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tonnage of Permanent. Temporary. Permanent.( Temporary coas. trade cod fishery.each district

TONS 95 tons 95 tons 95) tons 951 TONS 95toss 951 TONS 951


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York Town. .
Bast River .
Tappahannock .
Yeocomico .
Dumfries , .
F'olly Landing.,
Cherrystone .
Wilmington, N. C
Washington .
Edenton . .
Camden . ..
Beaufort . . .
Plymouth, .
Ocracoke .
George Town, S. C.
Charleston. .
Beaufort . . .
Savannah, Georgia,
Sunbury . .
Brunswick . .
St. Mary's .
Erie, (Cuyahoga
Sandusky :.
Mississippi, Louisiana
Teche . . .'
Mobile, Mississippi
Detroit, Michigan

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RECAPITULATION of the tonnage of the United States, for the year 1817. The aggregate amount of the tonnage of the United States, on the 31st December, 1817; is stated at

1,399,911 41


Permanent registered tonnage

708,165 30 Temporary do. do.

101,559 40
Total registered

809,724 70
Permanent enrolled and licensed tonnage . . 520,815 56
Temporary do.


14,982 59. Total enrolled and licensed tonnage

*535,798 20 Licensed under 20 tons employed in the coasting trade, 43,571 62

cod fishery 10,816 79 Total licensed tonnage under 20 tons

54,388 46

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As above . . *Of the enroiled and Licensed tonnage, there was employed

in the coasting trade, 481,457 92

whale fishery, 349 92
cod fishery, 53,990 26

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Foreign Articles.

| That it was absolutely necessary that there

should, to provide for public credit, be a GREAT BRITAIN AND INELAND.

real surplus applicable to the extinction The British government has raised a new loan of

of the debt' .

5,000,000 twelve millions. Messrs. Rothchild and Co. having That it therefore became expedient to bid 621. 188. and 8d, obtained the loan. [That is 621. raise new taxes to the amount annually 18s and 8d. in bank bills, exchequer bills, or other of . . . . . . . . +3,000,000 stocks, for 1001. of the new stock.] The other bid. These resolutions were ordered to lie on the tadings were, by Reid, Irving and Co. 651. 10s, andble. by Ricardo and Co. 657. 2s. and 6d.

Foreign service. In the British house of commons, The following is given as the apportionment of on the Žd of June, the motion of the attorney genethe Waterloo prize money granted by parliament: ral for preventing British subjects from entering - To the duke of Wellington, commander in chief, the service of the patriots in South America, was 60,000 pounds; to each general officer 1,250%; to carried by a ministerial majority of 13. . each field officer, 4201; to each captain, 901; to each During the debate sir Robert Wilson said,--after subaltern, 331; to each sergeant, 191; and to each enumerating many cases of persons as well Britisha rank and file, 21 108.

as others, serving belligerents without implicating It is said, that the duke of Wellington is about to the countries which they belonged to-"Was the proceed to Stockholm, on a mission of an important house prepared to give a new interpretation to the nature.

| laws of nations, which would have the effect of ina Another! The dutchess of Cumberland has fur- ducing foreign governments to exercise the same nished John Bull with another little boy—to keep restriction, and in the end, deprive this country of up a stock of mastere for him. We believe this is the assistance, the value of which it had previously the fourth croyal birth" since the decease of the experienced? In the year 1756, we subsidized corps princess Charlotte. What an effort!

of Russians and Hessians, without considering that The wife of the prince regent has sold her seat we engaged their goveruments in our quarrei. It at Cosmo, and was about to reside at Rome. bas been the practice of the Swiss ito hire them

Mrs. Siddons lately appeared at Covent Garden selves out to adverse armies. But then it was said theatre, in the part of Lady Randolph, for the bene. Ajnerica had adopted an opposite principle. For fit of Mr. C. Kemble. She was received by all the America he felt sincere affection; he cherished her audience standing up! When, in the pluy, Douglas as the impregnable tortress of human freedom, with asks

her gates ever open to afford a refuge and a resting “But did my sire surpass the rest of men,

place to the persecuted and oppressed. But he “As thou excellest all of womankind?"

was not blinded by his attachment when he saw an a burst of applanse ensued, which continued for attempt to separate freedom from justice. Could some time without intermission.

the house forget, that from the United States the 12001, sterling have been offered to her to playpeople of South America had received, heretofore, three nights, and refused. She is considered as hav- the most active assistance? There was built the first ing left the stage.

vessel on which the fag of independence was hoistFashionable extravagance. -Leghorn hats for the ed. From thence the South Americans had obtainladies, were selling in London for 30 guineas (abouted the two finest frigates in their service.- North 140) at our last dates.

