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Repairing Tires

There's no other business to-day that offers greater money-making possibilities to men with little capital than Tire Repairing.

A Million and a Quarter Cars

and over are now in use. be repaired.

Think of the Tires and Tubes that must

Every city, town and hamlet is calling for men to do Tire Repairing. Why not you go into the business?

Only $150 to $500 Investment Required

That's all the money it takes to start in this business. For $150 to $500 we can give you a complete Akron-Williams Patented Tire Repair Outfit that is

Endorsed by all 30 Leading Tire Manufacturers

The fact that all 30 leading Tire manufacturers use the AkronWilliams Patented Tire Repair Vulcanizer is the best reason why YOU should use it.

And here are other reasons:

Built in separate units. You can buy just what

you need, and add to as business requires.

Each unit has three separate steam chambers. Heat

can be applied just where needed. That prevents

over-curing or burning.

There are many other reasons why you should buy an A-W outfit. Get them with our catalogue No. 27.

Write us now and get into business for yourself. Please mention "The World Almanac.





HE studs of this popular Federal Tire come well down over the side, forming a safe-guard against falls. At sharp turns on slippery roads the Federal Studded Tread protects the rider.

Federal Motorcycle Tires are made of specially selected motorcycle fabric, and all our 234 in. and 3 in. tires are four-ply, built up ply by ply. In Federal Tires, too, is the longest experience in manufacturing. This experience, supported by Federal modern equipment, shows itself to you in the Extra Service Federal Tires give you.

Supplied as regular equipment by leading motorcycle manufacturers.

Dealers Everywhere FEDERAL RUBBER MFG. CO.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Makes Your FORD

Heat less

Use less gasoline

Run more quietly and smoothly

The Maxim Silencer for Ford cars completely silences the exhaust noise. You cannot hear the exhaust at all.

And by reducing back pressure, the Silencer makes your Ford run much more smoothly-especially when the engine is throttled down very low or when pulling up a grade at high gear. Actual tests show that there is approximately one third less back pressure with the Silencer than with the regular muffler.




This reduction in back pressure also enables you to get more miles per gallon of gasoline. Less fuel is burned. The engine heats less and the liability of the water in the radiator to boil over is lessened.

WRITE FOR BOOKLET which explains fully the superiority of the Silencer over the ordinary mufflershows how it increases your pleasure and decreases running expense. Quickly and easily attached by anyone; takes the place of the muffler. Price $6.00

Ask your regular automobile supply dealer. If he hasn't it, please write us (giving his name). THE MAXIM SILENCER CO. 95A Huyshope Ave., Hartford, Conn.


How She Compels Others to Obey Read Your Life

100,000 Copies of Remarkable Book His

describing peculiar Psychic Powers to be distributed Post Free to readers of The World Almanac

"The wonderful power of Personal Influence, Magnetism. Fascination. Mind Control, call It what you will can surely be acquired by everyone no matter how unattractive or unsuccessful." says Mr. Elmer Ellsworth Knowles. author of the new book entitled: "The Key to the Development of the Inner Forces." The book lays bare many astounding facts concerning the practices of the Eastern Yogis, and describes a simple though effective system of controlling the thoughts and acts of others; how one may gain the love and friendship

thoughts (telepathy) is explained. Miss Josephine Davis, the popular stage favorite, whose portrait appears above, declares that Prof. Knowles' book opens the door to success, health and happiness to every mortal, no matter what his or her position in life. She believes that Prof. Knowles has discovered principles which. if universally adopted, will revolutionize the mental status of the human race.

have developed powers which they little full name, address. the date, month and dreamed they possessed. The free distri-year of birth (all clearly written). bution of the 100,000 copies is being con- state whether Mr., Mrs. or Miss, and ducted by a large London institution, and also copy the following verse in your a copy will be sent post free to anyone own handwriting: interested. No money need be sent. but those who wish to do so may enclose 5 cents (stamps of your own country) to cover postage, etc. All requests for the free book should be addressed to: National Institute of Sciences. Free Distribution Dept. 962. No. 258 Westminster Bridge Road, London, S. E.. England. Simply say you would like a copy of The Key to the Development of the Inner Forces," and mention the World Almanac. Do not enclose coins in your letter. Postage to England two cents.

Will you show me the way?" If you wish you may enclose 10 cents (stamps of your own country) to pay postage and clerical work. Send your letter to Clay Burton Vance, suite 2901-A Palais-Royal, Paris, France. Do not enclose coins in your letter. Postage on letters to France is 5 cents.


M 3. 1914, 28-page Booklet of up-to-date fishing tackle Specialties and full description of

KELSO Automatic Reel

The Best is always the Cheapest. The Kelso guarantees you against trouble. It is cheaper in the end even at a little more initial cost.

$5.00 from your dealer or from

us direct, express paid.

Dealers, send for our General Catalogue. Contains every-
thing in fishing tackle.
H. J. FROST & CO., 90 Chambers St., New York.


Book on Dog Diseases and How to Feed

Mailed free to any address by the author


118 West 31st Street



A Speedy and Permanent Cure for Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Lumbago. Gout and All Other Diseases Where a General Warming, Quickening, Strengthening and Equalization of the Circulation Are Required.


SIR: Will you please send straight by return of post a ring, size No. 12, to Mr. Temple, Summer House, Sandringham, Norfolk, and send the bills to me for her Majesty, the Queen. It is a plain ring, not gold plated. The man is anxious to wear it on Sunday for the Queen to-day, as he is the berger at the church. The smaller ring I asked from to change the Queen has given one of the women in the house. I am keeping the size card, as that is always useful for more. S. F. KIMBALL

Yours truly, MRS. N. COLE.
1123 Broadway, New York City.

Try Murine Eye Remedy


Granulated Eyelids

Write for Book of the Eye, Murine Eye Remedy Co.. Chicago.

Sold at
Your Druggist's.


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