Cameron: The Rise of the New Conservative

Fourth Estate, 2007 - 342 頁
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David Cameron has recently emerged as the first Tory leader in years to come across as a man of the people, an ordinary man in a traditionally reviled political position. This biography reveals more about the man behind the spin, and the first Tory leader in years to have a chance of leading the party to victory. It explores the future direction of the Conservatives and looks at several important questions: Is the current honeymoon evidence of a new Tory Party, or simply recognition that the appearance of newness is needed? Will he really be prepared to jeopardize the support of the traditional grass roots? How deep are his environmental credentials? How will he react when the press turns nasty? Does his success mark a return of the old class deference? Or is it the opposite, a sign that background, for better or worse, is now unimportant?

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Review: Cameron: The Rise of the New Conservative

用戶評語  - Richard - Goodreads

I should probably find this more interesting than I actually do. I might return to it after more general reading on politics, if it isn't out-of-date by then. It was fun to look at the 30 or so pictures (black and white, unfortunately) and gain what insight I could. 閱讀評論全文

Review: Cameron: The Rise of the New Conservative

用戶評語  - Barry McCulloch - Goodreads

This novel is well researched and well written, navigating the ups and downs of David Cameron (now UK Prime Minister). Certainly, I know much more about him and his background. It is, albeit subtly, a ... 閱讀評論全文


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Francis Elliott was appointed Westminster Editor for Scotland on Sunday in and went on to become the Sunday Telegraph's Deputy Political Editor before joining the Independent.