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for Moving Picture Theatres, Dance Halls, Restaurants, Cafes, etc. Specially arranged music for all purposes. Nearest approach to human orchestra in existence.


played by the newly improved endless paper music rolls.

No other make of organs equals these for use in Roller Skating Rinks, on Carousels, Merry-Go-Rounds, or in Parks, in place of a regular brass band.


North Tonawanda, N. Y., U. S. A.

Be a Good Dresser and SAVE $8 in the BARGAIN

You want to be well dressed.

In these days you also want to get one hundred cents' worth for every dollar you spend. We will give it to you.

We will make you a cracking good suit or overcoat-latest New York style. You select the pattern. We guarantee to fit you perfectly. Remember thison every garment we save you from $5.00 to $8.00.

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Actual photos of Mr. C. E. Huffman, Hickory, N. C. He shows only one of the many things he does with a


He writes: "I feed, dress and shave myself; carry my suit case as easy as anyone; open and close a door; open drawer of desk or dresser, take out what I want and close it again. They are comfortable to wear and easy to operate.

With a Carnes Artificial Arm You Can

do writing, drawing, sharpen lead pencil, use telephone, clean teeth, lace or button shoes, put on glove, brush coat, tie cravat, brush hair, run automobile, ride bicycle, drive horses, plow, shovel, pitch hay, play pool or billiards, do sewing, ironing, sweeping and many other things seemingly impossible, but absolutely true. Endorsed by surgeons. Adapted by large railroads and factories. Our Guarantee Offer. Call at our home office. If we cannot prove

that the Carnes Arm is all we claim we will pay your round trip expenses. We guarantee a porfect fit by mail or no pay. Write for illustrated catalog B6. It's FREE.

Carnes Artificial Limb Company

Main Office and Factory: 904-906 E. 12th St., Kansas City, Mo. NEW YORK: 501 Centurian Building, , PITTSBURG: 703 Arrot Building, Fourth1182 Broadway.

and Wood Streets.

SEATTLE: 612 Northern Bank BuildCHICAGO: 1212 N. Y. Life Building. La

ing Salle and Monroe Streets.

LOS ANGELES, CAL.: 841 E. 8th St,

Investing for Profit

If you will simply send me your name. Special Introductory FREE Offer. Six fine Monthly

Issues-each worth $10 to $100 to you. How much do you know about the Science of Investment? Do you know the Real Earning Power of your money? What is the difference between the Rental Power and Earning Power of money? Do you know how $100 grows into $2,200? Why you should get Investing for Profit: If You Can Save $5 a Month or More

Only one man in a thousand knows the dii. ference between the rental power and the Don't invest a dollar in anything any. earning power of his money. Few men know where until you have read my wonderful the underlying principles of incorporation. magazine. Investing for Profit is for the Not one wage earner in 10.000 knows how to man who intends to invest any money. Invest his savings for profit, so he accepts however small, or who can save $5 or more a paltry 2% or 3% from his savings bank, per month, but who has not as yet learned while this same bank earns from 20% to the art of investing for profit. Learn how 30% on his money or he does not know $100 grows into $2,200. the science of investing and loses his all.

Russell Sage said: “There is a common Use This Coupon for the Six Issues and fallacy that, while for legal advice we go to lawyers, and for medical advice we go

Financial Advice FREE. to physicians, and for the construction of a great work. to engineers-financing is

If you know how to invest your savings everybody's business. As a matter of fact,

-If you know all about the proposition in it is the most profound and complicated which you are about to invest your hard. of them all."

earned savings-you need no advice. So let me give you just a glimpse of the If you don't. If there is a single doubt or get in my six blg Issues, The Little School. furnish any information I can regarding valuable investment information you wili misgiving in your mind-i shall be pleased

to answer any inquiries you may make, or master of the Science of investment,'

the art saving and making money guide to money-making:

through wise investment. The Sclenco of Investment. The Root and Branch of tho Investment ing for Profit

FREE for six months. Ask me to

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"Watering"-Its Significance.
Idle Money vs. Active Money.
Capital Is Looking for a Job,
The REAL Earning Power of Your Money.
Investment Securities Are Not Investment

The Actua! Possibilities of Intelligent In-

The Capitalization of Genius and of Oppor-

tunity. Walt tilí you see a good thing but don't wait till everyone sees it. You will then

H.L. BARBER, Publisher, be too late. Never was a time more aus.

20 (Q) West Jackson Blvd., picious for a public campaign of education on the logic of true investment. A revolu.

Chicago. tion in the financial world is now mning

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Address. authoritative original source of information.


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(RETAIL PRICE 25 CENTS) is independent of the weather. It provides her with 30 feet of braided line-always handy and ready for use no kinks or knots-protected from dust and dirt-no soiling of clothes. It is worth its weight in gold on Ironing Day. A neat metal cabinet that attaches to woodwork in kitchen, nursery or porch, or wherever most convenient. Easily locked when needed amount of line is drawn out. Premium Users-there is nothing better-Agents

Solicitor of U.S. and Foreign Patents, etc. - big profits. Send 25 cents for sample and terms,

Offices: Temple Court, 6 & 7 Beekman St., New York THE BECK MFG. CO.

'Phone, 5437 C'tlandt; Night, 3390 M'n'gside 218 East 41st Street NEW YORK CITY

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