Experiences of China

John Murray, 1999 - 319 頁
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Since its first publication in 1994, Experiences of China has established itself as a classic firsthand account of China's development, and Sino-British relations, since the 1960s. In this expanded edition, the author updates the story to cover the last five years, including the end of British rule in Hong Kong, the continuing rise of China, and the problems raised by the economic crisis in East Asia. He also looks at the future of China and Hong Kong and examines the issues facing the Western powers as they seek to integrate modern China into the current international order. Drawing on unique personal experience, this book is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand recent events and future prospects in this vital region of the world. Percy Cradock is a former Cambridge don; following his career as British Ambassador to Peking, he served as the Prime Minister's Foreign Policy Advisor from 1984 to 1992.

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