America had sent commissioners, not to negociate The navy. It appears by debates in parliament South American Independence, but to give a cha. that the allowance of men for the navy is 14,000 sea. racter to their governments; seeing which, Spain had unen and 6000 marirles. An altenipt to reduce the interfered, and purchased the forbearance of the Unit. cost of their management, by dismissing certain of-ed States by the cession of Florida. It was dangerous ficers, failed. 2,433,3181. was voted for the ordina- to be a prophet on political events, but he would ry expenses of the navy-1,631,628 for repairs, &c. hazard an assertion, that after Florida had been occu.

-419,319 for garrisons on foreign stations - 486,198 pied by the population of the United States, they would for dock-yards,-284,321 for the transport depart. demand Cuba, and would obtain it. By intrigue and ment.

intimidation, they would ultimately extend her agSupplies. On the 2nd of June, the house of com-grandizement to Mexico, push their frontiers from mons having resolved itselfinto a committee of sup- the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, and in the end ply, the.chancellor of the exchequer proceeded to laugh at Great Britain as the dupe of their artifice. read his financial resolutions, of which the following It was impossible that such a bill should pass-a bill was the outline:

that met a man on his return, though covered with That since the termination of the war in 1815, laurels, or which was more to be prized, blessed with taxes to the amount of 1.18,000,000 bad been re- the benediction of inillions, with fine and imprisonpealed. That in the year 1817, the exehequers of ment, at the mercy of a worthless mercenary inforGreat Britain and Ireland were consolidated. mer.- Either such men must remain forever in exThat the revenue of Ireland amounts to 1.4,500,000 That its expenditure was . . 6,300,000 *The following is the manner in which the addis Leaving an excess of expenditure, for

tional taxes is proposed to be raised; which provision was to be made of 1,800,000 Consolidation of the customs, including That the supplies of the year may be esti.

the duty on wool mated at . . . . . . 20,500,000 The increased duty on malt. . . 1,400,000 That the excess of the revenue applicable

on British spirits 500,000 to meet the supply was .


on tobacco

500,000 That the deficiency to be raised by loan

on cofiee and cocoa 120,000 was . . . . . . 13,500,000

on tea - -

130,000 That the amount of the sinking fund, which

on pepper - . 3,000 might be made available, was · 15,500,000 That it left an excess over the sum neces

Making on the whole 1.3,190,000 sary to be raised of - - - 2,000,000 The project was agreed to.

ustoins, llicus 2500,000

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ile, or return with no other prospect than a British I «The journeymen weavers of Carlisle and neiglo jail. It was a bill not called for by the rights of borhood, beg to call the attention of the public to neutrality, which humanity rejected, and policy the following simple truths. We are now arrived condemned. It was a bill hostile to every feeling of to a pitch of wretchedness and misery, such, we sin. überty-in favor of Ferdinand; and of which he had cerely believe, as never existed in any country in said, that reprobation was exhausted. He conclud. time of profound peace, except visited by a natural ed with moving, as an amendment, that the bill be famine. We are a powerful people, and yet ye read a second time that day six months."

want strength-we are an industrious people, and State of the British army. A return of the fixed yet we want bread; whatever the cause may be we regimental peace establishment of the army, exclu- will not at this moment pretend to determine, but sive of the regiments of cavalry and infantry servo the effects are dreadful to be contemplated, and ir in India.

still more horrible to experience. Only for a mo. CAVALRT.

ment let any rational and reasonable being amongs

Rank and file. Horses, you say it to his own heart, and there, at the triba. Two regiments of life guards, each

nal of that principle that dictates between right and regiment consisting of eight

wrong, imagine us, if he can, laboring in a place troops of 344 rank and file, and

peculiarly unwholesome, from its closeness and · 273 horses, - .



damps, where the air is impregnated with noxious Royal regiment of horse guards,

matter, so that what we inhale is little better than a eight troops,

fætid gas; which, though inseparable from the nature Ist. dragoon guard, ten troops, - 460

of the work itself, is nevertheless a particular ago 90 regiments of dragoon guards,

gravation of our misery; and all this for a reward of dragoons, and light dragoons,

a shilling a day, and fed chiefly on potatoes, the cach regiment consisting of 8

proper food only for hogs; yet our miserable half. troops of 368 rank and file, and

famished children wait with anxious desire for their 273 horses, . . . . 7360 5460

Oscanty morsel of these provisions, and the fond moRoyal waggon train, two troops, • 102 120

ther, last of all to complain, summoning all her re

solution together to hide the poignancy of her grief Total,

8954 6739

from her almost disconsolate partner; her child per. FOOT GUARDS.

