Pont Neuf

Protowork, 2020年1月18日 - 34 頁

2017 she was wondering how amazing it would be if she could view “The Raft of The Medusa” in The Louvre, face to face, the color & depth of the painting……so she departed in the autumn of 2019.

12 days in Paris, she captured the pulse of this small city in her momentum, in the eyes of her own, started from Pont Neuf, to unveil Paris, once again.


讀者評論 - 撰寫評論



關於作者 (2020)

Oiseau Distrait - the forgetful bird

She was born & live in Hong Kong, once was an interior designer and a part time tutor; writing, photography and painting are her hobby, a “real” amateur.

 After her first visited of Paris in 2019, she has decided to turn her hobby into professional…hopefully one day, ha ha! So she begin to write before she forget her “unforgettable” memories.

 She loves poem, the way its’ whispering into one’s heart…”you don’t need to understand but feel it, in your own way, that’s how we live”…… she believes.