A Concise Guide to Clinical Trials

John Wiley & Sons, 2011年9月7日 - 224 頁
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Clinical trials have revolutionized the way disease is prevented,detected and treated, and early death avoided, and they continue tobe an expanding area of research. They are central to the work ofpharmaceutical companies, and there are many academic and publicsector organizations that conduct trials on a wide variety ofinterventions, including drugs, devices, surgical techniques, andchanges in behaviour and lifestyle.

A Concise Guide to Clinical Trials provides acomprehensive yet easy-to-read overview of the design, conduct andanalysis of trials. It requires no prior knowledge on the subjectas the important concepts are introduced throughout. There arechapters that distinguish between the different types of trials,and an introduction to systematic reviews, health-related qualityof life and health economic evaluation. The book also covers theethical and legal requirements in setting up a clinical trial dueto an increase in governance responsibilities and regulations.

This practical guidebook is ideal for busy clinicians and otherhealth professionals who do not have enough time to attend coursesor search through extensive textbooks. It will help anyone involvedin undertaking clinical research, or those reading about trials.The book is aimed at:

  • Those wishing to learn about clinical trials for the firsttime, or as a quick reference guide, for example as part of ataught course on clinical trials
  • Health professionals who wish to conduct their own trials, orparticipate in other people’s studies
  • People who work in pharmaceutical companies, grant fundingorganisations, or regulatory agencies

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Types of outcome measures and understanding
Design and analysis of phase I trials
Design and analysis of phase II trials
Design of phase III trials
Analysis and interpretation of phase III trials
interpreting results
Systematic reviews and metaanalyses
Healthrelated quality of life and health economic
Setting up conducting and reporting trials
Regulations and guidelines
Reading list

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Allan Hackshaw
Deputy Director of the Cancer Research UK & UCL Cancer TrialsCentre
Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology & Medical Statistics