haps at her breast, feebly sucking that nourishment I'irst or grenadier regiment, 3

that nature almost refuses to bestow.” battalions, 32 companies of 80

A report about the king's death has caused the rank and file, per company, .. 2560

publication of a bulletin, stating that he is quiet, in Coldstream and third regiments,

good health, but without any change in his disorder.' two battalions each, 40 compa

FRANCE, nies, of 80 rank and file per

In many parts of France, the rich prospects of a company, • • .


| bountiful harvest have been totally destroyed by

hail storms. In no less than 60 adjacent communes Total,

the labor of the husbandman-corn, wine, and fruit INFANTRY.

trees, is said to be wholly lost. 78 Battalions of the line,

The great tomb building for Massena is nearly 3d Battalion of the royal Scots,

completed-it will only bear this inscription2d Battalion of the 60th regiment,

"Massena died the 4th of April, 1817." 2 Battalions of the rifle brigade,

It is said, that in the French chamber of deputies, 2 West India regiments.

M. de Villeveque lately expressed his wish that 84 Regiments, each regiment con.

Hayti might be restored to its ancient dynasty; and sisting of ten companies of 650

contended, that a naval blockade would awe those rank and file • • . . 54,600

“arrogant chiefs" who were hostile to the measure.. Royal staff corps, 8 companies, • 480

The minister of marine replied, that the pending ne

gociations with St, Domingo were of so delicate & · Total, · 55,080

character, that they ought to be cautious of interfere

ing with them. Total Cavalry


Upwards of one thousand schools of mutual in. Foot guards


struction are at present in complete operation in Infantry

55,080 France. The minister of war has adopted such

measures as will enable the army generally to par.

69,594 take of its benefits. Already 30,000 soldiers, by a War office, March, 1819. PALMERSTON.

prompt and sure mode of instruction, are repairing The Dumfries Journal, of April 20th, states the consequences of lost time in their youth. The 'csthat four vessels have sailed since our last for Ame-societies of Paris and London carry on an active cope rica, with passengers. i hey are mostly of the low- respondence, and are jucessantly employed in ren. er order of society, either connected with agricul. dering education more common and more easily ture or laborers, and some of them paupers, from the a:tainable. North of England, for whom the overseers of the parish Gen. Vandamme, who went out in the Comet, from pay the passage.""

New York, has been put under arrest at Havre, but Sir Thomas Lawrence has gone to Rome, to exe- the municipal authorities have allowed him the use cute a full length portrait of Pope Pius VII. of the city for biş prison, until the determination of

Much disturbance is caused by refractory weaven the government should be known. at Carlisle, seeking wages enough to keep them

NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. from starving: Their demands are said to be rea. The rev. Mr. Omsby in his visit to Aix-la-Chasonable, yet they had not been acceded to. They pelle, gives us the following;_"On my return from have generally left off work, and appealed to the the splendid sight (the grand review of the allied public feeling in an address, a part of which we in- troops at Valenciennes) I was accompanied by an sert to show the condition of this people

Cold Frenchman. After expressing his admiration

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and astonishment, he remarked, with a sardonic | terior splendor of the royal palace of St.Petersburg, smile, that this was a proud day for Bonaparte. 1 One of the state rooms is now complctely covering was at a loss to understand his meaning, when he with highly polished tortoise-shell, tastefully fixed on continued." The sovereigns are magnanimous- the walls with silver-headed studs, and bordered your general, the greatest captain of the age--the with ornaments of solid silver mouldings, armies the finest the world ever saw-and yet they

THE PLAGUE. are so much afraid of that one man, that they chain This dreadful disease is said to prevail at Malta. him upon a barren rock, lest he should defeat them

London Paper. The latter part of April there were several bloo.

dy contests at Constantinople between the Janissa. It is reported, that the king of Spain is soon to ries and other troops in that capital and tranquilimarry the princess Maria, a niece of the king of ty was not perfectly restored at the last dates. "Pa. Saxony,

cha Oglou's head has been placed on one of the A valuable diamond, estimated at 100,000 francs, gate posts of the palace. A part of Scutari has been was lately found in a field near Vittoria, supposed destroyed by fire. to have belonged to Joseph Bonaparte, and lost by The present Pacha of Egypt is incessant in his ef. him there.

forts to increase the prosperity of that fine country. A letter from Cadiz, intimates that our affairs A bank and insurance company is established at were not going on well at the court of Madrid, and Alexandria, the great canal is to be restored and that a war with the United States was talked of. It much encouragement is offered to agriculture. is likely that Ferdinand will make a pretty job of

BAST INDIES. his concerns with us.

