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5. Resulted, that we most cordially agree, with factures encouraged; the annual expenses of indi. the Franklin resolution, that the conduct of the viduals lessened, so as to enable them, by inilastry hinks hus, in a great derer, couributed to pro and frugality, to pay off old arrearages without duce the present listress; but we view with anxie. accumulating new debis." Unanimously, ty; we contemplate with horror; we deprecale as 13 Resolurd, That we invite the attention of the m.iness, a resort to that very policy, as a remedy, people of the different counties to these subjects, which has produced so much distress, and so many and earliestly recommend that the meelings for evi's, and which, instead of alleviating, must la- this purpose should be as numerous as possible; meniably increase the cvils that it pretends to re- and we further recommend a call of general meetmedy. [Urammously.)

ings in those counties where a few only have met, 6 Resulvert, Thut as citizens of Kentucky, welihat the real sense of the people of Kentucky may view with abhorrence the recommendation of mea.be expressedl. Unanimously.) sures tending to prostrate the character of our 14.* Resolved, That we do not absolve the state staip; !o tarnish its weil earned fame; to make our bank and its branches, and the U. States bank and state bank paper, whicli lias bitherto supported an its brances, from being instrumental in causing the unbiemished reputation, a reproach-the sport of pressure complained of in the Franklin resolutivas brokers; the prey of speculators and shavers:--and for we have not forgotten that, on a late occa. we solemnly protest against the adoption of mea. sion, the Bank of Kentucky and its branclies sus. sures, which are calculated to desiroy all confi- pended specie payments in consequence of tbe dence in our own circulating medium. (Ununi- enormous and unexpected demands of the U. States mously. ]

bank and its branches. (Nay, 1] 7. Resolved, that the rage for speculation, which 15. Resolved, That Adam Beatty, John Cham. bas pervaded the country, and now threatens it bers, Marshall Key, David V. Rannels, James A. with serious calamity, originated in this towns, Paxton, and Robert Taylor, jun'r. be appointed a whence can'e also the clamor for an increase of committee to correspond with the people, and cor. banks, the faclitious value of properly, the disre responding committees of the other counties, on gard of economy, and the unwise preference of fo-the subject of the foregoing resolutions. [Unani. reign to doaiestic manufactures: and although the mously. T

ADAM BEATTY, Cb'm. evit has in some measure intested the whole com.! munity, its consequences are likely to fall mosil David V. RANNELS, Secretary. heavily upon tbose with whom the cause originated. But greatly as we deplore lhe distress of any part of our fellow citizens, we are constrained to believe,

Scraps about Banks and Banking. that the out cry for a remedy has taken its rise From the Lexington (ky) Reporter. where the disease commenced, and is rather the

PARODY, voice of the speculating, than the substantial, inte rests of the country. [Uranimously.]

Oh! blame not the bard, if he ly to the bower, &c. 8. Resolved, Thai the ci'izens of Mason county, are willing and determined to listen to one lesso, On! blame not the banks, if they ay to suspension, taught them by clireful experience, on the present Where av'rice lies carelessly smiling at shamesubject. It is but a short line since they were they would have done better and 'twas their intentold that the creation of forly or fifiy new banks t ion, would relieve the country from all pressure; that it! To have paid the last dollar, and died in a flame. would produce an increase of the actual wealth That box that now lunguishes lone in the corner, and commerce of the country; that every article, Might have yielded delight to the countryman's raised for exportation, would command an advanced heart; price. These banks were chartered; have gone And the teller, alive to the impulse of honor, into operation; bave issued their paper us a circu Would have paid it with gladness, and seen it lating medium of the country, to the exclusion, in depart. a great measure, of all aciun cash, and every

11. thing else that was considered as an equivalent. But alas! for the banks, their fame is gone byWhat has been the result? The Franklin resolu. And that credit is broken, which used but to tions furnish at once the answer and the comment. I bend; Unanimously ]

