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From the gritty back streets of Kay El to the remotest rubber estates, from fishing boats to food courts, from ancient rainforests to air-conditioned shopping malls and condominiums, the eighteen enthralling stories in Tropical Madness explore varied aspects of Malaysia.

Whether set in the kampung or the city these are insightful and evocative stories of a country where dark magic coexists with gleaming technology.

Marc de Faoite sensitively deals with some of the realities of modern Malaysia and gives voice to a mix of marginalized and overlooked sectors of Malaysia's population, including immigrants, transsexuals, fishermen, ethnic minorities and sex slaves.  

(Buku Fixi)


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Sang Kancil
Under the Shade of the Tamarind Tree
Where is Ah Girl
SitiFatimah and the Bomohs Curse
Ah Girl isin aRelationship 06 Because of Floods
My GoodLooking BadLuck Husband
The Uncles 09 All I Want todoisPlay Football 10 Trip Reviewer 11 2064 12 Mamak Murder Mystery
Night Fishing 14 Hungry Ghost inthe Machine
The Rubber Tappers Mangle 16 Trapped in Traffic 17 Food Court 18 Milking


關於作者 (2013)

Marc de Faoite is originally from Ireland but has lived more than half his life overseas including London, Belgium, France and India. He has spent the last seven years in Malaysia where he leads a simple and reclusive life. In addition to writing short stories he also reviews books for The Star.