made me sleep well, enjoy what I states ate and enabled me to work with interest and pleasure."

"I weighed 132 pounds when I commenced taking Sargol. After taking 20 days I weighed 144 pounds. Sargol is the most wonderful preparation for flesh building I have ever seen,' clares D. Martin, and J. Meier adds: "For the past twenty "deyears I have taken medicine every day for indigestion and got thinner every year. better than I have I took Sargol for forty days and feel creased from 150 to 170 pounds.' felt in twenty years. My weight has in

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If you want a beautiful and well rounded figure of symmetrical proportions, if you want to gain some solid pounds of healthy "stay there" flesh, if you want to increase your weight to normalweigh what you should weigh-accept this Free 50c Package today.

When hundreds of men and women-and there are hundreds, with more coming every day-living in every nook and corner of this broad land voluntarily testify to weight increases ranging all the way from 10 to 35 pounds, given them by Sargol, you must admit. Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Thin Reader, that there must be something in this Sargol method of flesh building after all.

Hadn't you better look into it, just as thousands of others have done? Many thin folks say: "I'd give most anything to put on a little extra weight," but when someone suggests a way they exclaim. "Not a chance. plump. I'm built to stay thin." Nothing will make me Until you have tried Sargol, you do not and cannot know that this is true. Sargol has put pounds of healthy "stay there" flesh on hundreds who doubted, and in spite of their doubts. You don't have to believe in Sargol to grow plump from its use. just take it and watch weight pile up. hollows vanish and your figure round out to pleasing and normal proportions. You weigh yourself when you begin and again when you finish and you let the scales tell the story.


Sargol is absolutely harmless. It is a tiny concentrated_tablet. You take one with every meal. It mixes with the food you eat for the purpose of separating all of its flesh producing ingredients. It prepares these fat making elements in an easily assimilated form, which the blood can readily absorb and carry all over your body. Plump. well-developed persons don't need Sargol to produce this result. Their assimilative machinery performs its functions without aid. tive organs do not. But thin folks' assimilaThis fatty portion of their food now goes to waste through their bodies like unburned coal through an open grate. A few days' test of Sargol in your case will surely prove whether or not this is true of you. Isn't it worth trying?


To enable any thin reader, ten pounds or more under weight, to easily make this test we will give a 50c box of Sargol, absolutely free. Either Sargol will increase your weight or it won't and the only way to know is to try it. Send for this Free Test Package to-day, enclosing 10c in silver or stamps to help pay postage, packing, etc.. and a full size 50c package will be sent by return mail, free of charge. with your letter to the SARGOL CO., DEPT. 200-A HERALD Mail this coupon BLDG., BINGHAMTON, N. Y.


This coupon entitles any person to one 50c package of Sargol, the
concentrated Flesh Builder (provided you have never tried it, and
that 10c is enclosed to cover postage, packing,
advertisement printed above, and then put 10c in silver in letter
etc.) Read our
today, with coupon, and the full 50c package will be sent you by
return post. Address: "


Dept. 200-A Herald Bldg., Binghamton, N. Y.
Write your name and address plainly and


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