TO'er their fall, each director in secret must sigh, 9. Resolved, That in the opinion of this meeting, For 'tis int'rest to love them, but shame to de. the suspension of specie payınents, by the banks, . fend. is a measure pregnant with the most alarming con. Unpriz'd are their notes, or at ten per cent. sell. sequences, and one which they deprecate as altend 1 'ing: ant with evils of infinitely greater magnitude than Unhonor'd at home, unredeem'd on demand; any which we can possibly experience under the But still they're a merit-I joy in the telling, present state of things. [Unanimously ]

They're taken for pork, tho' rejected for land. . 10. Resolved, Tbet the banks oughi to be estab.

III. lished ușon a solid capital; and ihat when they then blame not the banks, tho' they cease to re. suspend paymeni, or refuse to redeem their paper deem, with gold and silver, they are no longer eniiled (We slould try to forget what we never CBD to the confidence of the people. [Ununimously ] Deal)

11. Resolved, That an exiraordinary conveniono! furnish the dust let the dollars but gleam of the legi laure is not, in the opinion of this meet. Thro' the gloom of their vaults, and inark bow ing, necessary. [Ununimously.)

· they'd feel! 12. Resolved, Thai this meeting most cordially concurs wi.h that lately held in Franklin county, in "After the foregoing resolutions had been re. recoinmending that a prudent and rigid economy ported and read, the 141h resolution was offered be observed; the consumption of foreign articles of by Walker Reed, esq. and received by the comluxury and manufactures diminished; home manu-mittee.

That instant they'd pay! On demand they'd throw, The gloom of our woods would be dark, heaven down

I knows, The branch paper so lov'd or the gold so ador'd, If there was not a bank here & there to be spied, While the eagle, the dollar and old Spanish crown, And I care not how soon I may sink to repose, Would jingle in concert and shine on the board... When I find one erected on every hill side; ly.

But they who have loved them the fondest, the But their glory is gone! ev'ry dog has his day

purest, Yet their fame (such as 'iis) shall abide in my Too often, alas! are a little deranged, songs;

And the man who has fancied their paper securest, Not e'en in the hour when my heart is most gay, Is happy indeed when he gets it exchanged; Will I cease to remember their notes and their But send round the bo:vl, while a Canton remains, wrongs.

Or a UNIONTOWK bank bill, this prayer shall be The stranger in passing each village shall say,

mine: (As he eyes the sad spot, with his band on his That the sun shine of gold they may see once again, breast)

And the moonlight of silver console their decline. THERE ONCE STOOD A Bank! but unable to pay, 1: suspended itself, and thank God is at resi!


Facility of banking operations in London.--The From the Sume.

following extract from the Quarterly Review is PARODY.

calculated to give a striking idea of the vast (Oh! think not my spirits are always as light, &'c.) quantity of business done daily in London, and of No. 2.

ile facility with which it is done by means of bank 05! think not the banks will be always as door. I paper. The reviewer, in noticing the work of And as hard-run for cash, as they seem to you

Colquhoun on wealth, power, &r. remarks: -"The now;

rexi subject which engages the attention of Mr. Nor expect that each future demand at their door. Colquhoun, in his endeavors to trace the wealth of

Will met with so cold, or so chuclish a brow of nations through all its ramifications, is the busiNo, the wars with the patriots* must sooner or later hess of the banker,

berorlater ness of the banker, through the intervention of Be brought to a close and then the bright ore. I whom a certain quintity of circulating medium is The banks with both lands in profusion willscatter made to perform the functions of ten), fify, or a

And current." "uncurrent," be heard of no more hundred times it value; and the use of the preci. So send round the bow), let's be merry with hope, lous metals, and what is of far more inpor ance in

(May we never do worse in our pilgrimage here) mercantile transactions, time are greatly economis. Let us never despair till they quite shut up shop,

in showed. Millions of money may be paid and received Nor then, ever then dream of a tear.

