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第 14 頁 - An Act relating to the liability of common carriers by railroad to their employees in certain cases,
第 4 頁 - In his first report Mr. Barbour, who entered upon his duties as Examiner of Public Records July 5, 1911, confined his attention to the condition of records, vaults and safes in the offices of the several town clerks and judges of probate throughout the State, based upon personal observation during the fifteen months preceding September 30, 1912, during which time he personally visited and inspected each of these offices.
第 9 頁 - FAIRFIELD until 1683. Salem* — Incorporated May, 1819, from Colchester, Lyme, and Montville. In NEW LONDON and EAST HADDAM, partly in each, the part taken from Lyme being in NEW LONDON until July 9, 1841; the part taken from Montville being in NEW LONDON from June 3, 1824, until July 9, 1841 (previous to June 3, 1824, it had apparently been overlooked and not assigned to any probate district); the part taken from Colchester being in EAST HADDAM until May 29, 1832, then in COLCHESTER until July...
第 15 頁 - PLYMOUTH— Includes Plymouth. Constituted May 31, 1833, from WATERBURY. POMFRET*— Includes Pomfret. Constituted May session, 1752, from WINDHAM and PLAINFIELD. The records of POMFRET were burned January 5, 1754.
第 4 頁 - Through his efforts the original files from thirty-six of the 148 probate districts in the state have been permanently deposited in the state library. These files extend from the earliest days of the several districts practically down to the present time. As directed by the General Assembly of 1913, which placed under his direction inks and typewriter ribbons for record purposes, the...
第 22 頁 - imperial morocco cloth, plainly lettered in gold. The back and the front cover of each volume both bear the name of the house, date when built and 'the town in which it is located. The front cover also bears the name of the series and the seal of the society.
第 6 頁 - Settled in 1644, under New Haven jurisdiction. In NEW HAVEN until October session, 1719; then in GUILFORD until June 21, 1850, except that the Society of Northford was in WALLINGFORD from May session, 1776, until its incorporation in North Branford in May, 1831; since then - in BRANFORD.
第 7 頁 - ... session, 1769; then in SIMSBURY until May session, 1807; then in GRANBY until June 3, 1836; since then in HARTLAND. Harwinton — Incorporated October, 1737. In HARTFORD until October session, 1742; then in LITCHFIELD until May 27, 1835; since then in HARWINTON. Hebron* — Incorporated May, 1708. In HARTFORD until October session, 1741; then in EAST HADDAM until May session, 1789; since then in HEBRON. Huntington (NY) — In Connecticut from 1660 to 1664. Probably under jurisdiction of the Particular...
第 2 頁 - ... State and the offices of our State Comptroller, for it implies that you are not receiving a satisfactory service, which you stated you were, and which I believe you are? If you knew how hard is was to get even a few copies of certain publications to send to our exchanges, I think you would see to it that letters of this character hereafter were cut out so far as Connecticut goes, for a few circular letters from different states intended for delinquent exchanges, although, as above stated thoughtlessly...