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is so closely allied to almost every branch of science, commerce and industry that every one, regardless of the profession or occupation, should have a thorough practical knowledge of it.

We are teaching a course of "practice" embracing everything that is to-day electrical. In our school you


Write for our free catalog or visit the school at your earliest convenience. SCHOOL IN SESSION ALL YEAR.

The New York Electrical Schools

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Newark Electrical Supply Co.



Over 25,000 people have done it through "Power of Will”
By Frank Channing Haddock, Ph. D., M. S.
Send no money-examine book first.

Partial List of Contents | This great work on practical psychol-
ogy provides a thoroughly scientific
course in Will-training, consisting of
28 lessons. Its results have bordered
on the marvellous.

The Law of Great Thinking.

The Four Factors on

which it depends. How to develop analytical Dower, llow to think "all around" any subject. How to throw the mind into deliberate, trolled, productive thinking.


Detailed directions for 1 erfect Mind Concentration.

How to acquire the pow

er of Conservative
Thinking. Reasoning.

How to acquire the skill
of Creative Writing.
How to guard against
errors in Thought.
How to drive from the
mind all unwelcome

How to follow any line of
thought with keen, con-
centrated Power,
How to develop Reasoning

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How to test your Will.
LOW a Strong Will is
Master of Body.
What creates Human

The Six Principles of Will


Definite Methods for de-
veloping Will



Will-Power in the Con

It has come as a vital force into the lives
of thousands of people, showing how to
make their brains serve them better-maks
ing them more dominant in their dealings.
It has proved a veritable well of strength
for people afflicted with ill-health and ner-
vous weakness. It has reawakened ambitions
in men and women who have been turned
from their life purposes.

Will Help YOU

The readers of this book talk of it as a
Bible. They range from great captains of
industry to clerks.

What Readers Say:

"I would not willingly
separate myself from it.'
Mgr., Winton Motor Car
Co., Cleveland, Ohio.
"The five day examina-
tion period allowed by

is certainly long enough to convince any one that this is a book one needs. I regret I did not know there was a book like this long ago. My enthusiasm is beyond description." -ROY S. THARP, Passcific R. R. Co., Oakland. enger Dept., Southern Pa"In it I found rules and principles that make it It is owned, read, prized and praised by worth its weight in such men as Judge Ben B. Lindsey; Su-gold." DIST. ATT'Y preme Court Justice Parker; Wu Ting Fang, GOODWIN, Oil City, Pa. ex-U. S. Chinese Ambassador; Asst. Post-"I have your 'Power of master General Britt; E. St. Elmo Lewis of Will' and would not Burroughs Adding Machine Co.-and literally take $100 for it."thousands of other men of action and am- J. A. WAGNER, Sec.bition like them. Treas., Toronto Academy of Music, Edmonton, Can. "Only wish I had a little of this knowledge years ago."-R. W. OSBORN, Porto Rico, Office of the Sec'y, Gov't

How to Develop Indomitable Will

Power of Will" is not a book of idle
essays. It sets forth actual methods, plans
and principles for training, strengthening
and developing Will Power. These methods" consider 'Power of
are based on one of the most profound, Will' invaluable to the
scientific analyses of Will Power ever made. systematic and thorough
student in any walk of
GROUND, Ex-I'res, Wise.
life." DR. WILLIAM
State Med. Asso., Supe
rior, Wis.

"Has startled thinking men all over the world. If you want to know

IS YOUR Will Dormant? Look back upon your life. Once upon a time, no doubt, you weaved great dreams of what you were going to make of yourself. Are they accomplished now? Why are they not accomplished? Is it not because you lacked a strong, powerful, dominating, inflexible WILL? You allowed others to con- what you are, or can be trol and influence you to their ends, instead get it. It opens up a FIFTY ONE MAXIMS of controlling others yourself. Gradually-new world."-JAMES for Appli.d power of like so many of us-you allowed this God-F. ELLS, President Perception, Memory, given faculty of wil to become scotched and National School of Imagination, Self An- DORMANT in you. Dr. Haddock has Salesmanship, alysis, Control. pation from the blasting human curse of inmessage for you-a real message of emanci-Minn.

duct of Life.

How to develop a strong.

keen gaze.