"Po with a degree of facility and secirily which specie The thread of our faith would be weak, heaven could never perform. Mr. Colquhoun states, that knows,

the money paid and received daily, in the metro. If no end to the banks, or their due bills appear'a, polis, amounts, on an average, to five millions, ster. And I care not how soon they may sink to repose, ing,

elling, or one thousand five hundred and fifty mil. When the sound of a dollar shall cease to be

be lions in a year, through the medium of bankers heard.

only. 'To count five millions of guincas, at the Even they who have lov'd them the fondest, the rate of a guinea every second, and to work iwelve purest,

" hou:'s a day, woull ernploy olle person nearly four Now stare at the bubbles they're rais'd and be.months, or 120 persons a whole day, or occupy two lieved.

clerks in every banking house in London. O! the short road to wealth is not always the surest,” But all the specie in the world would not suffice

As all of us find when we're disht and deceiv'd. in the present state of the cominerce of the counBut send round the bowl, while a relic of hope try, to carry it on without a large circulation of Is in banks or in bankers, this toast shall be bank notes, aided by the drafts or checks of private mine

bankers. By discounting bills of exchange, which May they cease to suspend, and escape from the otherwise would not be convertible to mercantile rope,

purposes, for weeks or months, they accom.nodate Or suspending, be stretch'd at the end of a line! the trader and accelerate business. And such is

LAUREATE TO THE BANKS. (the facility with wirich the immense circulation of Cincinnati, January, 1819.

the checks or drafts given by the bankers, and the From the Pittsburg Gazette.

notes tbat pass through their hands, is setiled A PARODY.

aniong thmeselves, that by a clerk from each bank. "OK! TAINK NOT MY SPIRITS," &c.

ing house, meeting at a particular spot wbich they Oh think not that cash will be always as scarce, call the "Clearing house," at a fixed liour, millionis

And as hard to be got ay it seems to be now; are paid and received in the course of an hour by Nor expect that this laughable jouking up farce, an exchange of checks, and the balances are finally

Will continue much longer to sadden your brow. settled by a general assemblage of the collecting No, specie is always a variable treasııré,

clerks of the respectives bankers."
That seldom the faults of bauk can relain;
And the T'ELLER who fingers the silver with plea
Is always the first to return it again! (sure,

Paper Wealth.
But send round the bowl, and be happy the while, The following article from IV alker's Hibernian Ma.

May we never meet worse in our pilgrimage here, gazine, for September, 1799, has been presented Than the frown that BANK PAPER can gild with a by a friend. It shews the opinions of soine at smile,

that time of the nature of paper money. Or the UNCHARTER'D KOTE that can banish a tear. “In proportion as the minds of men become de.

bauched and enervated, they are open to delusion *Vide the report of our learned committee on of every kiad. Human nature perbaps could never tebe causes of the present suspension,

'form a greater contrast than between the old do. man republic, and the modern dealers in beads and sit being refused, he applied to the bank to get in catgut, who disgrace the same ground.

exchange for the Washington paper such notes as When a nation could be so fir guiled by a priest. would satisfy the plaintiff. The officers of the hood, as to helieve a wafer to be, not only the true bank said they had nothing to give in exchange, sign if the human body, but the body itself actual. except a solitary three dollar Ohio note. He rely existing in many different places at the same newed his application and entrestjes, and offered time, they became bankrupt in understanding: their to give part in silver for such bank paper as would juggling leaders had drawn upon them for the last suit his purpose, and save himself from execution, mite of reason and common sense; and transubstan- but still received nothing but empty words.” tiation remained in all the Catholic states, a badge

Constable's sale. of spiritual tyranny on one hand, and slavery on “By virtue of sundry executions to me directed, the other, which infinitely surpassed all the fable, there will be sold in the borough of Washington, supers iiion and imposture of Pagan Rome. on the 24th day of this instant, one hundred dollars

Luckily, we have shaken off this creed, and in- bank paper, on the Bank of Washington, given up decid most other religious creeds and prejudices. to be sold on execution by Alexander Creighton, at It is ono'sgb for us to swallow the political transub. the suit of Robert Hamilton, and to be sold by me. staitiation of civil property: And yet our infalus