A printing press has been established at Malacca. GERMANY.

About the 1st of August last the first sheet was proThe emperor of Austria luas granted a pension of duced of the Malayan scriptures. Formerly all Ma500 florins to the widow of Hoffer, the celebrated layan books were transcribed. Tyrolese chieftain, and one of 200 forins to each of

CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. his four daughters, with a promise of 500 florins on Advices from the Cape of Good Hope, and down their marriage. Hoffer s son is to be placed in an to the close of March, state that the disturbances in Inn, at the public expense.

that quarter were becoming more alarming, and that It is stated in the continental journals, that in all the inhabitants who were capable of bearing Magdeburg more than 300 families have entered arms were ordered to join the military forces.. into a reciprocal engagement, on their word of honor,

CANADA not to take off their hats in saluting, but merely to Montreal, July 3.-The 37th regiment now sta. imitate the military mode of raising the right hand tioned here, are to be sent to Chambly, St. John's, to the head. Another association in the same city, and Isle aux Noix, and the 76th are expected here

has invited, by circular addresses, the whole world, from Quebec to relieve them. It is reported that · and particularly the ladies to renounce in future all a party of engineers are to go to Isle aux Noix to articles of fashion and luxury.

put the works at that post in a complete state of re. PRUSSIA. His majesty” of Prussia has tumbled down,

WEST INDIES. • bruised his face, and broken the bridge of his nose. Havana, July 9th, 1819. The following is a statebut no "scious consequences” where expected. ment of the number of arrivals with cargoes of Flour

An article from Berlin says-"The government imported into this port since the 1st of January: is endeavoring to establish as much as possible, a di- From Alexandria 4 Vessels 2121 bbls. Flour rect commercial intercourse with the United States Baltimore, 30

21659 of North America, for which purpose several Prus Boston,

115 sian consuls have been appointed for the American Bristol, R. I. 2

140 sea ports."


1400 SWIDEN.


2637 Stockholm, May 24,"If we may credit the ru N. Bedford,

1555 mors in circulation, a considerable body of troops is Newport, RI. 4

389 assembling in the environs of Petersburg. With New York, 11

2863 regard to our own military establishment it is at its Norfolk, effective height, and we cannot see how it can be New Orleans,39

15,759 augmented. It is said, that in Denmark, all the mi Providence, 3

311 litary absent on leave, or furlough, have been re. Philadelphia 15

7409 Pensacola,

259 «Other reports, which we do not guarantee any Richmond,

700 more than the above, notice an invitation made to Salem,

385 the prince regent by a great continental power to Savannalı, 8 form a strong campupon the Elbe, which is to be in Vera Cruz, 2

420 communication with a neighboring state.

Warren, R. I. 1


Wilmington, 1

100 The Russian government is trying to negociate a loan of ten millions, in London.


60372 A letter from Petersburg says “Many persons,

SOUTH AMERICA, who pretend to be well informed, continue to as. We have the particulars of the capture of the sert, that our august sovereign has returned a letter, crew of the Buenos Ayrean privateer Constitution, addressed to him by king Charles John (Berna- commanded by capt. Elisha D. Brown,-consisting dotte,) unopened, the contents of which, being of 71 men, near Tariffa, in Spain. The privateer known by duplicate, were at variance with acknow- ran upon the rocks, and the crew attempted to eso ledged forrs, and might have been seriously offen-cape in their boats, but were pursued, and caught sive to the feelings of our monarch.”

and carried to Tariffa. It appears by the treaty The emperor of Russia is adaling much to the in-between the U. States and Spain, that if any of these







ate Americans they are, liable to suffer death. Wel An aged weaver. In the town of Jefferson, Dis. cannot interfere in their behalf.

trict of Maine, lives a Mrs. Stearne, who is 84 years There is a report that com. Aury, has made of age. She has followed the employment of wear. · prize of goods and specie to the amount of 700,000|ing for 66 years! dollars, in a expedition to the Gulf of Dulce.

BaltiMORE—The grand jury. The city court McGregor, at Aux Cayes, seems to be in a despe which commenced its session on the first Monday in rate situation.

