An Introduction to Peaf: Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture Framework

Pragmatic EA, Limited, 2011年5月1日 - 112 頁
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Enterprise-architecture (EA) provides one of the most powerful means to guide the best use and re-use of an organisation's existing assets and processes, and also to guide investment in change. Unfortunately, existing EA frameworks can be unwieldy, overly complex, often time-consuming and expensive to implement, and appropriate only for the organisation's IT-assets, without clear integration into the business as a whole. By contrast, the Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture Framework (PEAF) aims to change all this, "cutting EA to the bone," yet delivering real business-value fast. This book provides a practical introduction to PEAF and its use in enterprise-architecture practice. Topics covered include: - how to use enterprise-architecture to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, agility and durability across the whole enterprise - how to create a culture of shared responsibility for appropriate architectural choices in all types of change-projects and change-programmes - how to model whatever is needed - yet only what is needed - and select appropriate toolsets to do so - how to ensure appropriate governance of architecture and change, to as to identify, manage and reduce 'enterprise debt' - the risk of future-cost and potential enterprise damage accumulated via decisions past and present If you want to explore how to get your enterprise on track with EA, this is one book you'll definitely need.

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