The Discovery of Slowness

Penguin Publishing Group, 1997 - 325 頁
Slow and deliberate from boyhood, John Franklin seemed destined to be a misfit. But he escaped from the ever-expanding world of Industry and Empire to the sea's silent landscape, where the universe seemed more manageable. At fourteen he joined the Navy, and, after the harrowing battles of Copenhagen and Trafalgar, went in search of the Northwest Passage. As he journeyed from Canada to the Arctic he replayed in a kind of slow-motion mental frieze the bloody frenzy of the battles he had so deplored. Everyone with whom he came into contact sensed that they were dealing with a rare man, one who as out of his time and who moved to a different, grander beat. The beat later led Franklin into the Arctic in search of a frozen dream; it was a voyage on which time stopped.


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The discovery of slowness: a novel

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This fictionalized biography chronicles the life of 19th-century explorer Sir John Franklin (1786-1847), credited with discovering the Northwest Passage. A slow, deliberate, and strange child ... 閱讀評論全文

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Magical experience--wonderful storytelling. 閱讀評論全文


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關於作者 (1997)

Sten Nadolny is the author of several novels, including The Discovery of Slowness. He lives in Germany.

Ralph Freedman, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature at Princeton University, is acclaimed for his biographies Hermann Hesse: Pilgrim of Crisis, and Life of a Poet: Rainer Maria Rilke