June, was adjourned on the 22nd inst, until an early Great preparations were making at Buenos Ay- day in Sept. The court had discharged the petit res to celebrate the 25th of May, the anniversary of jury about two weeks ago, but continued its session the independence of the provinces, when the new until this time in consequence of some importaırt constitution would be proclaimed, &c.

investigations in which the grand jury were engagThe blockade of the Peruvian coast by lord ed, and which were not finished until the list. Cochrane, continues his force has been increased The grand jury have not been discharged, but are by one or two vessels.

to meet again at the time to which court is adjournThe expected arrangement with Artigas has failed. The odject of the adjournment is to give time ed.

to the attorney general to prepare indictments on Before the end of the summer, it is computed that about fifty present vients recently made, on which bills upwards of ten thousand troops will be shipped from the grand jur.y are to decide before they are disIreland to fight against the cause of despotism in chargeel. South Americi. The major portion of these are ve- The recent sitting of the grand jury in this city terabs, who have seen much active service in various has been longer, excited more interest, and will parts of the globe. In one brigade alone there are probably be attended with more important conseupwards of 1500 Wateriuo mcu.-London paper. quences, than any, perhaps, that has ever occurred

here. The following is a list of the naines of the

members who compose the jury. CHRONICLE.

R. K. Heath, foremul George Warner The president is not expected to return to the seat Ebenezer Finley

John H. Rogers of overnment until the 8th or 10th of next month. Alexander Irvilie

Abrabam White Üied, very suddenly, at Cleveland, O, on the 5th Randall Moale

William Stansbury inst. Col. Thomas Smith Webb, late of Rhode Island, 1 John Lynch

Richardson Stevens and past grand master of masons therein; well known John Snyder

George Keyser to the fraternity as the author of the “Monitor.” Richardson Stuart Leonard Pouder Com. Perry, with his little squadron, has arrived John Brevitt

Nathaniel Knight at St. Thomas,

Peter Forney

Levin Hall The U. S. brig Enterprize has arrived at New | Archibald Kerr

George A. Hughes York froin Omea, in the bay of Honduras, whither Alexander Mactier Wm. Chalmers she went to bring home some mutineers, and has James Heigh

Gazette. two or three on board.

10 It is reported that many of these presentments The lake George steam boat has been burnt to are against ex-managers and office holders of banks the water's edge, supposed on account of some de- for crimes supposed to havebeen committed therein, fieret in the brick work about the furnace.

and that there are several against different indivi. The canal, which is to connect the waters of lake duals. We shall have more of this hereafter. Champlain with those of the Hudson, will, it is said, Extract of a letter, dareil Natchez, June 14. he sotar completed in the course of the present «The cotton planters are indeed dejected, and season, that boats can pass through its whole extent. are rapidly adopting the rational opinion, that their

The roheat harvest. Many accounts agree that our solid and permanent prosperity is inseparable from farmers have raised almost double their usual quan that of those establishments which will give them a titv of wheat--and the price, considering the pre-market at home. The great increase of the growth sent state of the times, is very libcral-1,25 per of cotton in India, and the immense importation of bushel.

it into Great Britain, and even into our northern Philadelphia. A publication by the board of health, ports, have excited a degree of feeling almost Jated the 22nd inst. gives us the pleasing intelli- amounting to irritation. Cotton is now selling here stence that it'any cause for the late alarm respect. at 12 and 1-2 cents-a sad falling ofl' from 35. ! hey in the yellow fever existed, there is no cause to now also see, that it will be consistent and advanapprehend danger from it now.

tageous for them to clothe their slaves in cotton, in. Tru: A letter froin a person said to be an of- steal of importing linen from Russia and Holland ficer in the patriot army" on the Sabinc, (lated June to clothe them with. C. R. and C. M. esquires, are 93 is published in the newspapers, stating that they the candidates for congress from this state; the latter had crossed that river and hoisted their standard, will probably be elected. We had a visit a few to which numbers were daily flocking. The party days ago, from the Hon. Mr. Clay, and I had the was waiting a supply of powder to proceed against pleasure to spend an hour or two in company with St Antone, &c.

Thim, and the two gentlemen before inentioned. The A Yankee trick.A pirate from Muscat, mount state of the country was the general topic of convering 22 guns and manned with 150 men, entered sation; and I was much pleased to hear them arvoMocha roads in January, with a view to make a dash cate the cause of the manufacturers. Mr. C. M.is at the vessels lying there, among whom were four really zealous; and will, if elected, advocate the

Americans. The pirate seized upon two vessels complete esclusion of every article that can be fur: belonging to the place, one of them worth $100,000 nished by the country, to any reasonable extent and was currying thein off in triumph, when the with the demand. Yankees at him, suink one of his prizes, and recap The report of the Philadelphia society for the tured the other, and finished the job by taking the promotion of industry has been republished here, Sitate vessel, and delivering up the crew in irons to and I believe very generally read. As its arguments the governor. On account of this, the Americans at appear to me to be incontrovertable, I have na Blocha were treated with great respect.

doubt it will produce a good effect.

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