How to concentrate the eye upon what is before you object, person, printed page, work. How to become aware of Nerve Action,

How to keep the body

How to open the Mind
and Body for reception
of incoming power.
How to exercise the


How to throw off Worry.

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Send No Money-Examine Book First
The price of "Power of Will" is $3.00. Let
us send you the book, Glance through some
of the chapters. Judge for yourself whether
you can afford NOT to own it,
Send no
money now. Simply send the attached
coupon, enclosing your business card,
OR GIVING A REFERENCE. Keep or remail the book in 5 days.

it five days, then if you do not want
it, mail it back. Tear out the
coupon now, before you turn
the page and forget,

Please send me a copy of "Power of Will" without charge, I agree to remit $3,60




Fall 1913 and Again in Fall 1914

For largest and best collection,


6 to 7 feet, 12c; 5 to 6 feet, 9c; 4 to 5 feet, 6c each

Also a large stock of PEACH. PLUM, CHERRY, PEAR, QUINCE and ORNAMENTAL TREES. SHRUBS, ROSES and SMALL FRUIT PLANTS. Dansville grown, guaranteed true to name.


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15 Trees and Plants, all first class, 2 years, well rooted and branched, 4 feet high, for 95 cents. Right now is the best time to write for my free illustrated catalogue.


90 Wellsley Avenue,



For publication. There is big money to be made in the writing of song poems and melodies. Past experience is unnecessary. The proposition we have to offer is positively unequaled by any other company in this country. We accept available work for publication, revise and rearrange, compose suitable music, secure copyright in your name and advertise extensively throughout the country. Our composing staff is the best of any company of its kind. We have paid hundreds of dollars to writers in royalties. Send us your song poems or melodies today for our free inspection and criticism, or write for our valuable instructive booklet-it's free. THE MARKS-GOLDSMITH CO., Inc., Dept. 85, Washington, D. C.

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and Its Disease

Prof. Wilson's Treatise on Eye
Diseases Should Be Read By
Every Person With Im-
paired Eyesight. The
Book Is Free.


Every reader afflicted with any impairment of eyesight should not fail to send for this book. It contains 64 pages and cover and describes in language so plain and interesting the various forms of diseases of the eye and sure and safe

methods of treatment that any reader of ordinary intelligence may fully comprehend every word.

The author of this Book is the inventor of "Actina," an instrument that is attracting the attention of people in all parts of the world owing to the wonderful results obtained from its use.

In the treatment of Eye disease the author says:-"Nine out of ten persons wearing glasses might better be without them. Eyeglasses Do Not Cure. The defects that make them necessary can be removed in most cases by proper treatment. There is also no need for cutting or drugging the Eye for most forms of disease-for the cause can be removed by a newer and more humane method."

The book also goes into full detail of the causes and effects of disease in general. It advocates a method in the treatment of disease that is based upon a humane and common sense principle. It contains the recommendations hundreds of intelligent persons in every walk of life who have been cured. free trial of the "Actina" is offered in

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If the reader is interested, write for a copy of this book. It is absolutely free; a postal will bring it. Address Actina Appliance Co., Dept. 31E, 811 Walnut St., Kansas City, Mo.


Men and women by thousands are now sounding the praises of Dr. Whitney's Nerve and Flesh Builder. twenty years imitators have come and gone and been forgotten, but for all that time this Treatment has been constantly growing in favor. It is not only invariably successful in increasing flesh, but is always of great and noticeable benefit to the general health and vitality. A generous trial is offered absolutely free.

You will be surprised and delighted at the change in your appearance when the treatment has produced its effect. It has been astonishing how little additional flesh it has required to make many of our thin patrons attractiveeven fascinating. They tell us they tention which they never enjoyed and seem to be attracting a flattering athad ceased to expect.

So, if you are thin, no matter what the cause may be, just write to us and a Free Trial Treatment will be sent you in a plain unmarked package by return mail. No obligation whatever to purchase until you are convinced.

times overcrowds Inasmuch as this generous offer someus, it will insure prompt delivery if you will send for your Free Treatment to-day-now. AdBldg., Elmira, N. Y. dress The C. L. Jones Co., 50 Friend

LADIES-A special trial treatment is offered for developing the bust alone. If you desire this, please ask for No. 8.

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