JOHN KELLY, Constable. tion seems to fajl little short of the Roman Catho March 19, 1819." lics, when we can really believe the wealth and "In” and “Fon.” The establishment of a new poseer of a nation to be truly and substantially country bank sin Penn. ) for Kentucky, was lately exprest and represented hy scraps of paper; whic! announced by posting bills, to the following effect: are so far from being property, or the true signs of -"A new bank will be opened in a few days." property, that they signify nothing truly, but im- Some wags were at the pains 'of altering the word posure on one hand, and credulity on the other; "in" to for." The proprietors taking the hint, and may be annihilated by the most trifling cir. the bank was not opened. cumstance.

LG on toast. Among the many appropriate toasts But while we ridicule the mys’eries of faith, we at the late cattle show at Brighton, we are request. have an inplicit confidence in ibe bubbles of state; ed to insert the following, given by Benjamin Ausand yet 'ijs difficult to discover a greater absurdiiy tin, esq.

[Pittsfield Sur. jn supposing one man to eat bis God, than another “May the citizens estimate the bounties of hea. to carry about him, a thousand acres of land, or to ven, by cultivating the soil, and learn, from expeput a great hoise or equip ge in:0 his pocket.book, rience, that national prosperity depends more on the which is nevertheless done anongst us every day, permanent basis of AGRICULTURE and MANTEACH with the greaiest self complacence and security.- TUNES, than on the fallacious bubbles of BANKING And, although we should be ready to laugh at the INSTITUTIONS." sly priest, who, putting the water into our mouths, cries, hoc est corpus, yet we have no suspicion of the state juggler, who, putting some flimsy bits of Paper money-a legal Tender! påper into our hands, tells us one is a freehold es. We insert the following to shew the people of the tate, a second a manor, a third a town-house, and a United States the least of the evils to be expected fourth a pipe of wine.

from a paper currency-a legal tender of rugs, so This gross bubble, practised every hour, even much desired by some. No comments of ours are upon the infidelity of avarice itself, rather exceeds at this moment required. than falls short of the spiritual one; because the

FROM TRE PAILADELPHIA UJION. objicts it converses with are sensible and more Increase of forgeries in England, since paper was open to detection. So that when we see a wise made a legal tender. The recent investigating people, embracing phantoins for realities, and run of this subject has brought to light some curious ning mad, as it were, in schemes of refinemerit, testimony; and, though it was wrung with dif. taste, pleasures, wealth and pover, by the sole aid ficulty from the hands of the bank directors, the of this civil hocus pocus; when we contemplate pa necessity of finding a reinedy compelled them, at per gold, and paper land, piper armies and reve- last, to disclose the extent of the evil. It apo nues; a paper government ani a paper legislature; pears, that, from 1783 to 1797, there were only we ere apt to regard the Fairy Tales, the Travels four persons prosecuted for forging or possessing of Gulliver, and the Arabian Nights' Entertain. forged notes of the bank; three of whom were mnents, as grave relations, and historical facts. In capitally convicted. In the latter year, parliament truth, we live in a mere enchanted island, and an passed the two laws, which authorised the bank individual may almost doubt, from the strong pro- to suspend payment in specie and to issue notes Tensity there is now towards paper, wbether he under five pounds; at once permitting the bank to Frimself is made of any better materials. We must send forth notes of the old denomination, without Have carried the paper manufactory to a great the slightest restraint, and inviting it to pour out length indeel, when our very houses are not only foods of a less denomination, and of more comJined, but built with paper. We have heard of the mon use. The consequence was, that the tempta. Golden, Silver, and Iron ages of the poets; the pre-ijons and the chances of forgery were carried be. sent, to mark its frivolity, may be called the Paper yond calculation; and it is stated, in an official

