The Vicar of Nibbleswicke

Puffin Books, 1994 - 40 頁
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The Reverend Robert Lee triumphed over dyslexia as a child, but when he becomes the new vicar of Nibbleswicke, he is so nervous that his dyslexia returns--in a new form. He doesn't realize it, but some of the words he speaks come out backward. "Just a dram of Dahl, but vintage".--Kirkus Reviews.


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Review: The Vicar of Nibbleswicke

用戶評語  - Sartan - Goodreads

How can I give Roald Dahl anything less than 5 stars. He is the best author! Loved him as a kid and love him now! 閱讀評論全文

Review: The Vicar of Nibbleswicke

用戶評語  - Jessica - Goodreads

Laugh out loud funny. 閱讀評論全文

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關於作者 (1994)

Roald Dahl (1916-1990) was born in Wales of Norwegian parents. He spent his childhood in England and, at age eighteen, went to work for the Shell Oil Company in Africa. When World War II broke out, he joined the Royal Air Force and became a fighter pilot. At the age of twenty-six he moved to Washington, D.C., and it was there he began to write. His first short story, which recounted his adventures in the war, was bought byThe Saturday Evening Post, and so began a long and illustrious career.

After establishing himself as a writer for adults, Roald Dahl began writing children's stories in 1960 while living in England with his family. His first stories were written as entertainment for his own children, to whom many of his books are dedicated.

Roald Dahl is now considered one of the most beloved storytellers of our time. Although he passed away in 1990, his popularity continues to increase as his fantastic novels, includingJames and the Giant Peach, Matilda, The BFG, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, delight an ever-growing legion of fans.

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