The Sextants of Beijing: Global Currents in Chinese History

W. W. Norton & Company, 2000年4月17日 - 322 頁

This powerful work puts to rest the long-held myth that Chinese civilization is monolithic, unchanging, and perennially cut off from the rest of the world.

An inviting history of China from the days of the ancient Silk Road to the present, this book describes a civilization more open and engaged with the rest of the world than we think. Whether in trade, religious belief, ideology, or technology, China has long taken part in fruitful exchange with other cultures. With implications for our understanding of and our policies toward China, this is a must read.

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THE SEXTANTS OF BEIJING: Global Currents in Chinese History

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Compelling revisionist history of Chinese foreign relations. Waley-Cohen (History/New York Univ.; Exile in Mid-Qing China, 1991) is mainly concerned here with dispelling certain myths about Chinese ... 閱讀評論全文

The sextants of Beijing: global currents in Chinese history

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Waley-Cohen, an eminent scholar and professor of Chinese history at New York University, seeks to debunk the stereotype of China as isolationist by providing a pithy analysis of Chinese history from ... 閱讀評論全文

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Joanna Waley-Cohen is professor of history at New York University.