Y. freturn, that, from 1797 to 1818, nine hundred and CONSTABLE'S SALE. From the Philadelphia Centine: ninety eight (within two of a thousand persons were of April 6, 1819.-The following singular adver. prosecuted for this offence; 313 of whom were 1 isement is copied from the Reporier," a paper capitally convicted, 521 convicted of having forged published at Washington, Pa. In a note appended notes in their possession; and the rest acquitted! in the adyertisement, it is stated that Mr. Creigh. For the eight years preceding 1797, there was not Pon, the defendant, is an industrious mechanic, and a single prosecution—tor the eight years subse. 1:ad collected in Washington paper, the amount of quent, there were more than four hundred! In

phat he owed to the plaintiff, under the expecta- 1817, there were stopped, at the bank, 30,000 tion or assurance that it would be received. On forged notes of one and two pounds;--900, of five pounds;--50 of ten;and two of twenty. The London papers, but he has been dealt with most greater part of the mischief appears to arise from severely by "the Black Dirarf." the small bills; but the permission to issue ad libitum unquestionably have its share in shedding the

[From a London Sunday paper.] blood of so many human beings.”

May it please your roval highness--- We, unhappy FROM THE DEMOCRATIC PRESS.

men, John Driscol, William Weller, and George We have had frequent occasion to call public Cashman, three convicts now under sentence of attention to late proceedings in England, relative death, (being convicted upon indictments charging to counterfeit bank notes. It will be recollected us with purposing to defraud the governor and that several persons have lately been acquitted in company of the bank of England, and ordered for London on charges of forgery brought against them execution on Tuesday next, the 15th insiant,) ap. by the bank of England. The avowed ground of proach your throne in all the boldness of d-prir, acquittal was, that the bank did not produce the and the callousness of reckless misery. We ask best evidence to prove the forgeries, but that instead not mercy from your royal highness-we merit of producing the persons who had signed and filled, none. We appeal to the highest attribuite of your up the notes to swear to the forgeries, other per father's throne, Justice-Yes, royal sir, justice, sons, called bank note inspectors, were called, and which God metes with a common measure to all one of those persons who had been in that employ-human kind. We have no advocate, royal sir, but ment for upwards of 20 years, acknowledged that the justice of our case we have no intercessor on a former trial he had been mistaken, and had but insulted humanity. Punish lis, sire; but by sworn that a note was forged, when in fact and in all the pangs of parting life, bear us. We dare to truth, the note was a genuine note. From a late tell your royal highness and call the nation as London publication we learn that every clerk in the witnesses, that we liave been convicted upon indict. bank of England, who pays or receives bank noies, ments, whose very basis is error. We have been bas attached to him an inspector of notes, and prosecuted at the suit, and convicted at the ex. there is posted up at their desk a description of pense, of a self constilsted public accuser--the the dates, letters, and private marks of the bank, public company called the bank of England. We and that notwithstanding all this assistance they were charged in the indictment with intent to de. do sometimes take forged noles. These things have fraud the governor and company of the bank of awakened the attention of the British public and England. parliament, and means are taking to prevent such la a court of law that, in its constitution, sees a direful state of affairs. We had not contemplated your royal father present at its judgments, it has saying thus much when we took up our pen to call been decided recently, and subsequently to our public attention to tlie following powerful appeal trials, that this charge is findamentally wrong, and for mercy, addressed to the prince regent, by three grounded in error and misconception. We were miserable wretches who were under sentence of convicted on this false indictment. IVe are ordered death, for having passed counterfeit bank notes. to suffer death on this false charge on Tuesday The petition is eloquent, and its prayer was sup. i next. Know, royal sir, that this public company, ported by many thousand petitioners, but all was called the bank of England, arrogating to itself in vain; not only were the three men executed, but new and unauthorised power of commuting the their petition never even reached its destination. punishment awarded by the laws, did, by their Lord Sidmouth, as secretary of state for the liome de advocate, proffer to 113 the boon of life, on condition partment, undertook to dispense with the form of even of our pleading guilty to their charge against us. delivering the petition, and for so doing has been We had greater trust in the law than in their severely but justly reprimanded in many of the promised mercy-but lo-we were fatally deceived

--their advocate spoke. For us the law was silent. *We add the following to shew the manner in But, royal sir, the law does not always sleep- for which the most glorious privilege of the soveregn on Saturday it awoke and spoke in thunders; jis power, the exercise of mercy, is abused in England. awful voice has rolied around to all the firstiese

ED. Rug. shores; its echoes have beat in the ears of the "Richmond Park, 14th Dec. 1818, 8 o'clock. countless millions beneath your world boundsvay. "Sir-I have this moment received, by a special It re-echoes, sire. Know, royal sir, ihat : Buitish messenger, your letter of this afternool, containing jury, on that diy, exercising their constiiutional the petition of nine bankers of the town of Liver and constituted rights, did discover the fatal error pool, to his royal highness the prince regent, pray that error which had been our bine; und by them ing for a respite of the three unfortunate men who that truth was marle manifest, which, not twelve are condemned to be executed to-morrow morning grave sages of the law, not a host of learned adat the Old Bailey, for the crime of uttering forged vocates, not ien long years of persecution, and bank notes.

hundreds of sacrificed viciims, ever made manifest A similar petition from another quarter bas been before. transmitted to his royal highness by me since his The law spoke; and jus ice was done on that royal highness has been at Brighton; and I have dav, sir. Two individuals were absolved. The been honored by his royal highne 88, with authority to indictments against whom, laid and prosecuted by ait in this matter in the mode most consonant to my own the bank, were, verbatim, to the same import as fceiings and judgment. It would therefore be un. the indiciment on which we have been convicied necessary (even if time permitted) to despatch the and condemned to suffer dea:h. present perition to Brighton; and I am sorry to in. By the irretrievable siroke that severs life-hy form you, that I cannot perceive any grounds upon the blood which no human power can ag in give which I can, consistently with my sense of public warmth and motion to, we implore your royal duiy, recommend the present convicts as fit ob- bigliness to consider, that no latar than last Monjects of the royal mercy. I have the bonor to be, day, this public company, the bank, came down to sir, your most humble servant,

the same court of justice, in wiich we were (Signed)

SIDMOUTH. condemned, and, by their advocate, before she type - Right hon, George Canning, &c. &c.

of your father's presence, avowed, and loudly avo ed, in fact and in deed, "hat since a Britis: 1 of its debts, that would disgrace the most notori. jury had discovered that their (banks) indictments ous rascal in society. had been, and were, all grounded in error, they

BASK FORGERJES. therefore declined further prosecution of persons "The following circumstances, bave occurred in charged with similar offences," for which, we un my own person, and being strongly illustrative of fortunates, having been tried in evil days and iron the necessity of alteration and amendment in bank times, are to suffer.

notes, as well as conclusive of the consci unenesz The said bank, by their advocate, arrogating the of fallibility on the part of the bank in distinguish. right and using the discretion then allowed by the ling between genuine and forged notes, I cannot administration of the law, did decline the further mit mentioning them here. prosecution of many individuals, under charges of “Having found some difficulty in passing a one forgery, with intent to defraud the said bank; and, i pound note, which was somewhat torn, though by by their advocate declining to call any more wit. no' means defaced or obscured, I took it to the nesses, the said individuals, so accused, were ac- bank to get it exchanged. Not only the note, but quilted and set at large.

I myself, were conned over in a manner not very These are facts, royal sir: their comment is the agreeable in a public office. After considerable cry of the nation. A public journal of wide circula. delay, and examination by several clerks, and their tion and influence, the Courier of last night, echoing several inspectors, I was desired to take it to the this cry, dares to assert, “That if the jury were, "one and two pound note office.” We there onderin this memorable instance, right as to their deci. went a further scrutiny by two clerks, who appear. sion, on interpreting this indictment and the law ed somewhat embarrassed as to their proceeding. of the land, then the hundreds who have suffered I was informed "it would not be esamined it. on such similar indictments, have been murdered mediately and would take sometime," and asked by form of law.”

if I was in a hurry? I enquired if it was a good And may not we-even we, sire, forcibly and or a bad note!-Some unimportant observations feeling applying such an argument to our unhappy were made touching the date, which was alleged oise, cry out when we come to suffer, we are to be rather obscured. I observed I had nothing murdered by forms of law.

to do with that, or what might be necessary after That the jury on Saturday were “right," is I was gone. The clerk said that something more Echoed by the nation. Their decision has been was necessary-that he must examine “if that num. Arquiesced in by judges on the bench, and its au.

ber was writien off.” I again added, I had no right thority as law: ibeir decision has been submitted to be delayed on such ground; the only question

in which I was concerned, being—vas it a good to by subsequent practice. Roval sire-We miserable victims, are but dust. 1or a bad note! It was however in vain, I then

begged he would do what was needful, observing but the immutable principles of justice, on which

that it had already engaged me a considerable stands your royal father's throne, must never be

time; he politely apologized, but said it was neces. violated with impunity, even in our own persons,

sary. He returned in ten minutes, having written despicable and degraded as we are. Before the

on the note "6th May, 1816," and his initials, thread is cut, which none con rajoin, we implore!

desiring me to take it to the person, who had sent your royal highness by the manes of the victims to

me there, and he would exchange it. I did so, and wrong-by all that is sacred among men, and..

was again examined and delayed, and even re. (what is more sacred than the justice of your fa.

quired to write my name and address on the note. ther's throne?) by that justice-why the pious hand that closed your parted blessed mother's eye-by:

Finally, after having been sent from one clerk to

by another, until I had passed the ordeal of four cvery other tender tie! and wbat is more dear than

'clerks, with their four assistants, I received a new your people's love? for sure, sire, in our country

note in exchange. The whole occupied thirty-five pardon our gushing tears-yes, O yes, sire it is sur

minutes by the bank clock. dear country-in our country, sire, your throne

"The note, here alluded to, being an old note, Trust rest on love. By that love, we implore the

some justification might perhaps be orged. In common measure of justice which God metes to

the following, however, even this plea was taken all. Punish us, sire, but not in error or anger. May

St. Alay away: thie God that guards thrones, and makes liie sweet

1 "Some days after, being desirous of exchanging to the worm, inspire your royal highness to act la ten pound note for small ones, with the view of bis will.

being secured at least in this case from forgeries, Your royal highness, we are your offending ser. I stepped into the bank, conceiving it would be vants,

but a moment's affair, the note being quile new.JOHN DRISCOL,

One clerk (cashier) received it, examined it by a WN. WELLER, table, which bung up at his side and which appear

GEO. CASHMAN. led to be a list of hunibers with corresponding dates, Codemned Cells, Newgate, Friday evening, or perhaps a list of ascertained forgerjes. At all Dicember 11th, 1818.

events, an appeal was made to this table. This To his royal lighness G.orge prince regent. clerk ture off the signature, and bunded it to his

[When the men alluded to in the preceding let, inspector, who, also examined it, and having decid. ter were executed the people cried out MUUDER; and ed in his own mind on its genuineness, wrote his ve almost regret they did not coin mit it on & initials, in red ink, across the note. It was then worthless regent and relentless lord.)

returned, and I was desired to go lower down.

There I waited a considerable time, as it is neces. The following statement, abstracted from a pam. sary to "claim," as the phrase is, that is, call out phlet published by 31r. C. M. Williams, of Lon- ones turn to be served. I was here requested to don, either shews the extreme difficulty that endors: my name and address: this was really too exists to distinguish ibe real from the counterfeit much; tlie note was new; I observed that it was notes, or exhibits a degree of meanness in the payable to bearer. I declined-I was not positive "srcat bank of England" to evade the payment as to the person from whom I had received it. I

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